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With headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey, eLearners.com is owned by EducationDynamics, LLC. One of several of EducationDynamics’ affiliates, eLearners.com is service that assists prospective students in finding the college that best fits their needs. It serves more than 1,000 colleges and universities and informs students on their best options and opportunities. The organization has existed form more than 10 years. 

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The Good

  • Program offerings
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Accreditation

Here are some benefits that are particularly attractive to hopeful students:

  • Program offerings. ELearners.com is a repository for hundreds of institutions and an impressive number of academic programs. The service can direct students to colleges and universities of a variety of sizes and types. The service guides the interested student in finding ways to obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees online. All the person needs to do is go online, search and find what program or programs suit and interest them most, and eLearners.com will list a number of available online programs across the country. The options are virtually limitless. Online degrees from just about any field of study imaginable are available for research and study. College and program offerings are updated regularly.
  • Price. The advantage with eLearners.com over simply choosing a specific college or university is that eLearners.com will give the student a plethora of options and a wide variety of price ranges. If a student is on a more rigid budget, he or she will find more economically feasible options. ELearners.com will link to institutions on low tuition end up to the high and everything in between. Using eLearners.com itself is completely free.
  • Duration. Because the site has access to numerous online programs across the country, eLearners.com provides options for students looking for short, medium or long semesters in length. If a student wants a more intensive, four-week program, eLearners.com can provide direction in that way. If it's preferable to take three or four months to complete a course, eLearners.com can show the student those options as well.
  • Accreditation. ELearners.com is not an online university, so it is not accredited itself. However, it does provide information about a massive number of accredited schools. The service will guide students in their search for legitimate, accredited online institutions.

Want to go back to college or start for the first time but not sure what's right for you? Are you a busy working professional, and online studies are your only option? Or, do you simply prefer an online platform? If so, eLearners.com is the ideal solution. The service will sift through the confusion and uncertainty and provide students a list of viable options that work well with their given situation. With eLearners.com, the hard work of searching is done for you.

The Bad

  • Online only
  • Potentially too many programs

ELearners.com won't provide information for traditional campus-based, classroom programs. So, if a prospective student wants the experience of sitting in class with fellow students and an instructor, eLearners.com won't be of much help.

Some people will love eLearners.com for the loads of information it can provide. However, for some, the service might provide too programs to choose from. Often, it can be hard to sift through the possibilities and know and select which is right.

The Bottom Line

Free to use and able to cater to individual preferences, eLearners.com is a wonderful tool for degree-seeking students who are struggling to find the right online program for them. With access to hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S., this service opens up avenues for students that they might never have known. This is a definite service to recommend when looking to further your education.

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