Career Certification or Degree?


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Written by Your Friends | Last Updated June 26th, 2019
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Everyone is always talking about degrees-whether it is your bachelor's degree or your master's degree. Where did you go to college? What did you study? We all know that college degrees are necessary but what other options are out there? The answer is career certifications.

Let's say you just graduated from high school and you are working full-time as a nanny. It might be difficult for you to enroll in college because you have a very strict schedule. On top of that, you have no idea what you want to study. Don't worry... we have all been there. This is where a career certification could come in. This gives you the opportunity to take a more focused course that is very flexible.

Here is another scenario. You have your college degree in interior design and you would like to start your own business. You could try out a career certification course focused on business. Again, this allows flexibility, while furthering your career.

Some career certification courses will even roll over should you decide you want to go the degree route. Plenty of online universities do both career certifications and degrees.

Now for the degree route. It is rarely a bad idea to get a college education. This is what future employers will look for on your resume. It also allows you to network with future colleagues or even bosses. Socially, you are inundated with options (intramural sports, fraternities, sororities, etc). It also comes with a price tag! ran a survey asking what the most important feature in a career certification service would be. Over 1000 participants answered this question and the top two options were programs offered and price. Let's compare these features when determining between a career certification or a degree.

Programs Offered
42.6% of the participants agreed that this was the overall most important feature. Most people choose a career certification course because they have a specific subject in mind. When working on a college degree, you must first take 'generals' before getting to your actual major. A career certification will focus only on the subject you signed up for.

Coming in second with 31% of the participants finding price to be the most important feature. A college degree offers a variety of additional features but will also be more expensive. Career certification courses are commonly more affordable than obtaining a degree.

There are plenty of other factors that go into choosing which path is best for you. The good news is that either option is great! You can even do both in any order that you choose. When the time comes for you to decide, which feature will be your deciding factor?

The Top Career Certification Companies

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Stratford Career Institute chevron_right
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Project Management Institute (PMI) chevron_right

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