As one of the Gap, Inc. brands, Old Navy opened its’ doors in 1994. The name has a Parisian feel, as Old Navy got its’ name from a bar in Paris. In 1997, the store set a retail record when it reached $1 billion in annual sales in less than four years of operation. In the years since, they have maintained the high sales numbers by provided quality clothing options at an affordable cost. As part of the largest apparel brands worldwide, Old Navy has over 1,000 brick and mortar stores, in addition to the online store.

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The Good

  • Affordable price
  • Shop in a store or online
  • Owned by Gap

Old Navy provides fashionable trends and styles for the whole family. The price tags reflect affordable costs. This brand allows the entire family to find everything they need to be decked out from head to toe. If one of the 1,000 stores isn’t close by your location, head on over to the web. Their website offers all available merchandise, usually with a sale and/or free shipping.

Although they have not been in business as long as other children’s clothing retailers they are owned by GAP Inc. which has had a solid reputation for almost half a century. GAP Inc. has made it easy for customers to find what they want by grouping all the websites of the companies they own together. If customers can’t find what they want at the Old Navy site they can easily skip over to GAP, Banana Republic, or another GAP Inc. company. The option to look at other GAP Inc. companies is conveniently located on the top right corner of the Old Navy website.

The Bad

  • Customer complaints

Old Navy has racked up some harsh complaints over the years, with everything from double charges for orders to receiving wet clothes. There have also been numerous complaints that appear on the parent site’s account.

The Bottom Line

Old Navy set a new retail record when reaching a billion in sales in its’ first four years, and sales have remained strong since their beginning back in 1994. Clothes are stylish and affordable. Their website is an easy- to- find format, and is a great addition to the 1,000 stores nationwide.

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