Top Shop is a UK-based company. They have four locations in the United States, with a warehouse in New Jersey. Overall, they have 440 shops around the world in 37 countries. Top Shop is part of the Arcadia Group, an organization that owns several different retail companies. They offer top-line clothing products, in both physical stores and the online paradigm.

The Peter Robinson Company originally opened Top Shop in 1964. Over the years, Top Shop has evolved and changed through various business handlings. The Arcadia Group ownership has brought Top Shop some of the best years, with most of its stores opening in the last decade.

The Good

  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • Been in Business for Over 53 Years
  • Solid Customer Service

Over the last 53 years, Top Shop has created a business that excels in providing valuable clothing items to women.

Hands down, it is easy to like the free shipping and free returns option offered through Top Shop. If you are located inside the continental United States, you can receive this free shipping on standard freight. Delivery will take place between 4-7 business days. If you are looking to ship clothing to Alaska, Hawaii, and other US Territories you are able to do so for free on standard freight as well. However, it will take within 8 days for the package to arrive. There is a faster option for shipping if you need your clothing quickly. For locations inside the United States, Express Shipping is available for $15 and it will be delivered within 2-3 business days. Compared to some other “foreign” clothing providers who had set up shop on the Internet, free shipping was not always included. The free shipping is a great plus, as well as the free returns. Some companies will refund your shipping after you return the item. However, Top Shop provides free return labels online.

Top Shop was founded back in 1964. They have grown significantly over time, now sporting 300 stores in the United Kingdom and shipping to more than 100 countries worldwide. Their online presence has also grown and developed into a valuable shopping experience. These 51 years of experience should instill confidence in customers considering this store.

It also easy to like the friendliness of their customer service team. Top Shop does a better job than a number of UK-based retailers who market online in other countries. They have a decent number of stores that are located in the United States.  They have a distribution center in the United States that services its four American locations. With a US-based distribution center, customers can easily return their items worry-free and get items within a reasonable shipping time frame. Another thing that is a fantastic feature for some shoppers is the exclusive women’s store with a selection of trendy clothes. You will find a few items and brands available when we went to their online store. Even though they only had 237 items available for dresses, these dresses are stylish and of a great quality for many shoppers.

The Bad

  • Late Delivery
  • Return Issues

Even with the New Jersey location for distribution,  some customers had a hard time getting items shipped on time. It is frustrating when ordering an item and then not seeing it until two weeks after the order was placed, outside of the time quoted through their direct shipping option quoted on the website.

There is another potential customer service concern including returns. It is a challenge to find a return address on their website or a contact address. We had to look at the Arcadia Group to find how to contact Top Shop. This is a problem because many companies list a contact mail address to process complaints, customer questions, and concerns.

Top Shop had problems with getting products to clients on some occasions. This is problematic, since Top Shop is a UK company. When providing customer services overseas, they don’t always have the best track record for on-time deliveries or returns.

This is unfortunate since it doesn’t allow potential customers to gain an insight into how they handle customer service problems. A major factor with their not being rated has to do with their primary headquarters being in the United Kingdom.

The Bottom Line

If you are considering an item from Top Shop, be ready for a lengthy shipping time or return time if you are not happy with your product. Even though this company has a distribution center in NJ, they don’t do a good job of getting products shipped or returned on time. If you are returning a product, you have to return it within 14 days.

But, we found that Top Shop is a very reputable company that is based outside of the US. If you are considering “foreign” style trends, we feel like Top Shop is one of the better online clothing retailers to work with.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    May 8th, 2017

    Can’t believe I was waiting for my shoes 1 month and haven’t receive it !!!
    First of my orders been lost after 3 weeks of wait so I called support team and I have asked to send me a new pair as previous delivery been lost right .. so they have said that I should receive my order between 3-5 working days and also I have received email as my order been replaced. Waited again 2 weeks – nothing happened , still no shoes!! Called them again and I have find out that my order been canceled – hilarious !! For real ??? Never again.

