1. Federal Career Training Institute

Federal Career Training Institute (FCTI) is dedicated to providing federal employees certifications, education, training, and other resources. The organization also offers webinar training, publications, and materials designed to prepare federal employees with various roles to become more proficient in their duties and to advance in their careers.  

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The Good

  • Program Offerings
  • Duration
  • Transparency 

Program Offerings

Professionals working in this industry have several benefits when affiliating with FCTI. FCTI offers the popular Ten Steps Certification Program, which has been followed by military organizations, government entities, and universities around the country. The program provides certification as a Federal Job Search Trainer and as a Certified Federal Coach.

The certification may be taken in person, online in the form of a webinar, or an organization may even bring FCTI into their home base to administer the certification.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Career development
  • Leadership training
  • Executive coaching
  • Resume writing
  • SES ECQ writing
  • Interview preparation 

A number of different jobs benefit from this certification, including military counselors, university career counselors, and federal agency human resource professionals, among others.


The certifications are held on-site several times a year at various locations in the United States. Webinars are held in three sessions, each of which lasts seven weeks for an hour and a half for each session.


The organization's website is a wonderful resource for those currently in the industry and for those considering entering it. The site is complete, comprehensive, and full of useful tools to guide the professional in whatever they're seeking.

Most importantly, training dates, registration pricing, and course program guides are available for anyone to browse. There's no need to contact the Federal Career Training Institute to access this information. 

The Bad

  • Registration Costs

Registration Costs

Certification is incredibly expensive. Federal Job Search Trainer, Federal Resume Writer, and Federal Career Coach certification costs $2,265 at the very least, and that starting price includes the discount for multiple attendees from a non-profit, university, or private practice. Hosted programs by the military or university cost $15,960 for seven attendees.

The Bottom Line

The Federal Career Training Institute offers courses only to career coaches and other individuals who want training on helping people to land government jobs. So the certification courses qualify you for that very specific role. If you're a general career coach, this federal job-specific training program might not be the best one to pursue first. 

However, for federal job coaches and job search trainers are in this specialized field, certification is crucial. FCTI is the leader in certification in this field, so those interested will be getting the very best in education and training. If a person or organization can bear the high cost, the certification is worth it in the long run to obtain the credentials available. 

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