Nordstrom is one of the most reputable clothing stores in the industry. John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin founded the company in 1901. Nordstrom started as a shoe retailer and now include in their inventory clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances. Some Nordstrom stores and the online store have wedding clothing. Nordstrom even offers furniture, home décor, and other items.

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Over the years they have consistently been placed in the Top 100 Companies to Work For in Fortune magazine. Happy employees typically provide great customer service, and this clothing retail giant is no exception. In 2013, Nordstrom was ranked by WWD as the top fashion seller.

We found not only does Nordstrom offer the best products on their shelves and racks. Steve Madden, the owner of Steve Madden Shoes, is on record saying that an invitation to Nordstrom was like an “invitation to the White House.” They work hard to consistently bring their customers the best products.

The Good

  • Competitive priced clothing
  • Nordstrom has been in business since 1901
  • Fast and inexpensive shipping and returns

Nordstrom has been providing its customers with quality clothing items for 128 years. During this time they have developed many positive aspects for its customers, including:

Competitive Priced Clothing

Although Nordstrom offers quality high-end clothing, their prices are competitively low. Not only are their asking prices competitive, Nordstrom consistently offer valuable promotions found throughout their website to get you even more bang for your buck. There is a wide range of products for men, women, and kids. Some of these product categories include Designer Collections, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, as well as Men and Women. As far as men’s suit coats are concerned, there are over 550 items available. It is a valuable shopping experience to have, shopping through countless high-quality products at low prices.

Nordstrom Has Been in Business Since 1901

Being founded in 1901, Nordstrom has been in business for 128 years. This says a lot about their brand and customer base. Not only do they have a customer service department ready to answer questions over the phone, they are also able to help customers and potential shoppers with their live chat box on their website.

Fast and Inexpensive Shipping and Returns

Nordstrom has set a standard for excellence with both their shipping and return policies. For starters, standard shipping is free. If you are looking for Two-Day or Next Day Shipping, there is a cost of $15 and $25 respectively. On average, they state on their website items will arrive at your address within 3-6 business days after your purchase. This shipping policy is one of the best when compared with other online clothing stores. Not to be outdone, their return policy is done on a case-by-case basis giving users a personal experience. Once you have returned an item, your method of payment will be accredited. You are also able to return products when purchased online in a Nordstrom physical store. Accounts are typically credited within 14 days. There aren’t any limits on returns or exchanges.

The Bad

  • Alteration charges
  • Rewards program issues

It is difficult to find something bad when shopping with Nordstrom. It seems some customers had a hard time applying their Nordstrom Rewards to their alterations. Even though some customers were assured that their alterations were “free”, charges for alterations later appeared on their credit cards. Also, for the Nordstrom Rewards to kick in, customers had to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to be a Level 2, 3, or 4 member. Customers seem to want a better membership program, one outside of their store credit card.

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The Bottom Line

Nordstrom is one of the best in the online clothing business. Their competitive low prices for high-quality products, loads of experience, and outstanding shipping and return policies help them achieve this status with their devoted customer base. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any potential customer.

Clothing Price and Quality 

Nordstrom has high-end clothing. The quality of their brands is second-to-none. In business weekly, it is stated that brands have to compete for shelf space. Steve Madden has said that being invited to be a part of their sales experience was like an invitation to the “White House.”


Nordstrom offers a membership through their Nordstrom Card. When you get access to their rewards program, you are placed into a Level 2, 3, or 4 member based upon your purchases. Your rewards can be used towards alterations that you get on products you purchased.


Clients can leave anonymous reviews on items purchased. Online, you can see the number of “stars” that each product is rated. You can also read each review or see “tags” that contain worded themes that are “threads” in the reviews for that particular product.


Standard shipping with Nordstrom is free. There is also the following “premier” shipping tiers:

  • Two-Business Day: $15
  • Next Business Day: $25
  • Saturday Shipping: $35

Selection Size

Nordstrom has an amazing selection when it comes to men and women’s clothing. We looked at suits and suit coats, and found more than550 items.


Nordstrom always has things on sale on their website. We found a special sale section and looked at women’s clothing. Their items were 40% off the regular price.


Nordstrom’s does not offer clothing rental services at this time.

Customer Service

Nordstrom is synonymous with the phrase “customer service.” They have a customer service hotline, a live chat box, and email options. Most customers had a positive experience when they walked into a store or shopped online. However, some customers had difficulty with the rewards program and had their “free alterations” inadvertently added to their credit card.

Retail Storefront

There are 271 stores operating in 36 states, including 117 Full-Line stores and 151 Nordstrom Racks stores.

Time in Business

Nordstrom’s has been in business since 1901.

Company Contact Information

1700 7th Ave STE 800, Seattle, WA 98101-4434

(888) 282-6060

Email form on website.

Return Policy 

Nordstrom’s return policy is widely known as being one of the best. It is straightforward and makes returns easy on consumers. When you return your item(s), your account or card will be credited. You can even return an online order in the store, if you have your credit card and packing receipt. Make sure that you follow the instructions on your receipt if you are returning fine jewelry. Your account is usually credited within 14 days. There is no time limit on returns and exchanges.

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