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  2. User Score


    April 4th, 2017

    Our local retailer for Topshop product carries a Limited size option and when items are tighter fitting I like to size up – they rarely carry anything over a 10. I went onto the UK Topshop website, found three shirts I knew I liked and ordered the upsize. Then I read the reviews. Nothing good to say. I lowered my expectations and waited. To be honest, at checkout they indicate a delivery date that seemed a bit of an overpromise considering the shipment is international to Canada from the UK – even with our fabulous postal service. Two days after the delivery Estimate I started to think maybe the reviews were right. On day three I had three beautiful shirts in my Mailbox. If you have some patience and don’t take the delivery Estimate to heart then there may be no issue. No regrets here.

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  3. User Score


    January 7th, 2017 Brookline, MA

    Geez, I can’t even review the clothes, because the customer service was so bad, the order never even got processed. I tried to order a few birthday gifts for my daughter on-line. I kept getting kicked out of the system, even though all my info was correct. So, I called the company and someone took my order with my billing address and my daughter’s shipping address (plus my email). I was given an order number and told I would get an email confirming the order. That was two weeks ago and I never got a confirmation. I sent emails to the company, but because the shipping and billing names and addresses were different, the company said that they they could not respond (“SECURITY ISSUES”). I have tried to call them, but it’s tough due to the time difference (I’m in the U.S.). I tried entering the order number on the site and with the various shippers they use, but all of them say it’s not a valid number!
    So, very frustrating. I have been checking my credit card and don’t see any charges, so at least that didn’t happen as well. I just don’t understand how a retail company could fail to complete an order. How do they stay in business?
    The clothes look cute and perfect for my daughter, but I am not going to try to order from Top Shop again. Big mistake.

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  4. User Score


    December 28th, 2016 Fargo, ND

    It seems like I was one of many to be scammed by Topshop! I was desperate to find a particular item and rushed to purchase it in time for Christmas before reading reviews. HUGE mistake! Although I ordered with plenty of time, Topshop failed to deliver a critical gift within the quoted time, with NO communication, causing us to scramble at the last-minute for a substitute gift. The item for my new daughter in law, (who spent Christmas with us for the first time) will arrive weeks after the quoted time and after the couple returns home (out of state), causing me to incur shipping charges. It was the only thing she asked for, so it was a big deal that I didn’t have it for her to open on Christmas Day. Both their website and my receipt say “4-7 days” as the quoted delivery time, but that’s a joke. Other reviewers quote several weeks beyond that and MANY report not getting their items at all. Of course they block consumers from posting on their Facebook page, so you can’t warn others about their deceptive practices. That’s a clear indicator of a dishonest company. After reading reviews on various sites, I doubt the item I purchased is even authentic. It is probably a cheap knock-off and I would be better off returning it immediately. Which will no doubt be a nightmare (if I can even do it at all) and is just great since the item is sold out at any trusted retailer now. Curse you Topshop!

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  5. User Score


    September 30th, 2016 Pineville, NC

    i ordered a few items A MONTH AGO!! NEVER received my order and I was told I was going to receive my money back. It’s been 2 weeks !!! and I still don’t have my money either !! I am extremely frustrated!

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  6. User Score


    July 6th, 2016

    I recently ordered a jacket from TopShop . ( International order )
    I waited over a month for my order and still didn’t receive it . ( I was told I could not track my order either ) .
    I then asked for a refund . A proof of payment wasn’t asked for from me ( to see how much I was charged in my currency )
    I only received half of my refund .
    the customer service is useless .

    I would advise people to not buy from this Company .

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  7. User Score


    June 6th, 2016

    I’m pissed I never received my order. I still have’nt got my money back!! Like 15 e-mails further and 2 months later!!! I WILL NEVER EVER BUY SOMETHING FROM THIS SITE AGAIN!!!

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  8. User Score


    September 4th, 2015

    I have been waiting for my parcel for over a month and kept on receiving the same standard response form customer service, which was not helping.

    the tracking number they gave me is untrackable and I wish I was advised to choose different shipping and they don’t tell you that.

    eventually they say my parcel was lost in transit and they will refund. I have been highly inconvenienced and I am in South Africa a third world country but I am used to better and honest service than this

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  9. User Score


    April 17th, 2015 Miami, FL

    Top shop has a horrible returns policy. It’s 14 days for the refund to issue according to the website but that’s not true, the customer service says it’s 28 days.
    They also lie about being able to track a package back to them, however their warehouse is in NJ.
    They exhibit great dishonesty and lack of corporate responsibility

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