Posted: Natalie Mootz | January 5, 2015

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A Surprising Forecast for Rackspace Cloud Computing in 2015


According to telecom industry analysts, the outlook for cloud computing company Rackspace is anything but cloudy for 2015. Meteorologist - I mean, industry analyst, Colby Synesael (Cowen & Company) stated in a recent research report that he thinks a big partnership could be on the radar for Rackspace in the coming year.

Synesael's barometer suggests that Rackspace could possibly partner with either Google or Microsoft in the coming year, calling it one of his top potential surprises for 2015 in telecommunications.

Synesael says that the cloud computing market has a sunny outlook since warming up to a hybrid public-private cloud model. Hybrid computing (not to be confused with partly cloudy weather) is right up Rackspace's alley since it moved to OpenStack, open-source software for hybrid environments.

Getting under the same umbrella as Microsoft or Google would certainly enhance Rackspace's resume since the two software giants are the only players likely to be able to compete with Amazon Web Services, the current top dog in cloud infrastructure.

According to Synesael, if Rackspace were to get on board with Microsoft or Google, the resulting climate change "would force investors who have been concerned about competition/pricing to rethink their perception of the competitive landscape and to finally realize that the true value of Rackspace (and all hosting providers for matter) is the ability to technically integrate/support multiple (i.e., hybrid) environments (public, private, dedicated), which is something the mega clouds will not be able to do entirely on their own."

If Synesael's forecast is accurate, Rackspace might just dance through 2015 singing in the rain.


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