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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021

BackupGenie is one of five brands owned and operated by JDI Backup, which is owned by The Endurance Group International. JDI Backup is headquartered in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2011. BackupGenie boasts a solid commitment to growing with technology and offering the latest technology to their customers.

The Endurance Group International and JDI Companies have had many problems with either being found to have falsified information (creating false dating profiles for their online dating companies) or being accused of falsifying information - company earnings were allegedly over-reported to shareholders, resulting in an ongoing class action lawsuit.


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The Good

  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Web options
  • Security
  • Extra features
Frequency of Backups
Backups with BackupGenie are fully automatic. Users can schedule backups, which operate as a background task. As is the case with most of the the features offered by BackupGenie, the Review Team is only able to report specifics which are available on the company's website, as attempts to receive answers for many of our questions was unsuccessful.
File Sharing
BackupGenie allows users to share their files and folders via email or social media (Facebook/Twitter), and by custom link. The company does not offer password-protected sharing, but states that the files are secure and can only be viewed with proper permission, which is embedded in the link which is generated by the user when they request to share a file.
Web Options
As is the case with many of their competitors, BackupGenie offers remote file access from any device with web access. Users are able to quickly access all of their files and folders from their user dashboard with a few clicks.
BackupGenie uses a combination of 128 and 256 bit AES SSL as their encryption protocols. All files are protected at all times, with redundant storage and multiple transmissions of data. BackupGenie is among the leaders in their ability to keep their customers' data safe during transmission, storage and transfer.
Extra features
BackupGenie offers customers the ability to easily restore lost files if their computer breaks and to locate their machine if it is lost or stolen, using a pinpoint map, which can give an address and the last time that a machine was online. This information can be very beneficial to law enforcement in an attempt to recover devices.

The Bad

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Performance/speed
  • Other versions
  • Mobile options
  • Customer support
Free Trial
The company offers a free trial account with 15 MB of storage. The term of the trial is 14 days. To receive the trial, users simply need to create an account on the company's site. No billing method is requested, and the sign up is simple and straightforward. The term of the free trial is shorter than many companies, and the storage space is rather limited as well.
BackupGenie offers three plans, distinguished by the amount of storage space available. Each of the plans can be purchased with several lengths of subscription terms, with discounts being applied for paying in advance for longer terms of service. Home/Pro Plan - 75GB
  • Monthly - $8.69/month
  • 6 Month - $44.64/six months ($7.44/month)
  • 12 Month - $74.28/year ($6.19/month)
  • 24 Month - $134.64/every other year ($5.61/month)
Premium Plan - 250GB
  • Monthly - $12.44/month
  • 6 Month - $67.16/six months ($11.19/month)
  • 12 Month - $119.28/year ($9.94/month)
  • 24 Month - $208.56/every other year ($8.69/month)
Ultimate Plan - 1TB
  • Monthly - $18.69/month
  • 6 Month - $97.13/six months ($16.19/month)
  • 12 Month - $179.25/year ($14.94/month)
  • 24 Month - $290.50/every other year ($12.44/month)
Unlike other providers, BackupGenie has several upgraded features, for which they charge annually, designed to improve customers' experience with their service. There is no specific information about these features available, other than the price. The Review Team asked specifically about the specifics, but kept being "disconnected" from online chat when the agent would leave the interaction unexpectedly. This was the only method which was somewhat successful in reaching representatives. The additional add-ons are often features which are included with other providers' subscriptions and at no additional cost, resulting in backup service from BackupGenie to become more expensive than the competition.
  • 5Gb Max File Size - $39.90
  • Additional License - $59.90
  • Automatic Video Backup - $29.90
  • External Hard Drive <= 500GB - $79.90
  • External Hard Drive > 500GB - $159.90
  • Hourly Backup - $39.90
  • Network Drive Support - $199.90
  • Previous Version Plus - $99.90
  • Priority Support - $2.00
  • Recycle Bin -$19.90
  • Supercharged Backups - $49.90
  • Sync Folder 5GB - $31.90
  • Sync Folder Premium 10GB - $99.90
  • Sync Folder Platinum 20GB - $195.90
The Review Team makes every effort to obtain independent speed and performance test results for each company to maintain neutrality. In this case, there is no such data available about BackupGenie. The company offers advice to their customers in increasing their speed, which boils down to contacting their internet providers and paying for upgraded speed from BackupGenie. As far as whether the speed upgrade is a worthwhile benefit, the Review Team is unable to recommend doing so, based on the lack of information about the feature, other than the name and the cost.
Other Versions
Users are allowed to save versions for up to 7 days only. While this is better than no versioning at all, it is significantly less than services which are offered by many of BackupGenie's competitors. Many of the leading backup providers keep previous versions of files for a longer period of time.
Mobile Options
BackupGenie offers free apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Kindle FIre devices. The addition of Kindle Fire and Blackberry apps is unique to the industry, as many providers focus upon Android and iOS devices. Using their mobile device and the app, users are able to access their files, perform limited backups of their files, and view videos or listen to music. In practice, there are at best mediocre customer reviews of the apps, across nearly every platform. There are not enough reviews on BackupGenie's iOS app for reviews to show in iTunes. Along with the company's social media, their mobile apps are not frequently updated - last update for the apps occurred in 2014. In today's ever-changing market, it is unlikely that a top-notch app would go nearly 2 years between updates.
Customer Support
As many companies offer versions of the same features, an area which they can set themselves apart is through the quality of their customer support and the number of ways that customers can contact them. BackupGenie offers support via 24/7 email and online chat. Customer may also visit the knowledgebase for answers to their questions. Finding the online chat on the website is tricky, as the app only runs inside certain pages, primarily the support pages. Customers with billing questions or concerns are able to contact the company via phone. While the support is available, the quality of this support is below what would be expected. Customers report significant delays while waiting for email support and for responses for online chat. The Review Team experienced both scenarios. The Review Team also had several instances wherein they had engaged in a chat with a representative, and then without warning, the customer support professional would leave the chat, which resulted in unanswered questions, etc.

The Bottom Line

BackupGenie has some issues which would need adjustments before the Review Team can confidently recommend the company as a top provider for computer backup services. There is much that is promising, but the lack of transparency and difficulty obtaining answers from customer service are significant enough that the Review Team is not comfortable recommending their products. The lengthy list of add-ons makes this company more expensive for the same level of features offered by other companies.
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