H&M is a clothing retail company that is based out of Switzerland. They operate several stores in 53 different countries. H&M is the second largest clothing retail in the store and ranks slightly higher than GAP, a US based company. We found that H&M is upgrading their stores throughout the US. A recent store that opened up in Hawaii in March of 2014 has unique artwork from local Hawaiian artists, a commentary on the cultural life of Hawaii. H&M prides itself on making each regional or area store unique to the locale.

There are many good things about H&M in terms of its corporate DNA. They control all of their retail operations in Europe, making sure that the right number of products is produced. This results in a high availability of their items online at a reasonable price. We also found that on the H&M website that there were very few items that were sold out. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer when they see a special item on sale that is no longer available.

H&M also prides itself on charity. They have a partnership with UNICEF and have raised more than $5 million for that organization. This was one of the few charity-friendly online clothing retailers that we found while doing research for this review process.

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The Good

  • Low Prices
  • Valuable Promotions
  • H&M has Been in Business Over 16 Years

H&M has a loyal fan base for many reasons, some of which includes:

Low Prices

Finding items of clothing at an affordable price is one of if not the most important aspects of a particular store. H&M excels in this category while maintaining high standards of quality and trendiness. Prices vary between categories, but it's reasonable to see t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts available for a low $5 to $12. There is a large number of products listed on their website. The product search tool helps locate clothing type, brand, and what other customers have purchased. You can also see other items that are particularly a good fit from similar clothing items of your choosing. There are several unique designers featured as H&M products, including Versace. They frequently reach out to designers in the industry to make items that would be appropriate fits for their stores.

Valuable Promotions

As you shop online through the H&M catalog, you will be greeted warmly with multiple promotions designed to help you save money. For example, currently H&M has a promotion that allows shoppers to save 30% off their purchase. Another promotion gives you 20% off when you sign up for their newsletter. These and other promotions are time sensitive but thankfully are replaced with other, sometimes even better, promotions when time runs out.

H&M has Been in Business over 16 Years

The online clothing business can be a challenge to break into and develop a passionate and loyal customer base. H&M has been able to do this over the past 16 years they have been operating in the United States. Their processes for both in-store and online over the years should give potential shoppers an element of confidence as they become customers. Shopping for clothes online can be a messy business with returns and refunds, and their rating indicates adequate customer resolution practices being in place currently. H&M also provides clothing options for men, women, and kids. This allows their store to become more of a one-stop shop for families searching for clothes.

The Bad

  • Average Return Policy
  • H&M Does Not Offer Free Shipping

H&M falls short in two distinct areas:

Average Return Policy

While H&M has low prices and trendy products make them an enticing company to shop from, their return policy is average at best. Their return policy states 30 days being given from a purchase date to when a return will no longer be accepted. H&M does not accept items that have been worn or damaged. While there are stores who have policies much longer and shorter than this, their policy falls right in the middle of the road as far as valuable return policies are concerned. Another unfortunate feature is you can't return items purchased online in the physical store nor can you mail in store items in order to get a refund. This makes the return process frustrating for some customers.

H&M Does Not Offer Free Shipping

No free shipping option is included on their website. However, as you dig deeper into their policy it's relatively easy to see why it would be valuable to many shoppers nevertheless. Most orders are delivered within 3 to 5 business days (an additional 2 days should be given for rural addresses) and there is a flat shipping rate of $5.95 regardless of the size and weight of your package. If you have a heavy, possibly more expensive order, you won't be breaking the bank even without a free shipping option.

The Bottom Line

Overall, H&M is recommended to those searching for clothing items that are affordable and stylish. Their merchandise and costs are extremely competitive, their sale items were not frequently selling out, and customers can find deals on items and not worry about a "sold out" mark on that sale item they are wanting to purchase. However, the H&M return policy has less to be desired and they do not offer free shipping. Regardless, H&M is a solid online clothing store option that will help you look stylish and save money.

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Frustrated mama

May 27th, 2016 Littleton, CO

I received several gift cards for Christmas this year and has been holding out to use them so when I found out I was pregnant I was very excited to be able to use the cards to buy myself some maternity pants since I can't get them in my size anywhere else but to my dismay, h&m has no way of allowing customers to use their gift cards online or on the phone. I called customer service and asked if I could purchase the jeans online and return them in store and repurchase them with the gift card and come to find out they don't allow online returns in stores and even if they did have the same product in the store, they won't honor the online prices. Absolute Bologna. I asked what I could do to buy maternity clothes with the gift cards I received since maternity is not offered in the stores near by me and all the representative said was "nothing can be done about that." Great. Thank you for all your help. This will be the last time I buy from the over priced retail store h&m.



April 28th, 2016 Maywood, IL

I ordered (2) pair of jeans and accidentally order the wrong size for 1 pair. I called customer service and asked if I could just exchange them at a store for the right size and was told no. I then ran into some personal problems and time went by. I then called after the 30 day period, only because the invoice reads: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, to again be told NO. The damn jeans cost $9.95 and with stores all over the world, H&M refused to EXCHANGE the jeans for a different size. The customer service person pulled up my invoice and could see that I had ordered 2 pair 2 different colors 2 different sizes. STILL NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I am completely done with H&M.



