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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Backup Lizard is a white label reseller of Livedrive’s cloud storage and backup. They offer Livedrive’s product at a discounted price, which is one of the most competitive in the industry. Livedrive is headquartered in the United Kingdom and is owned by J2 Global, Inc. Among J2 Global’s family of brands are: eFax, KeepItSafe, eFax Corporate, Onebox, eReceptionist, MyFax and eVoice. 

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The Good

  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Extra features
Backup Lizard offers both monthly and annual subscriptions, which are very competitively priced. Unlike many companies, there is no discount for annual membership. Also unlike many companies, Backup Lizard offers a refund for their customers using an annual subscription and these accounts are eligible for a prorated refund for unused months. Each of the plans offers additional features over those which the lower-tiered plans offer. Significant features are listed below, but the rest are highlighted through the body of the review. Backup Plan - $3/month
  • 100GB
  • Unlimited number of computers
  • Mirrored backup only
Briefcase Cloud - $6/month
  • 500GB
  • Files may be synced between computers
  • Videos and photos can be transferred from mobile devices
  • Files can be shared with social networks, family and friends
  • Users can edit files in their web browser
Briefcase Suite - $8/month
  • 500GB Cloud storage and 100GB Backup
  • Unlimited number of computers eligible for backup, subject to storage cap for backup
Backup Lizard offers a business plan, which is designed for unique needs of business customers, with features that allow centralized file management, collaboration tools, individual permissions, etc. The Review Team recommends that prospective business customers visit the company's page for all of the specifics and customization options for business for all of the specific information about this plan. Business Plan - starting at $25/month
  • 1TB - additional TB charged at $8/month per 1TB
  • One user account included - $10/month per additional user
  • Online backup of all office computers, NAS and network storage devices
  • Files can be synced between all computers, regardless of operating system
  • Collaboration tools
  • WebDAV, SFTP and FTP access
  • Files access via mobile devices or from any web browser
  • Cloud-based restoration of lost files
Frequency of Backups
Unlike many of their competitors, Backup Lizard does not have previously-set backups. All backups are generated when a change is detected on a previously-backed up file and the backup is automatically performed of the new file. This type of backup gives users the benefit of not having to remember to perform backups. With incremental backups, less demand is placed upon the computer as well, keeping it running more quickly.
File Sharing
Available file sharing options vary by plan. Those subscribed to the Backup Plan are not able to share files with others. Those with either of the Briefcase Plans (Cloud and Suite) or the Business Plan are able to share files which can be designated for public or private viewing. Business Plans offer many options for setting permissions of files within folders, as well as tools to make collaboration on files possible among team members.
Other Versions
In the event that users accidently make changes on a file, or want to access/restore previous versions, Backup Lizard keeps the last 30 versions of files uploaded to the servers for a period of 30 days. While better than many providers who do not offer versioning, there are others which save the files indefinitely. It is especially important that users understand that the service is not designed as an archiving or space saving mechanism with their computer. If they delete files from their computer which have been backed up to the cloud, these will also be deleted in the cloud.
Mobile and Web Options
Backup Lizard gives users access to view their data via their mobile device - iOS, Android, and Blackberry. A Windows mobile app has been announced but is not yet available in the Windows app store. Subscribers to the Backup Plan are not able to upload photos or videos from their mobile device, as are those with either of the Briefcase Plans. Users are able to Backup Lizard Backup with an external hard disk drive (USB connectivity), but the drive needs to be attached to the computer whenever else the user is running Backup Lizard software so that the system will keep the files which were previously backed up. There are many who are fans of mirror backups, as once the initial upload is completed, the drain on the system is negligible and they do not have to remember to back files up. However, the way that the software recognizes folders can be a deterrent for others who do not want to have their external hard drive attached to their system whenever they want a quick backup.
During transmission, all files are encrypted using AES-256 protocol. Backup Lizard's (Livedrive's) servers are securely managed in the UK with enterprise-grade firewalls to protect data. This protocol is consistent with many of the top provider's offerings.
Extra features
Subscribers to any personal plan are able to watch their movies as well as listen to their music from their web browser or mobile device.

The Bad

  • Free trial
  • Performance/speed
  • Customer support
Free Trial
All new accounts with Backup Lizard are offered a 14-day free trial which is full-featured so that users are able to try all of the included features that accompany their selected plan. Users requesting a free trial with Backup Lizard must provide their name and valid email address as well as select which plan that they are trying. Within 24 hours, they receive an email with login details and instructions on downloading the appropriate software. Compared to their competitors, this process is cumbersome, as most companies offer instant access to the service when requesting a free trial. Additionally, the term of the trial is not as long as many others, with an offering of a 30-day trial.
Whenever possible, the Review Team uses independent speed and performance test results when comparing companies to each other. Data does such tests was not available for Backup Lizard, but information on LiveDrive is. Livedrive's performance for large uploads is one of the slower ones in the industry, despite claims of fast servers which can be deceiving. The speed of servers is but one aspect of how fast software is able to upload data. Most importantly, is the user's upload speed, which is always significantly slower than their download speed, by design of ISPs providing the best performance for the task which is most frequently used online. The initial uploads for Livedrive are going to be slower since they are larger files, but the incremental backups, according to customers do not slow their system down considerably.
Customer Support
Backup Lizard states that their customer service is a top priority and that they are available 24/7 via online chat. Indeed, there is a widget on the site's pages, but it does not appear to be staffed. The Review Team attempted to contact the company via online chat and the window requesting a connection to an agent was open for hours without any acknowledgment that there was a customer support request in queue. The company does not offer other support besides a knowledge base. The Review Team attempted to contact the company through their Facebook account, but this account is dormant, with the last post being in early 2015. Nevertheless, there is adequate concern about the company's customer service, or more appropriately, their lack of customer service.

The Bottom Line

There are many positive features for those looking at Backup Lizard as an option as a backup provider. However, there are some glaring problems with the company's customer service which cannot be ignored. Because of this, the Review Team does not recommend Backup Lizard as a company with whom one should do business until the quality of the company's customer service improves greatly.
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