Lulus Fashion Lounge (Lulus for short) started out as a mother/daughter dream back in 1996. Since then, they have grown to become a leading online retailer in women's fashion that offers clothes, shoes, and accessories. Their story started back in the 1990s when jobs were hard to come by. The mother/daughter duo, Colleen Winter and Debra Cannon, wanted to start a café, but found a niche with clothing styles instead. Apparently, the mother/daughter dream is doing well. The business has received investment capital from HIG Growth Partners. This investment firm has a ton of capital and routinely invests $5 to $30 million in businesses. Lulus delivers stylish outfits and good customer service on a consistent basis.

The Good

  • Great Product Line
  • High-valued Products at Affordable Prices
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

Lulus provides its customers with an enjoyable shopping experience from the following:

Great Product Line

LuLus, while limited in the number of brands and selections that they carry, are known for offering a high volume of each brand. When looking through the lulus boutique style selections, you will typically only see a few items that are sold out; this is substantially lower than many other online clothing companies. They also have a quality accessories line. You will find makeup, purses, handbags, and scarves. While the selection of makeup was somewhat limited, you can find a lot of stylish options that would fit the clothes available through their clothing options. The jewelry is also classy, pricey, and affordable. They also have a great search tool to peruse their women's clothing products. There are modeled pictures of many pieces of fashion attire to help assist shoppers in making the right purchase.

Lulus dresses are particularly well-known. Customers of the boutique online can even sort dresses by occasion or trend. Users can find prom, cocktail, party, formal, vacation, graduation, wedding, or bridesmaid dresses quickly and easily through Lulus boutique-style site.

High-valued Products at Affordable Prices

The prices throughout the company site are competitive with other women's fashion based on the higher-quality nature of their clothing items. While you will find lower costs for some items, the quality offered through their site allows you as the shopper to get valuable bang for your buck. The investment backup that Lulus has to accompany it is definitely worth mentioning as a positive. HIG Growth, who now backs Lulus financially, is a prestigious growth investment firm that has provided them with welcomed support.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

One area customers are able to save in costs is with shipping. If the total amount of your order is over $50, the company offers free shipping (as long as your location is inside the continental United States). This amount would not include any coupons you may have used during your shopping. Orders with ground shipping can take up to 5 days to be processed. Expedited orders are shipped the same or next business day (depending on what time of day you order). Ground shipping has a flat cost of $5.

The Bad

  • Women's Clothing Only
  • Not Low-end Clothing Costs
  • Limited Mobile App
  • Return Policy

The negative aspects of shopping with Lulus are:

Women's Clothing Only

Based on our ranking criteria, the more people who are able to shop at a particular store the better option the store is. Lulus only offers clothing for women, making their potential shoppers not be as many as some other large retailers. However, for women (particularly those Lulus is targeting as customers) this is not a negative and instead provides them with an almost exclusive brand they can be a part of. If you don't fall into this category, then the limits on the customer type will be seen as a negative.

Not Low-End Clothing Costs

As was described in the good section, Lulus offers quality clothing items. They do not offer a great deal of low-end, low-cost apparel items. This does not mean their prices are necessarily high, however, it does mean they are not the greatest destination for consistent bargain shopping on low-quality clothing.

Mobile App

As a successful online retailer, you'd expect an accompanying mobile app. Though one exists, it appears to only be available in Chinese. This is obviously problematic for English-speaking users.

Return Policy

Our Lulus reviews contain many customers who are unhappy with the customer service experience when it comes to returns. Lulus will only grant free return shipping if the order is postmarked within 10 days of the delivery date. Unfortunately, that falls on Lulus side to ensure that happens in a timely manner. If their service does not mark it in time, the customer will have to pay the extra fees.

The Bottom Line

Lulus exclusive styles are made its customers in mind. The company buys and designs sophisticated, chic and modern styles.  

We recommend Lulus for customers who are looking for trendy clothing options. We felt like Lulus price range was spot on for a trendy "mid-line" clothing provider. The classiest lulus dresses we found on their website were in the $200 range, whereas we also found classy dresses for about $50. This pricing option makes it easy to find a great fitting dress or other apparel at a great price. Lulus reviews have been mixed thus far.  

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Sarah S

August 15th, 2017 Los Angeles, CA

I ordered four dresses from Lulu's, and despite the slightly cheap material, I was happy with my order. However, I returned one of the dresses just a few days after I received my items expecting the free return they had promised on their site (within TEN days!), but they still charged me shipping. When I asked why, they stated that they only processed the order after the ten days had passed, even though I had sent it back before. Never before have I been unjustly billed for a company's lax and leisurely processing time. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE! They will lie and try to take your money over blurry fine print, and their customer service is impersonal and incapable of looking into specific issues rather than simply reciting what is already printed on their website.


