Jane.com is a fresh take on online boutique shopping. They are a marketplace featuring the latest in women’s fashion trends, home décor, and children’s clothing. The company started in 2011 and has quickly become a popular place for online sellers as well as brick and mortar stores to showcase their boutique creations for an eager audience. Now headquartered in Lehi Utah, Jane.com works closely with both their customers as well as the sellers of their merchandise. Anyone interested in selling items on Jane.com can contact the company directly and grow their business in ways they could not imagine as Jane.com does the hard work of marketing and selling the products.


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The Good

As a unique online business, Jane.com offers their customers things other online boutiques don’t.

• Great prices
• Lots of promotions
• Huge product selection
• Great shipping and handling deals

The prices of the boutique items on Jane.com are hard to beat. They market their items as very affordable for everyone and most merchandise is under thirty dollars. All items are featured showing the original retail price, as well as the discounted price that Jane.com is asking, ensuring customers they are getting a great deal on their favorite boutique merchandise. Most items are marked down quite a bit, making Jane.com a great place to find boutique treasures that some customers might otherwise not be able to afford.

Another great benefit of Jane.com is the number of promotions found on their home page of their website. When first visiting the site, customers will be able to find many deals and discounts right off the bat without having to search too hard or long. As mentioned before, all items are featured on the website with the original retail price, making each item a discount. Jane.com also has a new deals section on the site where customers can find newly featured products at great prices. In addition to the sales and discounts, Jane.com also works very closely on their social media presence and is known for having free giveaways of their products for their social media followers.

The product selection at Jane.com seems endless. Not only does the company sell unique boutique clothing but they also sell home décor, accessories, kids and baby clothing, and shoes. The website also has a miscellaneous section where customers can find an array of merchandise. Anything from cell phone chargers to men’s beard oil, can be found in this section of the store and of course, all of it is featured at discount prices.

Working exclusively as an online company, one of the things customers should closely look at before buying merchandise is the shipping and handling procedure. Jane.com makes sure to take care of their customers in this department. The company has a flat rate shipping and handling policy, which features a four dollar and ninety-nine cents shipping fee for the first item purchased, and dollar price drop for each additional item making the shipping three dollars and ninety-nine cents. Each item must be charged separate shipping because of where Jane.com gets each of their products. Each item is sold from a different boutique vendor, so each item must be shipped separately. Although this shipping is cheaper than other online stores, the cost could potentially add up if a customer wanted to purchase multiple items through Jane.com. In addition to the rising shipping price, Jane.com also only ships inside the United States. Although they hope to one day expand their shipping capabilities to worldwide, Jane.com has no such plans in the near future.

The Bad

Like all companies, there are things Jane.com could improve to become a better online business.

• People serviced
• Return policy

Although Jane.com has a large product selection the only clothing like many other online boutiques is marketed for women specifically. Jane.com does offer children and baby clothing, but they are lacking a men’s department. This limits their ability to sell to a wider range of customers and could greatly benefit the company if they expanded their product selection to both men and women.

As stated before, Jane.com is unique in their operations as they sell other boutiques clothing and merchandise. Jane.com is a marketplace for boutiques instead of an individual retailer store. This provides them with many benefits that they are able to pass on to their customers. Their return policy, however, is not one of those benefits. The company runs into a problem by selling products from so many different vendors, that they are not able to provide returns for any merchandise sold on their site. Their return policy clearly states that all sales are final. However, because of their excellent customer service, Jane.com does provide an email address where customers can directly contact them with any questions or concerns. The return policy also states that if a customer contacts them through the email within fourteen days of the original receipt they will work with the customer in finding the best option to make them a satisfied shopper.

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The Bottom Line

Jane.com as found a unique niche in the online boutique business. They are a marketplace for online boutiques and are able to provide their customers with a large product selection that include everything from clothing and accessories to home décor. Their website features great prices on their products with most items being under thirty dollars as well as numerous promotions that are featured daily through their homepage. However, Jane.com does have a strict no return policy. They have a great, lost cost shipping and handling policy, and are quickly become a favorite site to online shoppers throughout the United States.

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