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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Naomi Shu is an online fashion boutique based out of the United Kingdom that prides themselves on providing the latest funky, free, and fun styles of footwear, clothing and handbags. They are a relatively small online business that sells their unique styles for affordable prices. The company stays current and keeps in contact with their loyal fan based customers by providing a social media presence that their customers can follow. Naomi Shu’s staff prides themselves on their excellent customer service, which creates a solid returning customer base. The company was started in 2013 and has since grown into an online boutique that ships its merchandise across the world. 

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The Good

  • Very affordable pricing
  • Unique product selection
  • Shipping and handling deals
  • Great return policy
As a funky small boutique, Naomi Shu works hard at knowing what their loyal customers really want. They provide as many benefits as they can to ensure that they continue to have returning customers. All merchandise sold on the Naomi Shu online boutique is very affordable to all of their customers. Most items are in a twenty-dollar range, and some can be found for much lower. One thing to keep in mind, however, Naomi Shu is a United Kingdom based company, meaning their website and all their merchandise are sold in terms of Euros. This is not a problem for customers but might take a little bit more work in finding out the cost of specific items in relation to the currency of the customer's choice. Naomi Shu offers their customers many different unique products. The boutique focuses mainly on shoes and boots and has the greatest amount of products available in these categories. In addition, they also sell a few dresses, tops, and coats as well as some handbags. Although they do not have a lot of merchandises available on their site, there do have a variety of items and try to keep most of them in stock at all times. However, most of their items except for the shoes and boots come in only one size and color. The shipping and handling policy at Naomi Shu is a great benefit to not only their United Kingdom customers but also to customers worldwide. The greatest benefit is their free shipping offered to customers in the United Kingdom for any order over twenty Euros'. A flat rate is charged for different countries across the globe, with the highest charge being only fifteen dollars. Each country and the shipping charge associated is listed on their website, and an easy shipping estimate calculator can be found in their checkout section on the Naomi Shu site. Having a great return policy can be an excellent benefit to be able to provide to customers. Naomi Shu gives their loyal clients one of the best return policies online boutique can have. They offer a thirty-day money back guarantee on all unworn merchandise as long as it is returned with the original receipt and packaging. An item can be returned for any reason, as Naomi Shu only wants to make sure their customers are one hundred percent satisfied. The returnees are responsible sending the package back as well as emailing the customer service staff at Naomi Shu about the return. All return shipping costs are also the returnee's responsibility, and all items returned will be refunded minus the original shipping costs.

The Bad

  • Few promotions
  • Small clientele serviced
As a small online boutique, Naomi Shu is not able to offer their customers all of the benefits that bigger stores are capable of. The lack of some of these benefits greatly impacts the small companies ability to obtain a larger number of customers. Although the Naomi Shu website is easy to use the homepage lacks any promotions for customers to initially find when shopping on their website. Few promotions can be found when looking further into the site, but must be specifically researched in order to obtain. The website does, however, feature a sales tab where customers can find discounted prices for the merchandise, and most items sold are frequently marked down from their original pricing. The only other promotion found at Naomi Shu is through their social media presence. Customers can be enrolled in free giveaways through the different social media vendors, but must first follow a specific process in order to be considered for a chance to win. These are the only promotions found at Naomi Shu, and while they are excellent benefits to the customers, they are few and far between. The only merchandise sold at Naomi Shu is for women. The boutique has limited their products for women only and has limited their clientele abilities by doing so. This could be because the company is still in the beginning phases and has room to expand once their company becomes larger and more profitable. Any online fashion retail store can benefit from selling merchandise to more than just one category of shoppers. The uniqueness of their products also limits their clientele because their products do not appeal to everyone. Although this is something Naomi Shu prides themselves on and wants to continue, with their funky, fun styles.

The Bottom Line

Naomi Shu is a small, funky online boutique based in the United Kingdom that provides their loyal customer following with fun, fresh, unique styles for a very affordable price. Most items are sold in the twenty dollar range, although all prices are listed in Euro's on the website. Naomi Shu ships worldwide and has free shipping for any order over twenty Euros' in the United Kingdom. The company also offers a great return policy that guarantees a full refund within thirty days of the original receipt. However, Naomi Shu is lacking promotions to offer their customers as well as a larger selection of merchandise for customers other than women. Naomi Shu is a growing online fashion boutique that provides their customers with the best service they know how to provide.
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Tereza Šimková

I ordered 3 pairs, nothing was delivered in about 4 months, I was writing dozens of emails, nobody responded. My negative reviews were not published on the page + facebook comments and questions (mine + some other girls with same issues) were deleted as well. Nobody responded for a very long time.

5 years ago


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H Moore Lehi, UT

My daughter loves the Naomi Shu ankle boots. Her pair is great quality, and she enjoys wearing them.

4 years ago