March 30th, 2016

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your polite and the efficient way your employee conduct the service. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service and your product. We look forward to buy your product again.



February 4th, 2016 Atlanta, GA

Horrible return policy and inconsistent sizing and fits.



January 11th, 2016 Fountain Valley, CA

I will never shop in this store simply because of this dragged out return process which has now been pending over a month because of their mistake. If I do not receive a full refund I will notify my bank



January 10th, 2016 New Albany, IN

Very upset with the lack of customer service with this company. We finally shopped at one for the first time yesterday when we drove to the Bluegrass Outlets in Simpsonville, KY. My six year old daughter picked out an outfit and a matching purse while there All by herself. All told, we spent $73. The outfit was not on sale, but the purse happened to be on clearance for $5. We got all the way back home (about 40 minutes), to find the cashier failed to put the purse in the bag! Customer service will NOT, under any circumstances, allow you to speak with anyone directly at a store without driving all the way back in person. They refuse to work out a shipment of the item that was missing. They only "service" they were willing to offer was to open a case to get our money refunded. We don't want the refund, we want the item and this company will not do anything to make that happen, short of us making the hour and a half round trip to get the $5 item. I am definitely turned off by this first and probably last experience with this company.


Not Happy

December 13th, 2015 Bayonne, NJ

The head of security guard (L.P.) located at 1293 Broadway,  NY (Store #120600) used his authority to embarrass and threatened to kick me out of the store. I was sitting, tucked into a little corner next to a little mountain of shopping bags - away from everyone's way. He shooed me away with contempt in his eyes. He failed to explain why i have to leave and with many bags to pickup and merchandise piled up, I couldn't move fast enough for him. He failed to offer help and threatened to have security escort me out if don't move. This particular associate lacked respect, compassion and failed to navigate its customers during this BUSY season with courtesy. His behavior speaks volumes about his character and his obvious lack of training. What a shame.


Jane Cathrine Tablizo

December 1st, 2015 East Orange, NJ

I Always buy clothes for my family at h&m, especially for my 4yr old daughter. I love h&M but I hope that cashiers will do their job a little faster coz they're really slow and a lot of customers are like having a bad day bcoz of it. I actually went to h&M at 59 columbus, told the lady cashier nicely "I'm sorry I'm kinda late alrdy", coz she was just so slow and talking with the other cashier and there's a long line. Then she told me that that's the fastest she can do (but she was really slow), then she was not being nice and arguing with me. Just really ruined my day



November 30th, 2015 Columbia, MD

The worst place to shop at specially Columbia mall where you meet Kathy the manager, she's very rude and treat customers in a nasty way. Place is very unorganized.


Jes Hinman

November 11th, 2015 Des Moines, IA

3-5 (or even 7) day shipping a fantasy. My recent order didn't leave the warehouse until day five, and the shipping partner estimating delivery 13-14 days after order placed. Guess I need to get a different gift for the party that is held 5 days after the original delivery date I was given at checkout. Customer service offered only a hollow apology, no refund of shipping costs or even a coupon for next order. Far below what other company's will do for a customer and definitely not to standards I expect.


Liz Wilmore

November 7th, 2015 Dallas, TX

I'd been waiting & anticipating the Balmain x H&M release for over a month. I'd planned to make my purchase via H&M phone customer service line. I'd well prepared for the online/phone frenzy the morning of the release. After many attempted calls & getting busy signals to get threw I finally was put into the que to speak to a CS agent. After waiting 30 minutes to speak to an agent I had my desired item numbers ready to go for a quicker checkout process. After giving the agent my credit card information for a perfectly functioning credit card I was told it was declined. I told the agent there was nothing wrong with the card and to run it again jus for her to tell me it was still declined. I called my credit card company (Amex) while this H&M cs agent was on the phone & was told my Amex that they were approving all her attempts to process my order. I used 5 more credit cards trying to make this very anticipated purchase & all were being declined although this was not possible. I called back 4 times in a desperate attempt to buy my items & was giving terrible customer service by the very careless, unapologetic insensitive H&M customer service reps. I was told they didn't know why the transactions were being declined and they could not and would not do anything about my situation. Not to mention the first agent hung up in my face. To add fuel to the fire I now have 14 pending transaction on my Amex card alone, totally thousands of dollars for merchandise I will never receive. But how could there be pending transaction on my credit cards when I was told they were being declined¿? Needless to say, I've never experienced such a false technicality dealing with any merchant in the past. Nor such terrible customer service when this was a huge error on the part of H&M. You would think such a big company would have proper credit card processors. I ended up with not one item from the collection. Jus thousands of dollars pending on my credit cards.



