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Kaplan University was founded in 1937 in Davenport, Iowa, under the name American Institute of Commerce. The name was changed years later in 2001 to Kaplan University in honor of Stanley H. Kaplan, a businessman who offered tutoring services to immigrants. Today, Kaplan has more than 40,000 students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students come in all ages from places all across the country.

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The Good

  • Career support
  • Duration
  • Program offerings
  • Accreditation

Below are some other positive aspects of this institution:

  • Career support. No institution can guarantee a student placement in the workplace, nor can they assure them of any degree of success or attainment. However, Kaplan arms its students well with the tools they need to achieve their professional objectives. Whether studying or graduating from online courses, or having taken classes on campus, students can visit one on one with qualified counselors to assess goals, identify interests and skills, and find opportunities for jobs after graduation. Students can help themselves to a slew of useful tools, including resume writing workshops, interviewing tips, networking advice and placement services.
  • Duration. At Kaplan, students won't find long, overbearing four-month-long classes or grueling terms that stretch over long periods of time. Rather, students can take 10-week courses or more intensive six-week options-whatever suits their needs best.
  • Program offerings. Whether looking for master's, bachelor's or associate's degrees, students have plenty of options at Kaplan. Kaplan offers 12 different programs including business, nursing and social and behavioral science degrees. Students can pursue associate's, bachelor's or master's degrees and even certification programs.
  • Accreditation. Kaplan is not a diploma mill; it is an accredited institution, with accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. It is also accredited as an institution of higher education in 20 U.S. states.

With the choice between on-campus or online, Kaplan offers flexibility that few universities or colleges can offer. Perfect for the working adult or stay-at-home mom, Kaplan can help you earn that long-awaited degree while still managing your loads at work and home.

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Credits not transferable

Get ready to open your pocketbooks-and take out a hefty loan. Kaplan is not cheap. At all. A degree for a resident without any transfer credits will cost anywhere from $46,000 to nearly $67,000.

Chances exist that if you decide to transfer from Kaplan to another college or university that your credits won't go with you. It's possible that you could expend time, money and effort taking multiple classes and having it be for naught, as not all courses will transfer to other institutions. Students need to be keenly aware whether their classes will transfer.

The Bottom Line

Kaplan's flexibility is unrivaled by most institutions, and potential students have many options when if comes to furthering their education. However, the cost to earn a degree at Kaplan can be overwhelming. Potential students should be wary of the cost associated the program. If a student is willing to pay for higher tuition and is prepared for that commitment, Kaplan could be a solid choice. If a student is looking for something more affordable and thinks he or she may transfer at some point, it would be prudent to look elsewhere.

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