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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Data Deposit Box™ is owned and operated by KineticD™, and is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 2002 and specializes in providing backup and cloud storage for small and medium businesses. The company offers military-level encryption and patented continuous backup of files, a few of them being Outlook, Quickbooks, Great Plains, MS Access, and MySQL files, among others. Users are able to backup their VMWare and HyperV virtual machines. 

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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Performance/speed
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Customer support
  • Extra features
Free Trial
Users can try any of the plans which Data Deposit Box™ offers with a free trial. The company offers both a 14-Day and 30-Day trial for their plans. The primary difference in the two is that in the 14-Day Trial does not require the registrant to enter billing information, while the 30-Day Trial does. Each of the trials are full-featured and allow new customers time to try the service before being billed. Those wanting a longer trial period should be aware that they need to contact the company in order to avoid being billed at the end of their free trial.
As Data Deposit Box™ is focused upon providing services for small businesses, they have worked to create plans which are easily scaled and customized to their needs. Users can upgrade or downgrade their service easily and seamlessly. Unlike many of their competitors, Data Deposit Box™ does not limit the number of devices which can be backed up, the only limit is the storage space used per subscription.
  • $9.99/month-60GB
  • $19.99/month-100GB
  • $49.99/month-250GB
  • $99.99/month-500GB
  • $159.99/month-1TB
Each plan includes the following features:
  • Unlimited Server, PC, Mac, Android and iOS backup
  • Supports NAS devices and external hard drives
  • Backup Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint & more
  • Unlimited free local storage
  • Keep an unlimited amount of generations
  • Free initial backup seeding
  • VMWare file level or snapshot backup
  • Backup networked machines
Frequency of Backups
Data Deposit Box™ uses patented technology (Incremental Forever) to perform backups. This process involves an initial backup of a file, upon which future backups of the same files are made are made, but only the changes are saved and backed up. By only backing up the changes made on previously-backed up files, users are able to save bandwidth and reduce the resource demands on their systems. Users are given the option to schedule automatic backups as well as using the patented continuous backup by Data Deposit Box™.
File Sharing
Data Deposit Box™ offers file sharing, viewing and editing via their online portal as well as their mobile apps (Android and iOS). Users are able to easily backup their files, and access them from any of the internet-connected devices, regardless of the operating system. Missing from the features of file sharing is the ability to password protect folders or files.
The Review Team uses independent results from speed and performance tests to maintain continuity in comparisons as well as to have unbiased sources whenever possible. There is a vast difference between independent sources as far as how much using Data Deposit Box™ for backup affect systems. On a 50Mbps connection, the software downloaded files at 30 Mbps on average. Test results on a 10 Mbps connection averages 2.8 Mbps. Other reports include taking nearly a full day to backup files, so as ISP connection speeds are highly variable, so are performance test results. Users are able to manually select the level of resources which they wish to dedicate to their backup/restoration, which allows some flexibility and adjustment to speed up the process by dedicating more resources or adjust for backups made while other processes are running.
Other Versions
Being that Data Deposit Box™ uses continuous backup as their primary technology, the number of previous version is not measured in the same way, as only changes are kept. Users wanting to save multiple versions of files, without the automatic backup, need to back files up with different names. There are an unlimited number of versions in this fashion (dependent upon available storage space) which can be saved by users.
Mobile and Web Options
Data Deposit Box™ is fully integrated between computer and mobile devices. The web interface is intuitive and able to perform all tasks. In addition to being able to manage information online, the mobile apps are able to manage the same tasks. Users are easily able to view files with the mobile apps. This functionality is available for the highest-ranked companies, but in this case, it is important to remember that Data Deposit Box™ is focused on serving small and medium businesses, and so are their features. The company doesn't offer as many options of streaming video or music files as their competitors who are focused upon those wanting files to be easily accessible on any of their devices. Mobile data which is backed up includes contacts and media.
Data Deposit Box™ uses AES 448-bit encryption to protect data during transfers and storage. The company is headquartered in Canada, which has different privacy laws. All data on the main servers is protected with an additional level, a private key, which allows users to know that only they can access their data with their private key, in the event of a data breach.
Customer Support
Data Deposit Box™ offers several ways for their customers to receive support. Unlike many others in the industry who offer little to no actual support, or support which is slow to respond, Data Deposit Box™ helps their customers via a searchable knowledge base, email (sales and support), and phone. The only thing lacking in their customers service is 24/7 support and live chat options. However, with the speed of support, Data Deposit Box™ is ranked significantly higher than many of their competitors.
Extra features
An area which Data Deposit Box™ excels above their competitors is their innovative features. They offer several benefits to their customers which are not available elsewhere.
In May, 2016, Data Deposit Box™ introduced LiveLink, which gives customers access to all of their data, regardless of its location (cloud, network drive, servers, local drives or storage). This feature is browser-based and does not rely on users changing their work habits (saving to a network drive or cloud-based service like DropBox, Google Drive, etc.). LiveLink does not require additional space from the user's system in order to work.
Support for Linux Devices
Data Deposit Box™ offers data backup for Linux users using an agentless server client via a mapped drive. Many backup providers do not have the ability to integrate their backups for those using Linux as their operating system.
Safe Storage Device
Data Deposit Box™ offers an optional Safe Storage Device which is an NAS appliance which allows users to backup their entire network without having to install additional software. After purchasing the device, users receive 1TB of storage at no additional cost.
Automatic Email Alerts
Users receive an email if there is an error in their backup or when it is complete, which saves time and helps customers focus their efforts on other tasks.
Customization in Files That are Backed Up
Users choose the files and extensions that will be backed up. Among available options are to backup external drives.
Hybrid Backup
Users are able to select the most important files to backup to the cloud, while the rest can be backed up locally without additional cost, or taking up storage space in the cloud.

The Bad

  • Time in business
Time in Business
Data Deposit Box has only been in business for 13 years.

The Bottom Line

Data Deposit Box™ offers small and medium businesses options to backup and store their files otherwise only available to the largest corporations. The company is innovative and secure, allowing customers the ability to protect their data with military-grade security as well as to be able to use the latest technology. The Review Team recommends Data Deposit Box™ for small and medium businesses as well as for individuals wanting secure storage and backup options.
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