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LAST UPDATED: March 22nd, 2022

Friskies is a cat food brand owned Nestlé Purina that specializes in fun, spunky meals and treats for cats. Friskies foods are advertised as complementing your cat’s playful nature, and the company offers a wide variety of different food options, including wet cat food, dry cat food, cat food complements, and cat dental chews, supplements, and treats.

The brand became part of Purina’s portfolio in 2001, but has been in the cat food business for even longer. Friskies can be found in most local and chain pet stores, including PetSmart and Petco. It can also be found in other large retail stores including Walmart, Target, and Costco.

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Huge Variety
  • Well-Established Brand


Compared to other cat food brands that are gourmet or charge a premium for their products, Friskies’ products are priced cheaper. This is an appealing option for cat owners on a budget who are looking for quality food for their pet but can’t afford to pay through the roof for it.

Huge Variety

Friskies has over 40 different filter options on its website that customers can use to narrow down their search for the perfect cat food. Some interesting categories include Warm’d & Serv’d, Lil' Slurprises, and Party Mix Naturals Yums.

Customers can sort by Category, Preference, Food Type, Product Line, Life Stage, Special Needs, Ingredient, or Breed Size.

Well-Established Brand

Friskies has been in business a long time, first as a dog food brand and now a huge player in the cat food market. Because of this, its product lines have been tried and proven to make cats and their owners happy for many years. 

This is appealing to consumers who don’t want to have to do their own research into what foods are best for their cats. They can trust that Friskies’ established reputation is legitimate and that its products are safe for their pets.


The Bad

  • Lower Quality
  • Option Overload

Lower Quality

Since Friskies is marketed and sold as a more affordable option for pet owners, its standard of quality is slightly lower than its competitors. This means its products may have slightly higher quantities of fatty or filler ingredients and lower quantities of protein. While this is something to be aware of, Friskies is still a beloved brand by cat owners everywhere.

Option Overload

The huge variety offered by Friskies does have its drawbacks. Customers may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which option is best for their cat, since the Friskies website offers so many different categories and types of food to pick from. If cat owners don’t know what they want going into it, they may feel paralyzed by all the choices.


The Bottom Line

Friskies has been in the cat food business for quite some time now, and is a reliable option for cat owners on a budget who still want to feed their cat a product they can trust. While the quality may be slightly lower than that of gourmet or natural brands, Friskies’ extensive options are sure to include something your cat would enjoy.

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KingRobert747 Ashburn, VA

I inherited a couple of cats a number of years ago. My brother in law said to feed them Friskies Seafood Sensations. The cats love it! Fast forward to now.. There's a handful of neighborhood cats and I feed them the same and the cats love it when it's chow time over here. Nice!

2 months ago