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ITT Technical Institute offers concentrated areas of study including Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Drafting and Design, Business, Criminal Justice and Nursing and Health Sciences. ITT Tech offers both online and on-campus programs in 38 states. 

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The Good

  • Frozen tuition
  • Technical degrees
  • Location
  • Year-round classes

Frozen Tuition. ITT Tech promises not to raise your tuition if you are continuously enrolled in the program. Many students will also qualify for financial aid or assistance when attending ITT Tech.

Technical Degrees. ITT Tech offers one of the best online degrees for technical programs. If you are interesting in pursuing a technical degree on your terms, ITT Tech is worth looking into.

Location.ITT Tech offers both online and on-campus degrees. They have over 130 campuses in 38 states. If you are looking for an on-campus degree, chances are there is a campus located near you.

Year-round Classes.Classes are year-round, which provides potential students opportunities to start classes when it fits with their schedule. ITT Tech tries to accommodate all kinds go students, no matter their schedules.

The Bad

  • No certificates
  • Limited degrees
  • Limited online degrees
  • Transferring credits

No Certificates. While ITT Tech offers associates, bachelors and masters programs, they fail to offer any kind of certificate program for those looking to further their careers. This is a downfall for those looking to advance their technical skills, but don't want to pursue a full degree. Many other career institutions will offer certificate programs in addition to higher degrees.

Limited Degrees. Since ITT Tech is a technical institution, they only offer a certain type of degree. If you are looking for a degree in a technical field like drafting and design or electronics and technology, than ITT Tech is the place for you. However, if you are looking for a different type of degree, like communications, you will need to look elsewhere.

Limited Online Degrees. Unfortunately, not all ITT Tech degrees are available online. ITT caters towards it's on-campus students. Some degrees are only offered for on-campus students. This may limit some students from earning some degrees from ITT Tech.

Transferring Credits. Credit obtain at ITT Tech are unlikely to transfer if a student chooses to leave.

The Bottom Line

ITT Technical Institutes offers 6 technical based programs with accompanying degrees. While they offer associates, bachelor's and master's programs, not all programs are available online; in fact this institute is based primarily for on-campus students. There was little to no information about class schedule or costs to attend school. If you are looking for a technical degree and are able to attend on-campus classes, make sure you do all your research before signing up with ITT Tech. However, if you are needing a more flexible class schedule and degree, we suggest looking at our top career certification institutions.

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