Niky Eziakor

August 10th, 2017

I just have to put in a great review for an awesome customer service experience I received from lulus that I have never received before. Just for the record, I always receive great customer service when dealing with Lulus but this one has really set the bar! I ordered a skirt from their online store which was mailed to me however, in receiving the product, I realized the zipper had a defect and couldn't zip all the way down. I called their customer service line and explained it to them. They mentioned I take a picture and send as an email attachment to them but before I got around to doing that, they already emailed me the return label to send the item back. That was the first gold star*!(their sense of urgency). When I finally emailed, I received feedback from an amazing representative that first apologized for the inconvenience, asked me to verify my address to send a new skirt out and gave me a $15 voucher for the inconvenience. 2nd gold star*! Now this was what took it home for me- I was asked how soon I needed the product and I mentioned I wanted to wear it on Saturday if it was still feasible, seeing that it was the end of Wednesday and I still had to process the return on my end to send it back to them. Before I knew it, my package was sitting by my front door when I got back from work the following day(thursday!) Lulus is amazing and I took the time to write this out because their customer service speaks volume about who they are and how much they value their customers. Also, did I mention that I love their clothes????!!!! I will forever be a lulus customer and thanks for the great service. Super excited to rock my skirt this weekend! Shop at!


Makenzie Baird

August 2nd, 2017 Kuna, ID

Originally I had purchased four bridesmaid dresses from LULU's. I will admit they came very fast so that was nice, however one dress did not match the color of the other dresses. Another one of the dresses had a tear in the seam. The whole process to send these dresses back was a nightmare. I was able to send them both back for free. However, as well as sending me 2 replacements for the dresses, they refunded my card! I was very confused. Me being an honest person, I called them and pointed out to them that the refunded me as well as exchanged my dress. I immediately was told that I needed to pay them back in 3-5 days when the refund hit my card. They made me feel that I was stealing, when in fact I was calling them letting them know they refunded me when I wasn't supposed to be. So I had to sit around for a week waiting to receive a refund that I should have not gotten in the first place because for some reason they could not VOID the refund. I then had to call them back to RE-PAY for the dress. I was very irritated. I honestly feel that they should have let me keep the refund that was their mistake in the first place. Anyways, I went ahead and called them back to repay for the dress. I thought I could put this whole company behind me after this. Instead, two days later, I look at my bank statement and they DOUBLE CHARGED me for the one dress! I am so upset and disappointed with this company. I would not recommend anybody shop at this website. Now I have to wait 3-5 business days for MY MONEY to go back into my account. The only way that I would every consider shopping with LULU's again is if they did the right thing and refunded me the entire amount that they took from me in the first place. Until that ever happens, I will not shop here. If any of my friends or family ask me advise on shopping here, I will go back to this experience. This company really needs to pull it together to prevent other customers from experiencing this.



June 22nd, 2017

It was Tuesday and I ordered a $52 black dress in size XS and paid for 3 day shipping so it would come in time for an event I had on Saturday of the same week. The dress came on Thursday, a day before the scheduled ship date, but when I opened it, the dress wasn't the one I ordered. I had ordered a scalloped dress with sleeves and they didn't even bother to send me a similar one! They sent me an off the shoulder black dress in size XS that was also $52. I checked the receipt and it said the dress I had actually ordered, not the dress I had received. I called customer service and the first person told me she was sorry for the inconvenience, would give me a full refund and sent me a shipping label to return it and $10 of store credit. When I asked if she could send the correct dress by Saturday, she told me there was no way they could ship it any earlier than Monday and that they didn't even have the correct dress in stock. There was only one left in XS when I ordered it, so that means they didn't even have the dress when I ordered it. I ended the call and a couple minutes later I decided to call them again. This time a different person picked up and when I explained my situation she already knew about my previous call and that I was sent store credit and a shipping label. I asked her if they could get a different dress to me by Saturday and she said they could give me free overnight shipping and it would come Friday or Saturday morning. She was so patient and gave me recommendations based on what I wanted and the call lasted about 40 minutes. I ended up taking one of her recommendations and ordered a $38 dress. They refunded me for the $9 of shipping on my first order and the difference between the prices of the dresses. I used my store credit towards the second dress and I ended up getting refunded about $27 in total. Just hours after being ordered, the second dress has shipped and is coming tomorrow. I am still not sure if they will pay for the return shipping and I will probably need to call them later to check on that but the customer service has been so amazing I am sure they will. Overall I am not happy about not receiving the original dress I ordered and how I spent my money on it when they didn't even have it in stock, but the customer service is great and they will give you a full refund and send you a shipping label and some store credit for any inconvenience. I was lucky to have enough time to receive my second dress, but if your situation is more urgent, I suggest ordering from a bigger company.



