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LAST UPDATED: August 2nd, 2021

Fishbowl is a highly mature computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software company designed to make inventory, billing and invoicing, and all company management needs as simple and integrated as possible. The company offers a variety of add-ons and services to its products that allow customers the best possible package for their business. 

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The Good

  • Business Integration
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Trainings and Video Resources
  • Case Studies
  • Fishbowl Go App
  • Local Consultants
  • Free 14-Day Trial
  • One-Time Customizable Purchase

Business Integration

Fishbowl has partnered with dozens of different ecommerce, accounting, CMR (customer-managed relationship), and more businesses to seamlessly integrate its CMMS services into one main system. Fishbowl’s integrations include Amazon, QuickBooks, FedEx, Ebay, Salesforce, and Xero, just to name a few. 

Essentially, when a business is integrated, data entered on its site is automatically integrated on Fishbowl, helping keep inventory, sales, and finances acutely accurate. This is the goal of almost all CMMS services; however, Fishbol accomplishes it by going directly to the source of data input and making it easier than ever. 

QuickBooks Integration

Fishbowl has a special partnership with QuickBooks that allows users to automatically process their business’ accounting with inventory. This type of integration with an already well-established accounting company is very unique and can be extremely valuable for customers who want a more robust tracking system. This system also includes billing and invoicing.

Trainings and Video Resources

Fishbowl produces weekly content with training and videos on complex inventory processes or topics. Broken down step by step, these and other videos provide customers with additional knowledge to best help them run their business or organization using Fishbowl’s inventory management software. 

Case Studies

Similar to the training and video resources, Fishbowl provides a video library full of case studies from a plethora of different businesses. Because of this, customers can get a good sense of how Fishbow will work with their company and how integration will ultimately look. 

Fishbowl Go App

Fishbowl provides users with an integrated mobile app used to track all systems and functions available from the desktop. This can be helpful for businesses who frequently use hand-held devices like iPads or personalized scanners to access inventory information without using a desktop computer. Not all companies offer an app, so this makes Fishbowl’s services even more valuable to potential customers. 

Local Consultants

For customers who would like additional help or customer support in person with their Fishbowl software, Fishbowl provides a list of independently contracted agents nationwide with experience with Fishbowl software. This is rather remarkable of a company to promote other contractors, but shows Fishbowl’s commitment to an excellent customer experience regardless of whereabouts. 

Free 14-Day Trial

Most but not all companies offer a free trial for CMMS software, making Fishbowl desirable for customers who want to test the waters before diving in. Customers can also schedule a live, free demo for further instruction and guidance on how to set up the system and begin using the software.

One-Time Customizable Purchase

Fishbowl’s pricing is unique in letting its customers choose which add-ons and software features they’d like to have before purchasing the software at a flat, base rate. With this purchase, customers own the system for life and can add as many users as needed. Each year, customers can pay to upgrade and update the plan, but even if they choose not to, the software will still work.


The Bad

  • Weak Live Customer Support
  • Bugs and System Glitches

Weak Live Customer Support

Several customers mentioned difficulty in contacting the call support center at Fishbowl. This can make it difficult when customers need additional support and can’t access it online or with customer representatives.

Bugs and System Glitches

Some customers reported that their system had a variety of system glitches that slowed down processing times. Technical glitches are normal in the industry, but the problem would be alarming if Fishbowl’s glitches are only fixed by the yearly updates, forcing customers to pay for the optional upgrade.


The Bottom Line

Fishbowl is one of the most mature and advanced CMMS Software companies on the market. What makes Fishbowl really shine is its unique partnerships with dozens of companies, most notably a partnership with QuickBooks. Depending on the customers’ preference, the system can include invoicing, billing, accounting, and more. 

For payment, customers can pick and choose which software additions they would like to have in their package and pay only for the base software and those add-ons. Customers can choose to purchase a yearly optional upgrade, and although optional, doing so may be necessary to prevent bugs and system glitches.

Additionally, Fishbowl allows customers a 14-day free trial, free live demo, a full service app, and in person independent consultants with Fishbowl software experience in all parts of the country. This is helpful as some customers mentioned Fishbowl’s poor virtual and phone customer support. 

For a great system that truly can do it all, Fishbowl is an excellent option for CMMS software. Customers who are more tech savvy may find Fishbowl easier to use; however, for the pricing flexibility and full-integration of dozens of management softwares, Fishbowl is an excellent choice.

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