Big River is a small, local company located in southeastern Missouri, and that services the mid-west area for internet services, as well as home-phone services and business communications services. Their motto is “making technology simple.” They’ve been in business for over 30 years and because they own and operate their own network, they provide best connections over the most advanced technology available. Big River focuses on providing customized solutions for telecommunication needs for your home and business.


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The Good

  • Affordable pricing
  • Great features

Big River offers a very low cost unlimited local plan that is perfect for those who only need a simple home phone service. They offer a few different communications plans, including internet, if you are looking for both as well. For their broadband phone customers, all of their plans include call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, SIM Ring, Voicemail, Call Return, Call Block, and Caller ID.

The Bad

  • Satisfaction guarantee for internet service only
  • One-year commitment
  • Expensive plans

Big River only offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for their high-speed Internet service, not their phone service, and requires a one-year commitment as well. Their unlimited long-distance and local calling plan is quite a bit more expensive than its competitors, and there is also a fee for not setting up your account with an auto-pay account. Because they are a mid-west company, they only offer services in certain states: Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

The Bottom Line

Big River is a great option for those who want to stick with a house phone plan. They have a very inexpensive local plan, and you can also bundle your Internet with them. They do not offer cell services, and are only located in the mid-west.


  • Bundled Local (Unlimited Local Calling, Long Distance only $.05 per minute) — $15
  • Bundled Unlimited (Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling) — $20
  • Timeless Talk (Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling) — $44.44


Fees. For fees, there’s a finance charge for late payments, which is 1.5% of the total amount due. There is also a $5 handling charge if your account is not set up for auto payment using a credit card or debit card.


Additional Services Prices Big River also offers internet, as well a business communications packages. Call or look online for more information.


Contract Length—Big River requires a one-year service agreement.


Business started 1984


Company Selling Points Big River prides itself on making technology simple, and that the service is located in your community, with local support engineers available to help you. They also offer internet services, as well as phone, so you are able to combine your services to one low monthly payment.


Phone Selection –Big River just offers home-phone service, so everything is either analog, or through voice over internet protocol service.


Ease of Use The website is a bit complicated to use. It’s not very user friendly, and there’s no available online bill pay. You can pay over the phone, and by check, and they do offer autopay, but the website doesn’t offer a ton of information about their plans.


Customer Support types They have phone and email customer support available. Their phone customer support was about a 5 to 10 minute wait and they answered all of our questions very thoroughly.


See the following link for an email form.



Coverage Big River Telephone partners with cable companies to offer their subscribers the “triple play” bundle of video, data, and voice service. Currently, digital telephone is available in Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.


Additional Features and services

Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Return, Caller ID, Call Block, 3-Way Calling, SIM Ring


Company contact information

24 Minnesota St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703



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    September 8th, 2016

    The internet down right sucks. Constantly going out, running slow, or getting the “no internet access” message on ALL devices, so it’s not just a problem with a laptop or phone. We are lucky to get a few good days a month with it. The phone service is terrible too. Have not had a dial tone in weeks! We don’t use our landline, but it’s nice to have, yet it doesn’t work and we are still paying for it. After having dial up most of my life, I would take that over this “internet” any day! And it has nothing to do with a tower being too far away or anything either. The tower is literally on our farm property (technically my uncle’s property) but it’s about 1/5 of a mile away if that.

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