This online, Los Angeles based boutique started in 2010 in Berlin and has rapidly grown into an aesthetically pleasing store. According to their website, they are a company that houses international and up and coming designers. They serve as a platform for new designers as well as a shopping destination for those looking for fresh and emerging talent. Koshka’s creators obviously know their customers and have developed fan favorite material along with new, designer items that are uploaded each day. This shop has a wide variety of products but still operates as a small boutique. They keep their pieces unique and trendy for the consumer by moving through merchandise quickly. New items are uploaded onto the website everyday, and old items are removed. Any item that is sold is not kept in stock, so what is available on the website is generally all that is available.


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The Good

  • Great product selection
  • Numerous promotions running
  • Customer friendly website and management team

There are many good things about the online boutique Koshka. Only five years old, this company has created many great benefits for their customers.

Koshka has a great product selection with over seven different categories to shop from on their site including dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories, and socks. The merchandise is on the higher end of affordable, ranging anywhere from sixty to one hundred dollars for their new designer items. For those looking to not spend quite as much, they offer an under fifty section as well as a sale section featuring many items that have been marked down in price. Most of the accessories are very reasonably priced and are also listed among the sale items.

There are easily visible and accessible promotions on the home page that make finding deals more convenient. One of their most popular ongoing promotions is a student discount section. This is a separate tab that is always available and will take you to a website where you can register as a student and receive the ten percent discount on all purchases. As part of the great deals Koshka offers, free shipping on all orders over $140 dollars for the United States and $200 for international orders is excellent perk most online boutiques do not offer. They will also return items within twenty days of purchase as long as the item has been unopened. However, if an item is sent back past the twenty-day window they will only be eligible to receive store credit instead of a refund.

The management team at Koshka makes themselves very accessible to their customers by giving email addresses to contact for questions or concerns. They have these addresses listed in multiple places on the website and make it clear that if there is any problem or concern with any order, they want to help. Their website is very user friendly and is full of interactive graphics that make it simple to find what you are looking for. It is easy to navigate for shopping as well as for researching any questions about the company’s policy and procedure. Koshka also offers an email address for up and coming designers to submit their work. They are always looking for new artists to join their team and sell their creations.

The Bad

  • Selective merchandise
  • Strict return policy
  • Limited customer clientele

As a company that helps to showcase emerging designers they run into some difficulties for the consumer.

As previously mentioned before, the merchandise sold through the Koshka boutique are created by emerging designers and are therefore limited in quantity. Items are not generally restocked once they are sold. This is both a positive and a negative, while it helps to keep the products unique, many customers have been frustrated according to customer reviews about seeing an item and not being able to purchase it at a later time. It also becomes a frustration for the shopper when size varieties are not offered. Depending on each item, most are only available by what is listed on the website with no options for special ordering.

Koshka will not accept any return items that have been opened or worn as well as any items that were purchased on sale. They also charge a 25% re-stocking fee for any unauthorized returned items. Their return window is much smaller than larger online clothing stores with only a twenty-day window. No item that has been worn is accepted for return and any opened package containing socks, undergarments or swimsuits is not eligible for a return. Although this return policy seems stricter than other online clothing stores it is not unlike boutiques where the clothing is not mass-produced.

Koshka only sells products for women making their customer clientele selective. While they offer a variety of merchandise for females, they do not offer anything for men, children, or teens. Limited customer clientele comes with being a new start up company. Koshka has only been in business for the past five years. As the business continues to grow and thrive, this could change.

The Bottom Line

Online boutiques are on the rise of popularity with more and more customers wanting unique and trendy clothing options. Koshka offers a wonderful variety of women’s clothing and accessories in an easy to use online setting. They are on the higher end of affordable but have the option of shopping sales and promotions for those who are looking to spend less money. They are customer friendly and ready to help their fan base in anyway they can. Koshka has some of the difficulties associated with small businesses but is a rapidly growing company that could easily eliminate all those frustrations in the future.


The costs for clothing items vary from product to product, however the overall price is average compared to industry leaders.


They have been in business for 5 years.


There are multiple promotions offered throughout this companies site.


Free shipping is offered for orders totaling over $140 in the United States and $200 internationally.


Returns can be made within 20 days from the purchase date.


Products are available for women only.

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