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LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2021

Rhythm and Beat is a music-themed apparel company that sells tees and hoodies online. With bright colors, socially conscious slogans, and affordable prices, the company has a great position as a new player in the market.

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The Good

  • Affordable Prices
  • Positive Customer Reviews 
  • Unique Apparel Styling 

Affordable Prices

Rhythm and Beat’s music-themed apparel is affordably priced, with many items under $20 each. This price point is very competitive in the market and will help demographics who are budget conscious to be more likely to purchase. In addition, many items have discounts or specials offered, keeping prices very accessible.

Positive Customer Reviews 

The company’s website features several positive customer reviews. Potential customers should find this encouraging, especially as the brand is new to the market and is already building a following.

Unique Apparel Styling

The company’s music-themed attire is fun, fashion-forward, and attractive. For music lovers, the brand is on point and will be particularly engaging, with graphics that appeal to music players of all types. Many of the messages are positive, and appeal to socially conscious individuals as well.


The Bad

  • Very Limited Information Available
  • Limited Customer Engagement
  • Few Reviews Available

Very Limited Information Available

The company does not have much of a digital footprint, so information is fairly difficult to locate. This is an oversight for the company, since customers can be wary of brands that have limited information to compare or digest.

Limited Customer Engagement

Currently, Rhythm and Beat’s website is not very interactive, and although the company does have a Facebook profile, there are no recent posts. This is an area for the company to improve on, as the ecommerce options available through Instagram or Facebook can be very lucrative for product brands, especially apparel.

Few Reviews Available

With few reviews available, it is difficult for customers to get a clear view of the realities of doing business with this company. Reviews help customers make decisions and a lack of reviews makes the decision process challenging to navigate.


The Bottom Line

Rhythm and Beat has a fun, bright, engaging line of music-themed apparel, which is sure to be a huge hit with music lovers of all types, whether musicians who play instruments or fans who love to listen. The company is new to the space and marketing efforts currently reflect that, but most likely will develop over time. 

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