Hidden Fashion is an international online retail store that takes their inspiration hot off the runway to deliver catwalk swag at very realistic prices. They are a one-stop destination for all things fashion and are always looking to provide their customers with the latest and best that fashion has to offer. Their goal is to provide the latest trends to their consumers and make it affordable enough for everyone to enjoy. This company was started and is now headquartered in the United Kingdom. They make shopping internationally as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The Good

  • Affordable price on the latest trends in fashion
  • Merchandise for multiple different groups of clientele
  • Excellent return policy

Hidden Fashion has created a great space for trendy consumers all around the world to come and shop for high fashion items. There are several reasons to shop here.

If the normal low price of the best selling items on Hidden Fashion aren’t enough to entice consumers to shop their website, customers can look under a sales tab located on the menu bar of the site and browse through merchandise at even lower prices. While this company is based in the United Kingdom, they have made their website easy to use for shopping anywhere in the world. Towards the top of the home page there is a button shoppers will find that allows them to choose the type of currency desired. The page will then instantly load to show the merchandise as dollars, euros, or pounds. This is an extremely convenient feature that makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable.

Not only do they offer great pricing on their products, they also sell merchandise to different groups of clientele. On their website customers can find selections for women, men, and children. Kids clothing promises to be eight dollars or less on every item. Men’s clothing also has options under eight dollars as well. They have a variety of merchandise including shirts, pants, sweaters, and more. The women’s selection is by far the biggest and has the most variety of all the selections. With eighteen subcategories to choose from, female customers will not be disappointed with the stores merchandise.

Returning an item bought at Hidden Fashion is made simple through their website. The company accepts returns within fourteen days of receipt and will credit the original method of payment within two working days. They also accept exchanges of any size or color. Customers are responsible for payment of postage for returns and exchanges unless purchasing in the United Kingdom, in which case Hidden Fashion will issue a pre paid return label.

The Bad

  • Difficult shipping procedure
  • Few promotions on website

Unlike their return policy, Hidden Fashion has a difficult shipping procedure to follow. Because the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, they offer quality shipping options anywhere in Europe. They have other solutions for customers located elsewhere around the globe. If a customer is purchasing in the United Kingdom, packages are guaranteed to arrive within two to three business days. However, if a customer is elsewhere in Europe, that guarantee extends between five and seven days. For other locations, it extends up to ten – fifteen days. Additionally, the price for shipping differs depending on where a package is being sent. Some locations have a flat shipping rate while others are based on packages weight. Others are based on the number of items being shipped instead of weight or location. While the different policies based off location are most likely put into place to help deliver goods faster, it is confusing to follow when making an order.

Like the shipping procedure, there are a few additional factors that lower Hidden Fashion’s overall rating.

  • Few promotions on website

There is not a lot of information on the company’s website nor on the general web about Hidden Fashion company details. On the site, customers can find the type of merchandise sold and can easily access many convenient shopping tools. However, concerning information regarding how the company came to be is not readily available.

While Hidden Fashion provides customers with the latest fashion trends at an extremely affordable price, the home page of the website does not offer many promotions. As mentioned before, the Hidden Fashion website does have a sales tab that lists discount prices for merchandise. Customers can find promotions after searching but they are not easily available and are somewhat limited.

The Bottom Line

Hidden Fashion offers their customers’ trendy, high fashion clothing at an affordable price. They make shopping on their website easy and convenient for consumers near their headquarters in the United Kingdom as well as other places around the world. The company does not limit their marketing to one specific group but instead sells fashion to women, men and children. They have a wide variety of products offered that can please a large number of customers shopping for the most basic of t-shirts to the most unique and trendy new outfits. However, some items to caution about Hidden Fashion are their lack of Internet information for consumers looking for reviews or general information about the company. The shipping and handling fees as well as the overall process can confuse shoppers. That being said, Hidden Fashion has benefits that make the online shopping experience pleasurable for all customers.

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  1. User Score


    May 27th, 2017

    I have always had an amazing experience purchasing products from hidden fashion. The quaility is so amazing and the customer services is excellent .

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  2. User Score


    February 9th, 2016

    Placed an order over a week ago, items havent arrived!
    Tried to email on numerous occasions and have yet to recieve a response!
    Dreadful service ..
    Money has now been wasted.

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  3. User Score


    January 18th, 2016

    Dreadful service. Never received my order even after weeks of messing around. Hiddenfashion ignored every email I sent and only responded once teleponed and even after that the items were still never delivered. The courier they use is rubbish and wont speak to you and will only deal with hidden fashion directly, who don’t care to look into it so I never got my items eventhough they took my money. Theft.

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