Southern Linc is a “wireless communications network backed by the strength and reliability of Southern Company—the parent company of four electric utilities in the Southeast: Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, and Mississippi Power, which are also SouthernLINC Wireless customers.” SouthernLINC provides reliable communication in their 127,000 square-mile coverage area, including Alabama, Georgia, southeastern Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle. “LINC” stands for “Long-range Integrated Network Communications,” which is Motorola’s fully digital iDEN technology.


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The Good

  • Purchase phones and plans online
  • No contract plans available
  • Great services

SouthernLINC provides their customers with the ability to purchase phones and plans online. They have plenty of different options for prepaid plans, as well as one- and two-year plans. They also offer the Lifeline program, a program for low-income residents in the southeast. Their services include:

  • Plans starting at $23/month
  • Two different contract length options
  • Simple regional plans with unlimited solutions

SouthernLINC also offers quite a few other services, including communication for businesses of the area, which is how the company started. You can manage your account online, talk to a customer support agent online, and upgrade your phone online, at any time with your prepaid plan.

The Bad

  • Limited service area
  • Many fees
  • Poor coverage

SouthernLINC has a limited service area, so if you are not located in the southeast, this plan is not for you. They also only service Motorola phones, and only have 5, none of which are smartphones. Aspects of the carrier the consumer should be aware of include:

  • Limited phone selection – there are no smartphones available with the SouthernLINC service
  • Weaknesses in coverage – potential customers should check the quality of service in the areas they will primarily use their phone in
  • Regional – this service is not available for everyone

They have quite a few fees included with their service, and some of their plans involve a one to two year commitment. Their coverage is a little spotty in some areas, and they do specialize in PTT radios with cell services, so a lot of their cell phones may not be appropriate for the average consumer, but entirely appropriate for certain businesses in the south east.

The Bottom Line

SouthernLINC is a great option for businesses who need cell service, and PTT radios in the southeast corner of the country. They have great prices and simple phones that get the job done without any bells and whistles. SouthernLINC customers can expect the following:

  • Low monthly costs with affordable plans
  • Options for contract lengths
  • Limited and spotty coverage
  • Smartphones not available

For the average consumer who just needs a phone, they have month-to-month options, as well as one- to two-year commitments. SouthernLINC also has their Lifeline program offering phones to low-income residents.


One Year Plans

So Simple Unlimited PTT & Text & Picture — $29 a month

So Simple 500 — $39 per month

So Simple Unlimited Everything — $59 per month


Two Year Plans

So Simple Unlimited PTT & Text& Picture Messaging — $23 per month

So Simple 500 — $35 per month

So Simple Unlimited Everything — $39 per month


Shared Minute Packages for So Simple plans with Cellular

$40 per month/per master account

$60 per month/per master account

$80 per month/per master account

$120 per month/per master account

$200 per month/per master account

$280 per month/per master account

$400 per month/per master account

$800 per month/per master account


Optional Regional Features for So Simple plans (per line)

$10.00 per month/per line

$16.00 per month/per line

$12.00 per month/per line

$1.19 per month/per line

$3.99 per month/per line


Prepaid Unlimited Monthly Plan (Unlimited IDEN Data access, text messaging, minutes) –$50/month

Prepaid Daily Plan (Unlimited PTT Minutes, 10 cents minute) $1.25/day (on the days used)


Lifeline Plan (a wireless plan for Alabama and Georgia residents who qualify as a low-income household) – 20.74/month


Fees. E911 Fee—Flat fee imposed on telecommunication service users by state and local governments. Late Fees — 1.5% on any overdue amount on your account. Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee—reflects SoutherLinc Wireless’ cost of complying with government rules and initiatives. Administrative Cost Recovery Fee—monthly per-unit fee that reflects a portion of SouthernLinc Wireless’ cost of ad valorem and municipal taxes and business license expenses.

Additional Services Prices

There are no prices listed on the website, but these are additional services that SouthernLinc Wireless offers its customers:

Push to Talk Features


Text messaging, Picture messaging, and web browsing

Fleet Management Solution

Regional Data Packages

Personalize your Phone

Selective Dynamic Group Calling


Directory Assistance


Contract Length – There are a few contract length options. There are one-year and two-year options, as well as pay per month options.

Business started 1995


Company Selling Points

SouthernLINC Wireless, a subsidiary of Southern Company, prides itself on providing relaibale wireless communications services to the Southern US, including Alabama, Georgia, southeastern Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle. They specialize in PTT radios, cell services, and other wireless services, all created to service the communication needs of Southern Company’s local power companies. They also pride themselves on knowing that “there is no known scanner that can intercept communications over the network—a critical factor for many customers.”


Phone Selection (just a breakdown of what operating systems they work with):

For phone selection, they have five different Motorola phones. None are smartphones. These include: Motorola i365-R, Motorola 418, Motorola i460, Motorola i686-R, and Motorola r765.


Ease of Use

Their website is extremely thorough, offering a way to manage your account online, as well as pay a bill online. For their online account manager, you are able to change your service plan and packages, swap your SIM card, request a new phone and PTT numbers, and more. You can also set up auto payments online. There’s an FAQ’s section, listed below.

Customer Support types For customer support, SouthernLinc provides a few different phone numbers, including a Customer Solution Center that is free for customers, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s also an online store line, and a sales line. They have an email address available to take comments/concerns about the website, as well.


Coverage for Southern Linc Wireless covers the southeast section of the US, from Georgia to Alabama, to southeast Mississippi to Northwest Florida. There are some more rural areas that aren’t covered, but for the most part, the south is covered. There are also plans that include minutes outside of the south.

The Most Comprehensive Coverage in the Southeast | SouthernLINC Wireless

Additional Features and services

Company contact information (Address, phone number, email)

4601 Southlake Pkwy Ste 200, Hoover, AL 35244-3608


[email protected]

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