June 16th, 2017

I've purchased from Lulus several times. Their delivery time is unusually long from date of purchase to actual receipt of merchandise. Also, returns are exceedingly unnecessarily long. My latest shipment arrived minus a much needed belt for a jumpsuit I ordered. After, contacted Lulus of this error, I was told they no longer had the item in my size. I suggested they'd simply take a belt from another another package and mail it to me. This, they could not do because they "do not do this because then we'd have an incomplete outfit." I reminded them they had sent me an "incomplete" outfit although I had paid for a complete outfit! I also asked them, did they not wish to correct their error with me instead of concerning themselves with an incomplete outfit for a non existent customer?!? She replied by offering a discount. Oh great, so maybe I should put a sign around my waist saying, "I realize a belt should be holding up this jumpsuit BUT I have discount!" Ridiculous. Just do the right thing!!! Possibly then your reviews will improve.


Madam Spencer

June 12th, 2017

I ordered a Free People top from them that was quite expensive. ONE day after I placed my order, I saw the same top at Nordstroms online for just over $14. LESS. I contacted Lulus, who claimed to have already shipped my order---(In fact they had generated a shipping label but did not ship for days.) I asked if they could please price match and gave them the Nordstrom's link proving what I was saying. In my experience, everyone has matched a price when I have shopped online for a major brand. Lulu's did nothing. They refused to give me a refund for the difference in price (which to us would have really helped), and if I had returned it, I would have to pay for the shipping, plus they would not credit me the shipping I had paid already. Frankly, I have a small business and I would never lose a customer over $14. The good will is worth that surely... I told them I would never shop there again, and I never will.


erika parra

June 11th, 2017 Salem, OR

I've ordered from this site plenty of times. After only wearing a dress for the second time it ripped. Super disappointed. I take great care of my clothes and for the price I paid for some of my dresses this most definitely shouldn't have happens. Even some of my other dresses seemed to have shrieked once I've (hand) washed them which sucks. Take your business somewhere else if you want clothes that last. Clothes is cute if you plan to only wear it one time.


sandra dias

June 1st, 2017

I ordered 2 dresses from Lulus both came within the time frame, but I had to pay an extra $100 because of shipping costs, and once the dresses arrived I was so disappointing in what I purchased. One dress a size M fit good on the top but the bottom was insanely tight, definitely not a size M i usually wear a size small. Needed it for a wedding this weekend but its so tight it would be inappropriate to wear it. Lulus sizing is COMPLETELY incorrect. That is one dress down the other dress which was a long gown in size small, is too big. AGAIN WRONG SIZING. The slit in the dress is crooked and the seams are so badly done that the strings are showing. The zipper is super low quality, along with the dress. Regardless both dresses cost me a good $200 CAD because prices are in US and then I got hit with $100 shipping charge which I'm out now completely. I have to return the dresses which I HAVE TO PAY FOR AGAIN, losing money for no dress. This is so absurd, I've purchase from Lulus in the past but this is the last time, I basically just Lost $100+ on nothing because I have no dresses and a HUGE headache and waste of time. WILL NOT RECOMMEND LULUS EVER OR PURCHASE FROM HERE. Extremely angry and disappointed as the to weddings I have in June I still have no dresses for. It looks like from the other reviews I've read on here that Lulus does not have good shipping, quality or customer service.


paula foresi

May 10th, 2017 Tampa, FL

I just got great customer service from Megan B about a question I had. Quick and efficient. Thanks Lulu



May 10th, 2017 New York, NY

the cloths are great the shipping takes forever !!unless pay over 30 dollars for faster shipping, then the returns take forever to process 10 days then the refund takes 10 days and noone seems to care , they dont do exchanges so if have to purchase the other size u need , and takes about 1 mth in full to receive your money back , a big deal when u spend a lot of money!!! NEVER AGAIN< nice cloths horrible costumer service they all tell you something different!!, way to much competition on the web to do this to costumers


Dissatisfied Customer

April 26th, 2017

I purchased 3 dresses from Lulu which I returned immediately upon receiving because the quality were not what they appeared to be on their website. The colors were not as bright, the fabric in two of them were rough, looked cheap, and the stitching in the other looked unprofessional. My issue however, is the length of time it takes to be refunded for returns. It has been 17 days since I returned these items and I have yet to receive my refund. I spoke to customer service on several occasions and needless to say I got nowhere. They did not seem to be particularly concerned with customer satisfaction.



