Nasty Gal started as an online eBay store and has grown to one of the largest online retailers of women’s clothing. This company was officially transitioned from eBay in 2009 by the founder, Sophie Amoruso. In 2012, INC magazine called Nasty Gal the largest growing retailer. Their net income was $24 million in 2011 and they have 200 employees as of this last year. In 2012, the company’s three-year growth rate was an astronomical 11,200%.

A former ASOS vice president also defected to Nasty Gal. Sarah Wilkinson is now Nasty Gal’s vice president of design.

There is a very specific customer targeted with Nasty Gal. Basically, the Nasty Gal customer is in her mid-twenties, and wants to look great and sexy without having to spend an arm and a leg.

The Good

  • Variety of accessories
  • Many brands and exclusive items
  • Great sales

We liked Nasty Gal a lot. We liked the smaller, but hefty number of clothes that this online provider has. We also liked that there were different varieties of accessories that were available. We looked at their “tech” accessories and found a wide variety of phone cases, ear buds, and other affordable, stylistic tech goodies.

We found a wide variety of brands from Nasty Gal, but we also liked the fact that their exclusive “Designed by Us” category had several different products that were just as stylistic as name brands.

Another thing we liked was the number of sale items. We found great price ranges for this upscale clothes retailer. We found hat the Nasty Gal offered products that were affordable, yet comparable to Nordstrom’s and other top retailers in style.

The Bad

  • Processing fee on returns
  • Customer complaints

We really didn’t like the fact that there was an extensive processing fee on return refunds. The $5.99 fee for credit card and Pay Pal refunds pretty much lets Nasty Gal keep your money. But don’t forget, store credit is free. You just have to buy something else from Nasty Gal.

Another thing that concerned us was the growth of this company. Growth is a good thing, but occasionally, companies can get out of touch with their customers.

The Bottom Line

Nasty Gal is one of the fastest growing retailers in America. Their growth is unprecedented. We had a good customer experience when we called into ask about whether or not they had clothing rentals, and we liked the products on their website. We like the quality of exclusive Nasty Girl products with the brand name products. We found that some customers really liked their exclusive Nasty Girl branded products. This line of products was a little bit cheaper overall, but the quality was still quite god.

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    March 21st, 2017

    Basically, I returned clothing to them, two dresses and one pair of jeans that they sent me instead of the shorts I ordered ( they got the order wrong). They are refusing to give me back my money or exchange and they have the clothes I returned. Basically they stole from me. No integrity, no customer service and basically they are criminals. Stay away.

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  2. User Score


    January 4th, 2017 Edited

    I ordered 5 items from, and was told later that one of them was unavailable (clearly available as seen on screen when I placed the order). Without any explanation on what was going to happen with the refund of this canceled item, zero communication for quite a while, and I was charged for all 5 items plus more than 9 dollars international transaction fee plus 1 dollar gointerpay fee!$#*! I panicked, checked the reviews on this nasty babe, SHE has a fraudulent reputation! Called my bank to cancel or dispute the deal. After a few angry emails sent to them from me, they did send me 4 items, with which two of them were untrue to their sizes, badly tailored, literally unwearable and could not be returned!! As I found they did refund the item they canceled from checking my credit card record (still no receipt or written email acknowledging all these transactions), I didn’t complain further. But, a few weeks later, I found the refund being secretly deducted from my account simply as a “dispute adjustment”, presumably nastygal “worked out” with my bank when my bank tried to dispute the credit card transaction, saying that I actually owed them more money. There goes the fraudulent nastiness of this nasty babe! May your business go down as nasty as your “fashion” and your scamming!! Don’t choke on the money you’ve scammed, nasty girls!!

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  3. User Score


    September 9th, 2015

    I ordered a pair of sneakers, for which I paid 30€ for, plus 15€ for shipping. I was unpleasantly surprised when they got delivered to me, and the delivery guy tells me I have to pay 22€ or he won’t give me the package. I asked if it was for custom fees, and he told me no, ’cause the sneakers had been shipped from Germany, which is part of the European Union, so I wouldn’t have to pay custom fees for them. He told me the 22€ was probably money NastyGal was asking for the shoes themselves. I ended up paying, thinking of complaining later, which I did. The staff replied very quickly, but they only answer with already written drafts, that don’t really answer your questions. They told me the 22€ were for custom fees by the government ’cause the sneakers had been shipped from the USA, but that’s a lie, ’cause it’s written on the stamp that they came from Germany.
    Also, I ordered size 6,5, which is supposed to be a size 37 in Europe, but the sneakers I got are too big, maybe a 38 or 39. NastyGal’s staff wanted me to pay even more shipping costs to have the sneakers returned/changed, and when I said it made no sense ’cause they were the ones sending me sneakers bigger than the size 37 I ordered, so they should be responsible for their mistake, the staff’s answer was that if I didn’t want to pay more shipping fees I should just donate the sneakers!!!!
    So basically I wasted 66€ away. Don’t do the same mistake folks. Avoid NastyGal.

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  4. User Score


    May 29th, 2015 Aliso Viejo, CA

    I have been a loyal NastyGal customer for about 4 years now. The customer service has never been great but in the past year it seems that as they grow bigger their customer service is of their least of their concern. It seems to me and from other reviews I have read on here that Nastygal’s quality control is at a low point. I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell beige leather booties. When I opened them in the box it was clear that the shoes had been worn. There was a large stain on the front of the shoe and a number of noticeable scuffs everywhere. It looks to me as if someone had spilled something on the shoe and a girl in shipping decided to clean the stain with a chemical and it looked “good enough” to send to a customer as new. Naturally I contacted their customer service live chat (which is the biggest waste of time – but that is another story) and was re-directed to their email service with no information whatsoever. I received back from Jennifer D “Hello,
    Thank you for getting back to us. I have issued you a return label so you can return the item and be refunded. Please note the label will work for UPS only.
    Please let us know if we can assist you further.
    Jennifer D. “
    Where is the apology for their mistake?
    Where is the offer to what other options I have?
    Offering me store credit?
    Offering me to send a new one in the same size?
    No where.

    Now it is up to me to take my time to PRINT the label, PACK the items, DRIVE to ups to ship the item back because of NASTYGAL’S mistake for sending a defective item. Then WAIT for my refund (which took 15+ business days last time, which by reading the previous reviews, I am considered “lucky” to have even gotten it back.)

    Additionally, during our conversation through email it sounded like a robot because she would have the same opening welcome line and same ending line. I had to ask questions repeatedly for her to answer since she would not answer them the first and second time.

    The clothes are cool and trendy but it seems as if the customer service representatives think that having helpful considerate customer service is not. I guess it’s not “cool” or “trendy” to apologize for a mistake at this company. Bottom line: I do NOT and will not recommend buying from NastyGal. You may not have an issue with them now like I did in the past, but sooner or later you will if you continue to shop there. To me, the items are not worth the stress and dealing with their terrible customer service. Sending the shoes back will mean they will try to rip off some other customer by sending it to them trying to pass it as “new.”

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    February 11th, 2015

    Just yesterday had very bad experience with them. My order of $200 was qualified for free shipping, but when I had to pick up my parcel at post office, I’ve got unpleasant surprise in form of COD $77, which I had to pay to receive the package.
    I did. But I opened claim with Pay Pal. Even if I dont get those money back, I hope PayPal will pay attention to dirty practices of this company.

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