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Being an exclusively international online retail store, has made a big impact on Internet shopping. Based in the United Kingdom, the company has only been in business for the past nine years. It was created to provide twenty-four seven fashion to customers across the globe. The company has won numerous awards for their online store, including several best online retailer awards as well as being a great option for bargain shopping. As their website states, has a simple philosophy - they don’t take fashion or life too seriously. Whether a customer likes to keep up with current fashion trends or their style is more subtle, Boohoo has something for everyone.

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10 User Reviews

The Good

  • Affordable merchandise
  • Large product selection
  • Amazing promotions for international as well as local customers

A company like Boohoo that has won multiple awards obviously has many good qualities that keep their customers loyal and entices new fans to browse their website. is known as a bargain online fashion store. They offer great prices on all merchandise with most items being under fifty dollars. High fashion items that keep up with current trends are hard to find at such low prices. The website also features a clearance section located at the top menu bar and has a drop down selection of not only discounted merchandise but items that are at a last chance to buy status and are marked down significant amounts.

The product selection at can keep any shopper busy browsing their store for hours at a time. They have merchandise for both men and women and the website breaks down products into subcategories to make pinpointing what any shopper is looking for easier. The site is easy enough to use and features a drop down menu that breaks each category down into subcategories including clothing type, shoes, accessories, brands to shop by, and more. While both men and women are serviced, women products outnumber those for men. The amount of merchandise is seemingly endless with up to 100 new pieces hitting the store every day. A brand new collection is featured each week, making it truly a 24/7 shopping experience.

When coming to the website the first choice a customer has to make is what country they are shopping from. The site strives to be completely international and the dropdown menu of countries to select has a number of options. Once a country is selected, the homepage of is launched and a shopper will instantly see deals and promotions making shopping more exciting. The homepage has several promotions going on at once but one that is a permanent fixture and a fan favorite is their free shipping on orders over fifty dollars for most international destinations. Not only do they give free shipping on these orders, the company will also pay any duties and taxes associated with receiving the merchandise. Another great promotion available at Boohoo is their student discount for all US students. Any student in the United States can register as a student on the site and get an automatic ten percent off on purchases.

The Bad

  • Poor customer service
  • Difficult return policy

Although there are a ton of positive aspects, there are a few negatives that need to be addressed.

On the website, customers can find links to a customer service department. However, the link only leads to frequently asked questions about policies and procedures and then directs customer to ask questions via twitter if they need to speak to a representative. There is a form to fill out and send in if a customer wants to ask a question or get help but the website suggests going through twitter to get all information and questions answered.

The return policy is laid out fairly clearly on the website with returns being allowed up to fourteen days after an item was received for all United Kingdom customers and a thirty day window for all shoppers outside of that region. Customers must follow a step-by-step process to return the purchased items. As long as everything is done correctly, the company promises a full refund. They do not allow exchanges but suggest instead customers return the items and then make a different purchase. The problem however, comes from the online reviews of the returning process. All reviews found online were negative when it came to dealing with's return policy. Most customers said they never received any type of refund nor any confirmation from the company saying their return was sent back correctly. When trying to contact a customer service representative about the return procedure, most reviews stated that no one reached out to them and those that did were not helpful.

The Bottom Line is an exclusively online international retail store. They are truly a twenty-four seven fashion store and continue to impress customers with their endless amount of merchandise. They have great deals and promotions for shoppers with their enticing free shipping on orders over fifty dollars and their convenient student discount option for young customers looking to save money. Like any company, they aren't without faults. Poor customer reviews lead to consumers believing the return policy at is difficult and not worth the risk, and the poor customer service availability is frustrating for any shopper looking to find more information.

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Tamisha Pumphrey

January 23rd, 2018 Charlotte, NC DETAILS

Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer Service
Company trustworthiness

I have ordered from them before and have been pleased, however, for NYE I express shipped 5 items, tried them on, and returned 3 of the 5 items the following day after receiving them. Sent the items to the address that was provided by boohoo. According to the USPS Tracking, the items were delivered December 23rd. It is now Jan. 21st and I am continuously being told they have not received the items and can't refund. They will not have a manager call me, nor have they provided a resolution!!! I have all documents showing my purchase and returned items but can't get a refund. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE CROOKS!!! Those of us whom have the same issue should all get together and file a class action lawsuit!!!! Boohoo responded but I am TIRED OF SENDING ALL OF THE DETAILS AND INFO I HAVE....THEY TOTALLY SUCK AND THE CLOTHES AREN'T WORTH THE HEADACHE!




