JJill is a fashion retail store that has been around for a long time. Started in 1959 by husband and wife Karl and Marianne Lipsky, the company was first an American specialty store named after their daughters. Through the years the business has changed into what it is today, which is a premier national retailer of misses, petite, tall and women’s clothing. There are over two hundred and twenty five different retail locations of JJill across the country and the company has also strived to make their online store something loyal customers can find and use worldwide. JJill’s goal is to provide their customer with a stylish, easy, ready for anything wardrobe.


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The Good

JJill has been in business for fifty-six years and has gone through extensive processes to find out how to provide their customers with the best benefits possible.

  • Affordable prices for new fashion trends
  • Large product selection
  • Easy return policy

The clothing at JJill is marketed for trendy, fashion current women and the prices reflect that. The company offers top of the line clothing created by an in house design team to give customers a feeling of luxury with their purchases. While prices are not for a bargain shopper, the store is reasonably priced for the quality that is offered. Even though the main target market at JJill is women, the website and retail stores all offer a selection of younger apparel as well. The clothing is slightly cheaper than the women’s but offers the same easy, career friendly trends.

As mentioned, JJill has an in-house design team that is continually creating new collections for the store and the product selection shows that dedication. The clothing is only for women but the website offers specific clothing for misses, petite, tall, as well as a general women’s clothing category. They also have a shoes and accessories selection that is loaded with a large selection of merchandise as well. Within each category a drop down menu is located to give shoppers the ability to narrow down their search and find just exactly what they are hunting for on the JJill website. Among the menu items on the website, shoppers can find both a sales selection and an outlet selection. The sales category will lead customers to discounted merchandise and the outlet option leads customers to a selection of clothing that is sold through JJill outlet stores, also at a discounted price. This makes finding a bargain at JJill easy for any loyal or new customers.

The return policy at JJill is very customer friendly. They accept returns up to ninety days from the original purchase and they send a return label to use inside all merchandise shipping. However, although this is a prepaid postage label the price for returning any merchandise is deducted from the return credit given back to the customer. This is called their return-processing fee and is charged on all returned items. The company allows customers who have made purchases online or through their catalog to return products to their retail locations so long as the customer has a recipe in hand.

The Bad

Even long standing fashion companies such as JJill aren’t perfect. Below are a few things that many consumers will find not appealing.

  • No shipping benefits
  • Few promotions

With a company as large as JJill, customers would expect to find a deal for shopping online and purchasing large amounts of merchandise through the website. However, JJill is one of the few companies that offer no benefits to customers for shopping online. Their shipping charges, while not huge, are still inconvenient for online shoppers. Any amount of purchased material will have an attached shipping fee and all international orders have a fee charged on top of the shipping. Customers can select to get merchandise quicker by paying a larger shipping fee, or stick to the standard four to seven day deliveries. The highest amount a customer will pay for shipping in the United States is twenty dollars and that is only on orders of two hundred dollars or more. The lowest is six dollars for any purchases totaling thirty dollars or less. While these fees are not large dollar amounts, they are still inconvenient and not expectant of a large store like JJill.

Another inconvenience online shoppers will notice at the JJill website is a lack of promotions. On the homepage, a large fifty percent off for a summer sale will first catch customer’s eyes. Unfortunately, the link will only lead to the sales section of the store. No other discount promotions can be found on the homepage leaving customer’s only option for bargain hunting in the sales and outlet categories on the JJill website.

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The Bottom Line

JJill offers fashionable women’s clothing at reasonable prices that have an elegant, easy, and ready for anything style about them. They have been in business a long time and have a fantastic customer service department that can help any returning or new customers with questions or concerns about their store. JJill makes it easy for customers to return products at any of their two hundred and twenty five locations or through the mail. The company offers a large variety of product selection and has an in-house design team that is continually creating new products for their customers. They do however, not offer any free shipping for online purchases and don’t offer many promotions through the JJill website. With options across the country to shop at a retail location, these inconveniences are over-shadowed by the many benefits for shopping with JJill.


Prices are roughly average to high-end. This is due to the luxury quality of the clothing products.


There are some promotions available on the JJill website. There are fewer than some bargain clothing retailers.

People Serviced:

Women are mainly emphasized on the site, with some merchandise that is designed for young women.

Time in Business:

They have been in business since 1959, making them a seasoned clothing retailer.


Shipping and Handling:

There is no free shipping offered. The lowest cost for shipping is $6 and the highest is $20.


Items can be returned within 90 days from the original purchase date.


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  1. User Score


    November 6th, 2016 Wallburg, NC

    I love the quality of J.Jill clothing and that I can find tall sizes! I have always gotten excellent service from J.Jill. I can go to the retail store and try on the clothing to find the right size in misses, which sometimes fit without me ordering a tall size, and other times I decide I need a tall size for a long sleeve or pants and they will even order it for me in the store to be delivered to my house!!

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  2. User Score


    October 16th, 2016 Medford, OR

    It has taken been two weeks and I am still waitin for my item. In this day and age of 2-3 day shipping, how would a business survive with these inadequacys. You have lost a customer.

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  3. User Score


    October 7th, 2016 Winston Salem, NC

    As far as ordering online i will never do it again with this facility. They do not give a full refund. If you return an item they charge you for the return label which is suppose to be $6.94. They held out $17.00 plus recharged me again for the item and sent the item back out when they were not suppose to.(They’re idiots) I’m 60 yrs old and i have ordered a lot online and have always gotten full refunds if i return. This is the 1st Company that i have had to deal with that does not want to give a full refund. No more ordering from J Jill for me.

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  4. User Score


    August 23rd, 2016 Phoenix, AZ

    I purchased 2linen box tops. I washed both by hand and hung them to dry. Pressed them. Voila!! They are so Huge now I can not wear them. I returned them to the store but was not treated very well by the sales person. I’m disappointed in the product and more disappointed in the customer service. Also the credit department said they could not give me a cash refund “until it is posted” and it may take a week or more to post. Really!! I’ll do my best not to purchase inferior quality clothing at Jjill in tge future. Upsetting.

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  5. User Score


    August 2nd, 2016 Webster, NY

    I really feel the cost of shipping is way to high . You should also be able to use more than one discount at a time .

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  6. User Score


    March 18th, 2016 Advance, MO

    It cost me a total of 24.46 in cash not including time spent shipping back the order. None of the clothes fit even though I went by the size chart. I was charged 6.95 postage on the prepaid shipping label, plus no refund on the 15.95 shipping and handling, plus the customer service said they also kept 1.56 on taxes even though I shipped back the order and didnt keep any items. Will never order from J JIll again.

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  7. User Score


    March 16th, 2016 WA

    Rec’d 2 pairs of yoyr slim leg pants – not a bug fan of the new waist band but more important can not stand the heavier fabric – whats with this – I fell like I am wearing a pair of ski pants like when I was a kid – too heavy and uncomfortable – talked to your cust svc – they were no help – you shd at least come out with a lighter knit for spring & summer – this fabric you have is no heavy – very disappointed – next time I will look closer to the fabric description when ordering & I would have returned but I let this sit in the box too long before opening it – sadly you have list my business

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