April 7th, 2017

Thieves!!!! They sent me the wrong item but refuse to provide me with a refund for the shipping I have to pay to send it back. The item was quite expensive and apart from the fact that they messed up royally and the item is no longer available in my size, all they want to do is give me a credit on their site instead of doing the right thing and refunding my shipping charges Both Ways. I live in Canada so the shipping is quite expensive. Unacceptable! THIEVES. What a scam to get me to buy more. I want nothing more to do with them!!!


Morgan Burrows

April 1st, 2017

I returned a large order within the return policy window, I kept one shirt-- they charge you for return shipping + original shipping if you send back more than you keep... I ended up paying 25 dollars for a cheap/ill fitting shirt ($9 on the site) i couldn't return because it was on sale. It's been over 3 weeks and still haven't seen the money in my account. Really disappointed and feel kind of cheated.


carrie Van Noorden

March 31st, 2017

I ordered 3 things, and had to return all 3 of them. It was my fault as I did not think being a size 4, I would need a Medium, but I should have looked at the size chart. Also, their clothing, even though the pieces I purchased seemed to be of pretty good quality, they are not very bra friendly, so probably meant mostly for a 20 something.


Debbie Plunket

March 21st, 2017

The sale I shopped had really great pricing/value. Items arrived just as ordered and shipping was fast. Will order from Lulu's again!


Pam Wilson

March 16th, 2017 Washington, DC

I never received one of the dresses I ordered. Was told to take a picture of everything else and they would make a decision to either send me another one or refund my money. Otherwise they would not help me without a picture. They are a bunch of scammers. Also, the strap of one of the sandal broke while trying it on. Shoddy products. I'm done with them and I will never order from them again.


Fajaicea Adams

February 1st, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

On LuLu's website, it states that it will take 2-3 business days to process and ship orders. I made an order 01/25/17 before 5:00pm. Today is 01/31/2017 at 9:30 my order as of now still has not been given to UPS to be delivered. I have contacted Lulu's via chat asking about my order details. I am not happy about the process. I need my order before 01/06/17. Thank you.



January 23rd, 2017

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. THEY ARE THIEVES. I ordered a dress, never received it. They told me, there was a mistake with the address so the order was returned to them. But instead of refunding my money, they took 20$ for what they claimed was return fee, restock fee and more shipping feeS. SO I never received anything but lost 20$.


Jennifer M.

December 13th, 2016 Seal Beach, CA

I spent $150 on a dress only to have it arrive damaged (2 holes in the back of the arms along the seams). I contacted Lulu's customer service team to inform them that due to time constraints I would need to have it fixed by a professional tailor, rather than return and sent a new one (they were sold out online anyway). Lulu's informed me they would refund me the tailoring costs ($58) if I provided an itemized receipt, which I did. I contacted my tailor and there were TWO additional tears in the fabric that also needed to be corrected. I went to my tailor to see the dress and called Lulus. I've sent them pictures of the dress along with receipts and the essentially they told me "sorry, we'll send you store credit when you return the dress". I DON'T WANT THE DRESS. I DON'T WANT STORE CREDIT. I WANT WHAT I'VE INVESTED INTO THIS DRESS THAT IS UNWEARABLE.


Erin Glaberson

December 8th, 2016 New Egypt, NJ

Bought a shirt for $38. By their size chart I would be a large. The shirt was so large it was falling off me. Buttons broke off after I tried it on. It was final sale so I couldn't return. Will never buy anything here again. I'd rather go to ASOS where I have free shipping and returns. The clothing quality is terrible at lulus.


Ashley Grayson

October 28th, 2016 Clearwater, FL

Lulus consistently delivers me quality products, true to size. With most shipping being waived this is my favorite site to order from. I love all the the fun styles at great price points.



October 27th, 2016 Athens, OH

Lulu's, you are officially are part of the scum of the earth. Any time I hear your name, I see red and my ears start to bleed. I needed a dress for a charity ball and while it did come in a short period of time, which is your only redeeming quality, you sent me the wrong dress. What sort of company sends the wrong dress to a customer? Only you Lulu's. You ignorant slut of a company. You had ONE job. I haven't been this disappointed since the time I found out Santa didn't exist. You ruin everything and I refuse to do business with you again. BYE FELICIA.