August 22nd, 2017

Atrocious customer service I am not sure what you need to do to get a refund from this company. My daughter sent £74 worth of clothes back by Royal Mail recorded delivery. Royal Mail confirmed it delivered it to the retailer. Somewhere within the package disappeared. Over three weeks later they continue to ignore the points in my daughter's emails, simply replying 'how frustrating it must be for' her and that they're investigating it internally. The issue is an internal process issue - not rocket science. Other retailers, such as Next, deal with these issues within 36 hours. Very poor customer service (if, indeed, there is any service whatsoever there) from a very poor company. Now I know why they call themselves 'boohoo'. My daughter is 18 years old and does not earn 'big bucks'. £74 may not be much to, but it a significant part of her weekly wage. For her and her sibling that has been loyal customers of for a number of years, I am rather surprised that it continues to treat her so badly. I look forward to hearing back from them - hopefully this review generates the suitable response that my daughter's numerous emails have failed to yet to do so. Somehow, I doubt it. ***** Just seen response from to my review. As expected, another 'fob-off' and no resolution forthcoming from a company that cares nothing about quality customer service, being more concerned on how to get its hands on customers money and retain it as long as possible. Being told "please be assured this is being looked into and will be resolved as soon as possible." over a month after the goods have been returned (and evidenced as received at is about as useful as no reply, but even more frustrating. needs to look in to its internal processes and its customer service. I suggest it looks at other online retailers to see what they do and how this can be replicated. I am also not sure where the 'Hey' at the beginning of emails/responses to reviews comes from. I am guessing it is someone in Boohoo's customer services who think they are in tune with their customers. My response: I, for one, prefer the traditional 'Dear sir/ madam/ customer'. '#LOL?!' Its overall Trustpilot rating of 5.4 out of 10 from 117,946 reviews says it all. Again, £74 may not be much to, but my 18 year old daughter is finding this financially difficult too. An absolute joke considering there is no question you have had the parcel back - just you do not know where you have put it and, as such, my daughter is the one that is currently suffering the financial hardship from the company's obvious incompetence. Happy to discuss via my daughter's email (you will have this from the order number). Thank you :-) ****** 21 August 2000hrs BST - still nothing from Still my daughter remains deprived of money is, for whatever reason unbeknown to all mankind, is failing to repay. Abysmal company that does not deserve to trade on UK shores.




August 9th, 2017 Portland, OR

I ordered a few things from back in June 2017. Due to poor quality I returned my order as soon as it was delivered. Today is 30 days since they got the returned items back, however, I still wasn't refunded. Also, i paid additional $ 20 to return the parcel. I think the website is scam. Try to avoid it unless you don't mind to waste money. It's already 40 days passed. I sent them clear pictures of the receipt as well as a delivery confirmation. Then they asked me what items I returned and I even sent PDF with detailed descriptions. I think they never refund anyone. I was dummy not to read the reviews first. What a waste of money. They email me the same thing: it takes 21 to 28 days, please provide proof and so on. Well, I provided all they asked... it is a scam!



Erin St Pierre

June 9th, 2017

I love Boohoo. The items are delivered fast, there are a lot of products to choose from, and the prices are good.



Maria Armstrong

April 24th, 2017

there customer services is a disgrace... i have never felt so undervalued in my life!! after spending hundreds and hundreds with them over the past 2 months they mess up my order and i have to jump through hoops to try and get a refund - ths is not on... they told me that mistakes can happen and that i need to complete a form and wait 14 days + for a refund... ARE YOU KIDDING ME BOOHOO? AM I NOT OF VALUE TO YOU AT ALL... ERRGH... PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY... SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG AND YOU WILL REGRET EVER SPENDING A PENNY WITH THEM!



Natasha Lopez

March 13th, 2017

My clothes were cheaply made . I shop at forever 21 and it's not even this cheaply made . I got the size that fit me and still it tore a bit on the first wear . I love the clothes they make (look wise) but if it was made with some kind of stretch maybe it wouldn't last for just one day .




November 28th, 2016 New York, NY

Absolutely horrendous ! I ordered 3 pieces of clothing and paid for additional rush delivery because I was going on vacation ..90 days later no clothes ! I wrote to the company and that said they shipped them but it was international so they don't have tracking once out of their warehouse . I had to call us customs ,us postal etc . Which I did and nothing . Only after telling boohoo I was going to write horrendous reviews did they refund my money .. 10 emails and 110 days later .. it's been a year now the clothes never appeared . Stay far far away from this company !




September 14th, 2016 Philadelphia, PA

Ordered 3 items, which were delivered in a timely matter. I tried everything on and none of it fit, so I put everything back in the original packaging with original receipt, put the return label on and went to the post office. First of all, their return label is just their address. You have to pay for the return. Fine. I mailed everything back, WITH a tracking number. Nearly a month later, there is no refund. I have emailed them twice. The first time, the customer service person emailed me back saying the items haven't been received. I provided her with the tracking number that gives the day and time of arrival, and never heard back. A couple days later, I received a standard form email thanking me for my interest in returning an item. I responded, again with the tracking number and my order number. I stated that the items were in fact received, and I want a return ASAP. Once again, no reply. Definitely do not recommend buying from here.



Kendra Danielle

June 23rd, 2016 San Ramon, CA

I love that shipping is free over $50 because it is so easy to spend that amount while also getting a good deal with the items purchased. They have a great student discount deal, but typically there is a better sale going on on select items. Returning the items is easy. The only thing that sucks is that the customer has to pay to ship the items back and sometimes it may not be worth it. Their customer service is really good - although they don't have a phone they do respond to emails within 1 to 2 business days. Lastly, I would give them a ten, but it took them the maximum time to tell me that my order of returns had been received even though I knew three weeks ago that they were there since I kept my tracking receipt. You'll get your refund if anything doesn't fit as long as it's unworn, but patience is a virtue. It could take up to a month. I just stick to dresses and stretchy items instead of denim.



Tony B

March 24th, 2016 Bristol, TN

You will be the one going boohoo if you order from this company. They sell cheap clothing at a cheap price. That would be alright if they didn't have such lousy customer service. If you order from them, be prepared to be one big unhappy customer. To prove it, try and find a contact phone number so you can call them. They have so many problems, they can't handle the calls so they don't give out a number. And if you try to use their system of tweeting and direct messaging, expect it to take days to resolve your issue. I just gave up!! Oh, they will say they're sorry and think that should fix everything. Stay away!!!