Posted: Bryce Morgan | September 12, 2014

Computer Backup

What if you lost all of your computer data?

computer backup

In our digital age, nearly all of our work, photos, entertainment, and information is stored on our computers. Imagine your computer crashing and losing everything...

Personal computer backup is nothing new, but the industry is constantly improving to provide easier solutions to help people back up all of their digital information. Backblaze, among other companies, offers a product that needs no effort from the user. When signing up for computer backup, all that is needed is a download and installation of their product.

Competition among personal backups has made pricing much more affordable for those looking to backup their data. The cost of monthly backups can be as little as $5/month for unlimited data.

Sometimes learning the importance of backing your your computer isn't realized until it is too late. For example, Code Spaces was a business that focused on code-hosting and software collaboration.

Code Spaces went form a functioning business to nonexistent within a day. Code Spaces server was hacked and destroyed when they tried to change the password. If Code Spaces had a proper backup, they would have been able to restore their data, business, and effectively ignore those who hacked their server. Although this is a business example, we can learn a great deal from Code Spaces tragic ending.

Hackers can target individuals as well and seek extortion for re-access to their data. When threatened with losing all digital videos, photographs, documents, it can be a tough situation to be in.

Instead of imagining how tragic it would be to lose all of your personal data or what you would do if you were extorted for your data, take a look at the great solutions offered by computer backup companies. The ease of process and low cost can greatly reduce the headache and heartbreak of losing all of your digital data.


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