Wet Seal was started in 1962 in Newport, California. It has since grown into a large fashion retail company that has one hundred and seventy-three stores in forty states throughout the United States. They are headquartered in Foothill Ranch California and employ over three thousand people at their corporate offices, field, and stores. They consider themselves to be a pioneer in fast fashion retailing, selling apparel, footwear and accessories that are designed for teen girls and young women of all sizes. Products are purchased online and at their physical stores.

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The Good

  • Easy return policy
  • Shipping without the hassle
  • Numerous promotions and sales
  • Average pricing on merchandise

Wet Seal has been in business for fifty-three years and has done a great job at providing benefits for both their loyal and first-time customers. They provide value to their customers and try their best to make shopping with them a great experience.

Easy Return Policy

The return policy at Wet Seal truly benefits the shopper. They allow anything a customer could want when it comes to returning purchased products. Both online and in-store purchases allow returns to be made up to thirty days after the original sale. Wet Seal even allows customers to return items that were purchased on a promotion, such as buy-one-get-one, as long as the items are returned together. The return policy also states that customers can return any merchandise purchased online in a store for convenience, but they will only be eligible for store credit or exchange.

Shipping Without the Hassle

Wet Seal has a promotion that is usually running that offers customers free shipping for purchases totaling over fifty dollars. The website sometimes changes this promotion to include free shipping on lower dollar amount purchases or for quicker deliveries instead of the standard six to eight business days. They do not ship internationally and charge Alaska and Hawaii a ten-dollar shipping fee regardless of the total purchase amount.

Numerous Promotions and Sales

Online fashion stores generally include one or two promotions on their homepage to excite customers about shopping on their site. Wet Seal goes well beyond the normal one or two. At any given time, a customer can find several promotions on the website without having to hunt for a sale. The normal promotions that are usually available include a new member discount of twenty percent off; free shipping for purchases over fifty dollars, and a special discount promo code to include whatever season the fashion trends are offering at that time. Customers can get excited about using these promotions during their time shopping on the Wet Seal website. Their in-store retail locations also frequently have sales and promotions running that customers can appreciate when they visit a physical location.

Average Pricing on Merchandise

If the many promotions at Wet Seal aren’t enough to entice customers to start making purchases, the great pricing might lure them further into a commitment. Wet Seal offers fairly average pricing on all their merchandise with most items ranging from twenty to forty dollars. They have a large variety of merchandise and although they only sell clothes for women, they offer a lot of options including teenage girls clothing, plus size women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. Like many other shopping websites, they include a sales tab where customers can find items at marked down prices.

The Bad

  • Average customer service
  • Lack of merchandise

Not many companies can offer everything to customers without having a few things that are less than pleasing. Wet Seal is similar to other fashion retail company’s and has some things they can improve for the customer.

Average Customer Service

Customer reviews have voiced that the customer service at Wet Seal is not ideal. Their online website offers customers several ways to get in contact with the customer service department by phone number, email, or even through mail. The department is slow to respond and to answer any questions that a shopper might have. The website even suggests that going into a retail location with any questions or concerns would be a preferable method of getting in contact with someone who can help resolve a problem.

One other thing that could be seen as a negative for a fashion retail store is their lack of merchandise for groups other than women. While they have plenty of products for women and have branched out to reach more than just one category, they have yet to create products for men, children, elderly, or any other group.

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The Bottom Line

Wet Seal is a great fashion retail company that provides their customers with many benefits for shopping with them. Any loyal customer or first-time shopper will enjoy shopping at either a retail location or on their online store. They give customers many promotions to enjoy and are continuously adding new promotions. Deals like free shipping on purchases over fifty dollars and promo codes that will give customers their merchandise at a discount are enjoyed by any shopper at any time via the website. Wet Seal makes returns as hassle free as they can by providing customers with ways to return items that are convenient, such as returning an online purchase in a store location. They allow customers thirty days for returns whether an item was purchased online or in store. Another down side is their merchandise for women only, but that merchandise is very affordable and they have a large variety of products to browse through at any time.


Average pricing, with most merchandise falling in between a twenty and forty dollars range. They also have sale selections where clothing is marked down to a lower price.


Wet Seal offers several promotions at one time on the home page of their website. Promo codes, free shipping, and new customer discounts are just to name a few. They continually update the site to include more promotions.

People Serviced

Wet Seal only sells merchandise for women. They do have several categories for women including teenage clothing, plus size clothing, and accessories.

Time in Business

The company began in 1962 in California, and has now been in business for fifty-three years. They have 173 stores located in 42 states including Puerto Rice as well as an online store.


Shipping and Handling

Wet Seal often has free shipping promotions for purchases totaling over fifty dollars, however this promotion is not guaranteed. Their normal shipping rates are low in comparison to other fashion stores.


They offer returns for up to thirty days after purchase whether online or in a physical store. They will give a full refund, exchange an item, or give in store credit for any return. The company also allows online purchases to be returned to a store location.

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