Undaunted Society is a recently created online clothing store with merchandise designed by Liam Buckley. The shop is brand new as of 2015 and is definitely in the beginning phases of a business. Undaunted Society has a small online website with limited items of purchase, they also have a Facebook page with a brief description of the company and a few photos. They do not have any other social media presence or any other ways to purchase the clothing items they sell. Their company’s slogan is that they provide quality seasonal street wear that helps unique individuals to create their own scenes.


The Good

  • Average pricing
  • Both men and women merchandise

Being a company that has only recently opened for business, Undaunted Society does not have a lot to offer their customers. Although there are a few things that give the idea that they are headed in the right direction for a successful online boutique shop.

While the clothing at the online shop Undaunted Society is not cheap, they are fairly averaged priced when compared to other online boutique stores. The few items they have available are priced at fifty dollars and below. Once the company begins to have more merchandise for customers to choose from, the prices may vary more but as of now, there are not many variations in cost differences. The most expensive item in the shop is fifty-nine dollars ninety-nine cents for a thicker sweater, and the cheapest runs thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents for a basic t-shirt with the Undaunted Society logo. This shows that customers are simply paying for the logo and the design of the clothing rather than the actual material itself at Undaunted Society.

Another benefit that this small online boutique has going for it in the very beginning stages of their online presence is that they offer both men and women merchandise. Many online stores cater to either men or women as they find a specific niche and that limits their ability to sell more clothing to a wider range of clientele. A good start for any business is to broaden their customer range and to sell merchandise to multiple groups of people. Undaunted Society has done that successfully by having both men and women items available in their designed clothing line. One other benefit of this that Undaunted Society offers is that their pricing is the same for both the men and women options of their clothing. One is not more expensive than the other and customers can be satisfied in knowing they are getting a good deal no matter which clothing item they purchase.

The Bad

  • Very limited product selection
  • No promotions
  • Shipping and handling issues
  • Poor return policy

As a brand new company, there are a lot of things that Undaunted Society needs to improve before they can grow their online boutique into something customers will want to become loyal.

Although Undaunted Society promises a selection of tall tees, tanks, crew necks, long sleeves, hoodies, hats and more to come, only three of those options are actually available for purchase on the site. With less than ten total merchandise material available at Undaunted Society, they have a very limited product selection. They do not offer any tanks, hoodies, or hats and of the tall tees, crew necks, and long sleeves they do offer there is only one style available for each category. Their company, however, is still very new and hopefully planning to come through on their promise of much more merchandise and give their customers more variety to choose from when shopping at their store. Along with this issue, there are no promotions to be found on the Undaunted Society website. Customers will not be able to find any discounts or deals when shopping on the site, which could be a major issue in forming a loyal customer following.

The shipping and handling policy at Undaunted Society is not only confusing but also very vague. Their site, like the merchandise, appears to be unfinished in the information they provide to their customers. Currently, their products are only available for purchase and shipping to residents in Australia. All packages are charged a flat rate ten-dollar shipping fee. Although, Undaunted Society does hope to expand their shipping abilities to customers around the world as their company grows. The return policy for Undaunted Society is also not much better although it is at least clearly spelled out for customers who are looking for such information. Returns are only permitted for fault or damaged products or items that have a faulty design. Even then, Undaunted Society allows their team a ten percent variance on design printing colors and size as well as actual garment colors. If an item meets all of those requirements and is eligible for return, a customer must first email the Undaunted Staff and request a specific return number which must be placed in a conspicuous place on the outside of the return parcel within fourteen days of the original purchase. The returnee must pay all returning packages shipping and handling fees as well.

The Bottom Line

Undaunted Society is still in the very beginning stages of creating their online clothing store boutique. They are heading in the right direction with average pricing on their merchandise and with products available for both men and women. However, Undaunted Society still has a long way to go before they will be competitive with other online boutiques. Currently, the store only has a handful of merchandise available and can only ship products to residents of Australia. There are no promotions found on the website and their return policy is not user-friendly with very few items being eligible for returns and customers having to pay the return fees. Hopefully as the business continues to grow and improve on the things they lack, they can gain loyal customers.

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