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LAST UPDATED: June 24th, 2020

Smalls is a pet food brand that specializes in tailor-made cat food for every kind of kitty appetite. The company prides itself on providing healthy, real food recipes with a delivery service that is easy to use. Cat owners can create their own cat food mix depending on their cats’ size, weight, preferences, and more. After a sampler is sent to the owner for their cat to try, the cat food recipe and meal plan can be customized to fit the cat’s tastes. The owner can then order the cat food like a subscription box, with the ability to skip deliveries or cancel at any time. 

Most food varieties are fresh food with a high moisture content and are sent to cat owners frozen. Shipping is free on all orders and can be scheduled weekly or once every six weeks. Smalls also offers some varieties of dry cat food and other options for picky eaters.


The Good

  • Customizable
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Health Benefits
  • Money-Back Guarantee


Smalls’ formula for customization allows each cat to get the nutrients it needs. The ability to customize the food to reach health goals, like gaining or losing weight, is also a nice feature that caters to individual needs. 

With the first sampler of the recipe an owner creates, cats can try the recipe and an owner can determine if their cat will like the food or not. Further customization options with the company's cat concierge allow for a truly catered recipe that each cat will want to eat.


The subscription function of the delivery system gives cat owners a much needed break. Having a planned, regular delivery schedule makes rushed trips to the store a thing of the past. The scheduling option also gives owners flexibility and the option to skip a delivery if necessary. This subscription is also worry-free because cat owners can cancel at any time.


Smalls has a policy that if food isn’t high enough quality for humans to eat, cats shouldn’t be eating it either. The company focuses on high-quality, human-grade meat that is nutritious for cats. Cats can’t metabolize carbohydrates, so Smalls creates recipes that are high in easily digestible protein and some vegetable content in each meal. Some popular ingredients include:

  • Chicken liver
  • Turkey
  • Chicken broth
  • Beef
  • Kale
  • Green beans
  • Peas

Health Benefits

The high-quality food produced by Smalls claims to have noticeable health benefits for cats as well. Eating quality food that is easily digestible is supposed to result in fresher breath and a less smelly litter box. It also may result in a shinier coat, meaning less shedding and fewer hairballs as well. Smalls cat food also claims to give your cat more energy because of high protein and water levels that result in strong bones and toned muscles.

Money-Back Guarantee

Smalls cat food is said to be so tasty that any cat will love it. But, if this isn’t the case, customers are guaranteed a full refund if their cats won’t eat it.


The Bad

  • Thawing Time
  • Price

Thawing Time

Since Smalls cat food is made fresh and has a high liquid content, most of the food comes frozen (the company does make dry food, but it’s less common). Once thawed, it’ll stay fresh for four to five days. Because of this, cat owners will have to continually have a small stock of thawed food in the refrigerator and won’t be able to have food ready to go without giving it time to thaw. Frozen food can stay in the freezer for up to three months.


Some Smalls reviews have stated that the cost of the company’s cat food is expensive when compared to store-bought canned food and wet food. Smalls offers different packages, including mixed elements of wet or dry food, but most average $3–$5 per day per cat.


The Bottom Line

Smalls cat food offers a delivery service that makes it easy for cat owners to always have food available for their cats’ needs. The company’s customized recipes are made from quality food that a human could eat. The high quality of food offers many health benefits to cats, but can also come at a higher price than cat owners are used to. 

Most of the food has a high moisture content, which keeps cats healthy, but also means the food comes frozen. Owners have to thaw the food before giving it to their cat, meaning owners will have to be thinking ahead.

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