October 23rd, 2015

Although the clothes are good quality with a good price, the online delivery service is disgraceful. They have cancelled my order 4 times, twice becuase i do not have a uk residential address, and 2 more because they mis-read emails and seemed to think my mum who re-ordered for me to send onto me also lived out of the uk. Customer service is definately not their strong point.



October 22nd, 2015 Bayonne, NJ

Unfortunately, H&M has a terrible return policy. Even thought their is an H&M store within less than a mile from my home i'm forced to ship back items and 5.99 will be deducted from my total. They also don't offer free shipping and their clothing is not true to size. I like their prices but since i am an online shopper i would rather shop somewhere where they offer free shipping and free returns.



October 21st, 2015 Coraopolis, PA

Worst freaking customer service. Every other store that operates physical stores in the US makes the shopping experience easier than this. My complaint is this: I am livid with this company that my online purchase cannot be exchanged or refunded at a brick and mortar location. I literally walked in to see the exact same merchandise on hangers as in my return. I was fed a line about the exchange rate and the fact that this is a company that ships all over the world prohibits them from accepting in store exchanges and refunds. look at my receipt and give me what I paid for it no disiphering of what I paid needed. Other stores that ship all over the world can figure this out why can't h&m. I will NEVER shop or recommend this retailer to anyone, in fact I will advise against patronage.



October 7th, 2015

Today I was at h&m ion store. I have an item to be refund. I was standing at the exchange and refund counter to wait for them to serve me. Well, at the time have 3 in queue for purchasing, One male cashier step in open One more counter to clear the queue. I was expecting they Will serve me after the queue but is not!!! They are pretending didn't see me and keep chatting until I pissed off go stand at purchase queue. Your company has exchange and refund policy and there's counter for exchange and refund. Why the staff "peggy" and one dark brown skin male staff can Just ignore a customer!!!! It's really bad experience to shop at h&m!!!!!



September 27th, 2015 Lexington, KY

Horrible checkout process online



August 18th, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

H&m has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will never buy clothes here again. My story is: On August 17, 2015 I added 5 items for $56 in my basket. Whenever I checked out, I got my card declined. I changed my card 4 times, including a debit card that I had over $1000 in the account, so enough for the check out. All were declined with the same error " the information you enentered was incorrect... " I called the card companies. They said they already open signal for h&m, if there was problems, it should have been from h&m, that h&m didn't get their signal back to process my order. I called h&m, the representative insisted that I couldn't check out because of my cards. I asked to talk to a technical person to help me solve the issue. He said no one can help me because it it not H&M IT system get problem. --I asked: "do you have enough knowledge about IT to tell me that this error is not from your system". --He replied "Are you mocking me?" --I said "No, I am serious. Are you an IT guy or a customer representative to help customer with regular questions?" --He said "our system is fine. I have handled 4 transactions this morning and no one got issue" --"Then tell me why my cards didn't go through." --" I can't tell you why." --" So transfer me to someone can" --" no one can. Our system is working fine. You go check your cards at a store. " --"let me tell you, even if you don't get problems with any transactions this morning doesn't mean nothing wrong with my account. And even if I am the 1st one to report the problem, you should help me.to report it to the higher level or to the technical team" -- " Anything else I can help?" --" you haven't helped anything " Anyway I asked for my husband help. We used his card to check out at a Walmart store half an hour before we place the exact order under his account and by his cards at the same day. Hah, again 4 different cards were declined. We called h&m. The representative said she doesn't think that the system was in problems. She thinks because I tried to check out so many times?! Alright, then i asked how can I buy things on h&m now. She said, go to the store. Hah, if stores have things I want, I didn't need to go online. After a long discussion and the representative kept saying no one can help, I asked her to transfer me.to her manager. She transferred me to her manger, Roy. --After hearing what I have encountered, Roy said: "there is nothing wrong with our system. If you want, try back in a couple day, or go to a store near by". --I said "storenear by doesn't carry the items, can you ship things on m basket to the store?" --He replied "no, we can't do anything". --I was mad " so I just want to buy things from you and I report that none of my cards, my husband's, and recently we just tried our mom's card and you are saying that you are not going to help me to figure out why the problem occurred?" -- He said " yes, you are correct". -- I said " so what are you good for?". He hung up he phone. Not only 1 person, but the whole h&m team were rude. They are talked to customers as we are begging things from them. It is not the way business should be treating customers, at least in the US. I never want to purchase things in h&m any more. This business doesn't have conduct. People who read my story, please consider if you want things from h&m. I am waiting to see h&m vanished out from the market


Steve Peterson

July 17th, 2015 Minnetonka, MN

While the clothes were inexpensive, the shopping experience was terrible. Disgruntled employees who projected their displeasure on the customers. Rudest experience I have ever had in a retail store.



June 24th, 2015 Milwaukee, WI

I really like the style of clothing here although it's cheap, so is the price point so that evens out. However, this company is one of the few I have ever spent over $100 on online, no free shipping, no free returns so that adds $15 if something doesn't work out. Also, you are unable to return H&M website items to the store. This is a joke. Get with the times please. Sincerely, Unhappy customer