Charlotte Russe combines great value and affordable prices. Named after a French dessert, they have been in business for forty years. Opening their first store in Carlsbad, California in 1975, they have since gone on to create a very successful clothing business that focuses on trendy, affordable clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for girls in their teens and early twenties. With over five hundred stores now across the United States, they have made it their mission to inspire girls to feel and be amazing every day. They do this by listening to their clientele and providing them with both unique and well-known brands. They are still headquartered in California with operational functions in both San Francisco and San Diego.

The Good

  • Affordable pricing
  • Tons of promotions
  • Shipping discounts
  • Easy return policy

Although no business is perfect, Charlotte Russe comes very close. Customers will not find many things they do not like about the store and their shopping experience. They provide benefits for loyal, long-standing customers as well as new customers who are just trying on their first Charlotte Russe outfit.

The pricing at Charlotte Russe is very affordable. With most items under forty dollars, this is a store that is appealing for most budget sizes. If the competitive prices aren’t enough to entice customers to shop their styles, their website also features a sales tab that has many items marked down to discount prices. A ten and under category can be found on the site as well as several categories that include percentages off of merchandise. These percentages can be up to 40% in many instances. The low prices and sale options are exciting to customers and keep them browsing the site and stores for long periods of time.

Promotions found on the website are overwhelming. First, access to the site pops up a homepage that is brightly colored and exploding with promotional discounts. These discounts include flat rate shipping, buy-one-get-one for multiple products, happy hour with marked down items for a limited amount of time each night, and the list goes on. They definitely make shopping on their website fun and worth of any customer’s time.

Not only are the prices and promotions amazing benefits to their customers (or as the company fondly calls them “Charlotte girls”) they make shipping fairly easy for all online purchases. Charlotte Russe offers a fantastic deal of free shipping for all customers’ orders that are over fifty dollars excluding sales tax. This deal is pretty common around the online fashion retail stores but Charlotte Russe doesn’t stop at the free shipping promotion. In addition to free shipping on all orders over fifty dollars, Charlotte Russe provides their customers with flat rate shipping. This means all standard shipping packages are charged the same fee of five dollars no matter how many items are purchased or where the package is being sent in the contiguous forty-eight states. They, like many other companies, do not ship internationally and do charge Hawaii and Alaska additional shipping fees.

The return policy at Charlotte Russe is a basic return policy that is popular among many other clothing stores. They allow customers to return items up to thirty days after the original purchase and the material must contain all original packaging including tags. Customers can also return any items purchased online at a physical location store at no charge. A full refund will be provided to the original method of payment as long as the material meets the returning standards. The only downside to the basic return policy at Charlotte Russe is that mail-in returns is at the customer’s expense. They do not provide pre-paid postage and require all mail in returns to be in the original packaging with the original contents of the package.

The Bad

  • Only women clothing

There are not many things to complain about with the Charlotte Russe shopping experience. They work hard to keep their customers happy and loyal by providing them with as many benefits to shopping with their store as possible. That being said, there are a few things that can be described as negative about the store.

  • Only women clothing

Charlotte Russe, although having a large number of merchandise available, only sells products for women. They do not have options for men, children or elderly. To women however, they sell a number of things. Their merchandise list includes, clothing, plus size clothing, active wear, shoes, jewelry, accessories, swimwear and a lot more. They do not limit their possibilities for young teenage or early twenties shoppers but do limit it beyond that clientele group.

The Bottom Line

Charlotte Russe is a company that most shoppers can’t go wrong with. Their benefits strongly outweigh the negatives and they provide customers with exciting features to continue shopping their products. They have been in business for forty years and have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Shoppers will find affordable prices for a large variety of merchandise, flat rate shipping for all online orders, as well as free shipping on any orders over fifty dollars. Their return policy is normal and fair and is clearly outlined for any customer browsing the website. The online store is popping with promotions that can be found directly on the homepage as well as throughout the entire site and it can keep customers browsing for longer than intended. The negatives at Charlotte Russe include their limited merchandise to only women. These things aside, Charlotte Russe is a wonderful store that accomplishes their mission of providing teenage and early twenties girls with fashion that inspire them to feel and be amazing everyday.

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    December 12th, 2015 Irving, TX

    I’ve had a bad experience so far.Let’s see if they actually fix what they say they’re going to fix.

    I ordered three pairs of their $25 boots they have online right now for December. I place my order put in my $10 off promo code. and after putting in my credit card and authorizing a transaction for $71.33 and mind you taking a screenshot of the transaction. I receive an email ten minutes later thanking me for my order and my total was $96.33 they decided to charge me $50 for a pair of boots that are still online for $25 as we speak.

    they are now miraculously out of stock on all of them.So I called customer service the day of my transaction and talk to a nice young lady in the call service center and she informs me that once my order is shipped that she would be able to credit me back the amount that was charged to my credit card. She says she’s making note of it and placed it in my file for when I call back tomorrow. So today I wake up and see that my order has shipped, I give them a call back to the same customer service center ,give them my order number and I’m told by the young lady on the phone and there’s no information on my file and that the shoes are now out of stock so she can’t prove that they were $25. I informed her they are still online right now for $25 and yes they do say that they’re out of stock.

    She then gets quiet and says ok I can put it at he $25 . Like they werent already listed online in front of her face and says your total will be $81.33. I asked her about my promo code that I placed in for the $10 off which was the reason I was even purchasing the shoes to begin with, for the great deal that they had. She then tells me No she won’t put in the promo code that I can either pay the $81.33 or I can pay $96.33 the amount that was illegally charged onto my credit card when they place the one pair of boots at $50.

    I then ask to speak to a supervisor, so she put me on hold and a few minutes later comes back and said there’s no supervisor in our building….which is pretty hard to believe since I’ve worked in a call center before and there’s always a supervisor there, especially during the Christmas season. She then tells me that she will email them and they will try and contact me later. I told her that I would need a call back from the supervisor . She let me know that they would only email me back and I informed her that my account needs to be changed to $81.33 and then a supervisor needs to explain to me why I’m penalized from the $10 off because their site decided to illegally charge me the $96.33

    She said what they are doing is not illegal and that when you put in a promo code they can change the price because its a better deal , which absolutely makes no sense at all. She then informs me they will get back to me And it could take up to 2 weeks. My order will be here by then and my card will be charged for the $96.33. Epic Fail on your part Charlotte Russe!!

    People will not continue to order from you if this is how y’all do business.

    And you might want to have a supervisor in your call center when your call center people are talking to your customers this way!You really should try ….and then do better!

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