Posted: Natalie Mootz | December 15, 2014

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Carbonite Goes Postal with MailStore Acquisition

newswriter_main7Remember that time you emptied your computer's recycle bin and discovered too late that you'd also deleted your child's book report due tomorrow? Remember that cold feeling of panic in the pit of your stomach when you realized you'd have to comb through the disorganized folders in your backup files to find it?

If you're a Carbonite customer, you can soon breathe a sigh of relief and tune your deleted-file anxiety level down to DefCon 1. That's because the Boston-based online backup service announced today that it will acquire German software company MailStore for $20 million.

Despite its name, MailStore has nothing to do with stamps or crushed gift boxes from Aunt Sally. (Snail-mail is so 20th century, am I right?) Rather, MailStore archives emails in the cloud with full-text search and indexing, allowing the average person to end-run around IT and find their own archived emails.

What does all that indexing mean for the typical Carbonite customer? Backing up your data isn't enough these days when we're approaching terabytes of files we want to save. You'll still need to find those backed-up files -- and some of us have less-than-perfect file organization systems. (In my case, less-than-perfect is a synonym for "non-existent".) Carbonite's acquisition of MailStore means that soon you'll be able to hunt down that errant book report among your myriad backup files without the need for an IT mechanic's complex toolbox - and do it faster too.

The acquisition is expected to close by the end of this year, but you might not need to wait that long to see speed improvements as Carbonite adopts MailStore's speedier technologies.

If you don't use an online backup service yet, click here to read our in-depth review of Carbonite and other backup services.

Now, get back to writing about Catcher in the Rye so your kid can still get that "A" you deleted.


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