New Survey Provides Insight to Career Certification Companies


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Written by Kate Ward | Last Updated June 26th, 2019
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When investing a new industry, the team at wants to better understand consumers' knowledge about career certification companies. By finding out what is important to the consumers helps the team create a more comprehensive criteria to rank what companies are truly the best. In this scenario, the team created a new survey to better understand the big factors consumers' are looking for when choosing a career certification company.

The survey 1,000 people with the question asking: "What factor is most important when choosing a career certification provider?" Listed below are the answers with there respective percentages:

  • Other: 32.4 percent
  • School's Accreditation: 30.6 percent
  • Cost per Credit: 13.1 percent
  • Class Flexibility: 12.0 percent
  • Variety of Degrees/Certifications: 11.9 percent

The number one response was "Other" with 32.4 percent. While this many have had the highest response, this category could include a myriad of options.The "Other" category could include things like career support, BBB rating, or career support for the community after graduation. This information is helpful to show the team that people are concerned with other factors that are not listed in this survey as well.

Age seemed to have an impact on who chose "Other." The highest group of respondents who chose "Other", 42.3 percent, were between the ages of 45 to 54 years old. For some reason, that range of ages felt there were other factors that play a role in choosing a career certification company. The team want to create a follow up survey to dive further into what other factors could relate to this age group choosing "Other."

The second highest response, coming in at close with 30.6 percent was "School's Accreditation." People felt that whether or not the school was accredited was a big factor when choosing a potential career certification institution. Schools' accreditation are measured by outside, independent institutions that look for certain factors to deem whether or not a school should be accredited.

One insight the team found interesting was that individuals who earned $50k to $75k picked schools' accreditation more than those individuals earning $25k to $49k. It seems as though individuals who earn a little more money were more interested in a whether or not a school was accredited than those earning less than them. There could be many different reasons as to why this was the case, but either way, schools' accreditation seem to be an bigger issue than the team initially suspected.

The last three responses all had close percentages with Cost per Credit at 13.1 percent, Class Flexibility at 12.0 percent and Variety of Degrees/Certifications at 11.9 percent. People seem to think that all three of these factors hold relatively the same weight when choosing a career certification institution. While all of these are important factors, the team was surprised to seen Cost per Credit with a lower percentage. They believed cost would have a bigger impact when choosing an institution.

The team has taken this survey's information and applied it to the criteria for career certification companies. The results of the survey has provided information to better rank companies and help provide users with comprehensive information about career certification companies and choosing one that is right for them.

The Top Career Certification Companies

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Stratford Career Institute chevron_right
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ed2go chevron_right
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Project Management Institute (PMI) chevron_right

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