Macy’s is a very well known omnichannel retail store. Beginning in 1858 as a small, fancy dry goods store, the company has failed and restarted several times to ultimately become the successful business it is today. With over eight hundred and eighty five stores in forty-five states as well as several different countries, they have become a powerhouse in the retail business. They operate under the names Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, and Bluemercury. They sell everything from clothing, to bed and bath items, as well as shoes, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products.

The Good

  • Promotions and Sales
  • Great Return Policy
  • Large Variety of Merchandise

A company the size of Macy’s has learned how to please their customers. They strive to be the best in the business and succeed in many ways.

  • High number of promotions
  • Great return policy
  • Large variety of merchandise for different clientele
  • Affordable pricing

The homepage for the Macy’s department store website is filled with promotions. The page contains several options of promotions for all of the merchandise available. The site is decorated in coupons allowing customers to pick whatever promotions will fit their shopping needs best. Codes for ten to fifteen percent off are found throughout the website and can be used at checkout to a discount on the total purchase price of all items in a customers shopping cart.

The return policy at Macy’s is one of the best for online and in-store clothing retail stores. They do not have a limit as to when items can be returned but instead state that their goal is to keep their customers happy with all purchases. Customers can either return items through the mail or in a store location. The website provides links to begin the mail-in return process at home and any in-store return must only have a receipt in order to get the full payment back. Their website provides customers with a lot of information on specific return policy and procedure questions and has links to many helpful sites that can aide in making the entire process as easy as it can be for shoppers.

Unlike many other clothing stores, Macy’s does not limit their merchandise in any way. They provide clothing for women, men, teenagers, children, elderly, and infants. They do not limit their merchandise to only clothing; instead they have a large variety of products they sell. Macy’s has everything a shopper could think of including home décor, furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products and much more. Both the website and the store locations are filled with merchandise that can keep any customer browsing for hours.

The merchandise volume at Macy’s is so high that it is difficult to get an accurate estimate on pricing of the products. As mentioned before they have a large variety of items for sale and each category ranges in price. However, most items are reasonably priced. If the prices are ever too high, customers can again once look towards the many promotions and sales that are present both online and in stores themselves.

The Bad

  • Shipping and Handling Fees
  • Expensive Merchandise

With a store the size of Macy’s, not every policy and procedure can be a winner. The company does have some items of concern as far as pleasing customers goes.

  • Not exceptional shipping fees
  • Some high priced merchandise

The shipping and handling policy at Macy’s, while it is not a terrible policy, is not the best compared to other stores in its same field. Macy’s offers free shipping on orders ninety-nine dollars and up and its fees for shipping before that limit are higher than other stores with standard shipping. Prices for this category start at ten dollars per package. Both the shipping policy and the return procedure are outlined on the website and have many different links to different questions customers might have. If a customer does not see their specific scenario outlined in one of the links, the customer service department is readily available to help answer any questions shoppers might have.

Macy’s volume of merchandise can be a bit overwhelming to any customers first visiting the website or someone who is looking for a specific item. They do their best to break everything down on the website in order to narrow down searches but with a product database that large it is impossible to keep anything simple. Even though the majority of the merchandise at the Macy’s department store and website are very reasonably priced, there are some categories that are higher-end material. These of course are higher priced than the rest of the merchandise.

The Bottom Line

Macy’s is a very well known store that has a large number of items to sell to consumers. They have many stores worldwide and a great website to browse through their material. They are, for the most part, very reasonably priced and offer great discounts through their many promotions. They have an easy return policy that allows customers to return any items at any given time, and have products available for a lot of different clientele. Macy’s has wonderful customer service department who is willing to help in any way they can to make every shopping experience the best it can be. They don’t offer free shipping on any orders unless the total adds up to more than ninety-nine dollars excluding sales tax, and they have some categories of merchandise that are higher priced than some customers might like. Overall, Macy’s is a store that shopper’s can never go wrong with to make shopping the best experience it can be.

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    February 6th, 2016 Framingham, MA

    Their associates are mostly tired and not pleasant senior persons (you will never see any young associate working at Macy’s). You always need to look for them in store if you need to check out, and when you finally get them, they are EXTREMELY SLOW (they call it “the attention to the customer”).

    1. Do not trust their reviews and ratings: I personally tried to write a couple of reviews, but it was never published (without any explanation). And (of cause!) their customer service has never replied to my inquires about that.
    2. Manipulative pricing: they will spam your mailbox everyday with “sale” and “further reduction”, but the actual price will always remain same (they adding % to sale, but increasing the base price, and vice versa). And what’s more, the online prices are always higher then for the same item in-store.
    3. Item description is non-informative (=useless)

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