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LAST UPDATED: March 30th, 2020

Lambda School combines academic theory and real-world experience to train students for the following careers in tech: 

  • Web Developer (full stack web fundamentals including frontend, backend, servers, databases, and APIs) 
  • iOS Developer (create iPhone and iPad apps using Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch) 
  • Data Scientist (artificial intelligence and machine learning) 

While the company is based in Silicon Valley, California, all classes are conducted remotely. Some cities have local meetups and gatherings for Lambda students nearby. 

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The Good

  • Full and Part-Time Schedules 
  • Career Assistance
  • Deferred Tuition Payments 

Full and Part-Time Schedules

Lambda offers a full-time training program for students who can devote their full attention to their training but also has part-time options for students with jobs or other commitments currently. Lambda’s nine-month, full-time program includes 32 weeks of live, online instruction followed by eight weeks of career prep. Lambda’s part-time programs are five days a week with varying hours. 

Career Assistance 

Lambda’s goal is to help students launch a new career in just nine months. To that end, the organization has a full team dedicated to career development. This team helps students with the following: 

  • Prepare resume and portfolio
  • Practice interviews
  • Connect with hiring managers
  • Negotiate salary 

Deferred Tuition Payments 

Rather than demanding the $30,000 tuition payment upfront, Lambda School uses an Income Share Agreement (ISA) model. Here’s how it works: you don’t pay any tuition until you get a job making at least $50,000 per year. At that point, you pay 17 percent of your gross salary for 24 months. 

If you land a high-paying job, your total payment to Lambda School is capped at $30,000, even if you haven’t made 24 payments yet. 

After 60 months of deferred payments, you don’t need to pay anything more, or anything at all if you never found a job. 


The Bad

  • Competitive Admissions
  • Not Flexible

Competitive Admissions

This is both a positive and a negative. The rigorous application process enhances the reputation of program graduates. However, only 7 percent of applicants are accepted to each cohort, so you can’t bank on Lambda School as your game plan for tech training until you know you’re admitted. 

Not Flexible 

A Lambda School program may be challenging for individuals with a full-time job or other commitment. 

This program is not a flexible training set-up with pre-recorded videos that you complete on your own time. Live video includes instruction, cross-team collaboration, and assignments.  Lambda School requires students to attend 95 percent of the live course hours to graduate. 


The Bottom Line

Lambda School is a completely live and online tech training school with interactive technology to teach and train and it has a deferred tuition model to guarantee success if you’re concerned about the investment. To thrive, you need to be able to work well in an online setting and commit to full attendance.

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