Annie Huang

July 1st, 2016 Malvern, PA

Horrible quality. The jewelry is already scratched when it comes in and the shoes cut off blood circulation



June 21st, 2016 Renton, WA

Be mindful of shipping. I needed to ship it to my workplace (as my home address often gets packages stolen), if they try to deliver it on the weekends and gets sent back to Lulus, YOU get to cover the costs. I needed some dresses before I left on vacation and unfortunately they shipped it to be delivered on Saturday. It was sent back right away to Lulu's and I was informed that I could place a new order with expedited shipping if I wanted the items. Otherwise I would have to pay another $5 to get it shipped back out (which would be useless since my event would have already passed) OR pay a 15% restocking fee and additional $7 shipping fee (because THEY offer free shipping, they need you to pay for it when it gets shipped back). With the total of my dresses, that's a nice $31.48 Lulus gets for free and I get nothing. Last time I'll be ordering from them.



May 19th, 2016 Pleasant Hill, MO

the photo of the dress was so cute, when I got it the material was cheap. It looked like a high school student designed and sewed together a dress. Not what I was hoping for.


Ben Benterman

May 14th, 2016

I Purchased this from UK a stunning ball gown fro my Granddaughter high school prom the item was excellent value and fitted to a tee there was a slight problem that need addressing with customer service which was resolved promptly and efficiently ! There has been a lot of bad press here in the UK on horrible cheap badly fitting ball gowns ordered over the Internet mainly from China but is the real deal would recommend to anyone



April 13th, 2016 Lincoln, CA

This website is destined to be a scam. Got 3 dresses for graduation and the quality was nothing like the pictures presented online. Material was terrible and looked nothing like the material on the model. I was telling a friend about this and she told me (might not be true) that Lu Lu's takes their pictures from other websites and makes crappy quality items that look similar in the worst way. I sent them back today but I am worried due to the reviews on this page. I'm worried I will not get my money back. Overal, never been so frustrated in ordering clothes as I am with this webite. DO NOT SHOP HERE



April 5th, 2016 Cleveland, OH

I've never been pleased with anything I've gotten from Lulus. I've had problems with material looking super cheap, not fitting as described in sizing chart, shoes were super tight and cut off blood circulation, see through clothing. At this point I have ordered 6 dresses and a pair of shoes and sent them all back. Thought I had originally just chosen wrong for my body type/not payed enough attention when ordering, but now I've just realized to never order from them again.


Nichole M.

February 17th, 2016 Seaford, NY

Never heard of any store not refunding your shipping after returning something within 10days! I am out of $9 shipping and their customer service is horrible!!!! Got stuck in a chat with "Olivia" who all she claimed to do was get me a $9 credit! They are a scam and just like to take people's money so I'm out of money on my refund! I will never shop here again!!! Shoppers beware!!!! You will lose out on money with shipping if you return and item!!!!! don't shop here!!!! There sizing isn't accurate and because of that I have to be out of money!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!



January 8th, 2016

I recently ordered a dress from Lulu's to wear to a new years party! It was a cobalt blue sequin dress. I followed the measurements on the website and they were perfect. I received the dress and the measurements were just as they were on the website. I had to order a medium because I needed the length, but it turned out the waist was a bit big, but I did know this when ordering it. I had to get it taken in a bit but again I could not have ordered anything smaller or the dress would have been to short. It ended up fitting perfectly, the dress was excellent quality. I wore it to the party and had multiple compliments on the dress! Can't wait to wear more of their clothing! Only thing I would change is if they could make the dress longer and the middle a litter smaller for taller ladies like me :)


Ann Hefel

December 31st, 2015 Denver, CO

Terrible customer service. I purchase 3 dresses to try on and returned 2. 3 weeks after the return, the dresses showed back up on my doorstep with no packing slip, explanation or email. I contacted the company and they said the items were 'damaged' and 'covered in hair'. They were 2 full length black gowns, and to think that not a single hair would get on them after trying them on is absurd. They took photos and emailed them to me which were laughable. I counted about 5 hairs. If people are unable to try on the clothing without the risk of it being un-returnable then you should have a no-return policy. Absolutely ridiculous, and now I have 2 ill-fitting black gowns totaling over $200 that are in perfect condition which I am stuck with. Will never use this site again.