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LAST UPDATED: June 30th, 2021
Square is located in San Francisco, California. Square thinks everyone should be able to start and run a business, so they build tools to make that possible. The simple design of their reader and app have made them a popular company. Square lets customers sign up in minutes. They let businesses accept every major card for the same rate. In addition, they have used their popularity to help in the fight against aids. 97.25% of the $10 donation amount that is used to buy a SQUA(RED) Reader goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. 

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The Good

  • User-Friendly
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Customer Support


Simplicity would be the one word to describe what is best about Square. The simplicity of Square starts with their hardware. Square offers two readers, one that plugs into your smartphone for mag stripe cards, and a new reader (for chip cards and mobile payments) that connects via bluetooth and fits on your counter or in your pocket. Many customers enjoy the convenience of using the tiny reader, but some complain that the reader swivels when accepting payments. Additionally, their free software keep tracks of all your sales, lets you create reports, give employees customized permission levels for access, and sends you alerts when inventory gets low.

No Hidden Fees

The simplicity of square extends beyond the design of their reader to their fees. There are no monthly or startup fees. Square users only pay when they process a transaction and their fees are a standard fee for most mobile reader companies.

Customer Support

Square has a lot of different customer support options (phone, e-mail, Twitter, YouTube videos, and an online community). On the Square website, customers can give feedback and input about problems they think they've discovered. Square takes care of PCI compliance, a helpful advantage for businesses.  Square's security complies with industry standards, including advanced fraud detection and dispute assistance. They are committed to protecting your information and the information of your customers. Additionally, they offer $250 in chargeback protection per month for qualified charges.

The Bad

  • Phone Support

Phone Support

Square's phone support is fairly new and is still sub par. Before Square had their own phone support they resolved problems through e-mail and social media, which was frustrating for people unfamiliar with using those support channels. Now Square has their own phone support but there have been a lot of complaints about how long it takes to get a response from Square.

The Bottom Line

The simple design of Square and straightforward fees make it a popular product. Square may be a great fit for many customers, especially those who do not accept a high volume of credit card payments. However, their lack of a great phone support may be disadvantageous for businesses who accept larger quantities of credit card payments.
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Anne Sainsbury Salt Lake City, UT

I've used Square anytime I work with a small company! I love the small screen, and the receipt that is sent to my email (if I choose)!

3 months ago

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Isabelle Hong Pleasant Grove, UT

My family uses square for our teriyaki chicken booth every year. It has always worked pretty well. Sometimes it gets a little glitchy, but with the new chip card readers it works better. It has great features to help keep track of employees' hours and what's been purchased. It's incredibly useful for small businesses.

2 years ago

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Karson Greenburg Salt Lake City, UT

I like the simplicity of the software, it made running my seasonal business very easy. Customer service was great most of the time and was willing to help in a moments notice.

9 months ago


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Tyler Strieby Lehi, UT

The company that I work for uses Square when we travel. Often, we go to events in which we sell our product. Square is a convenient way for us to make sales while on the go, maintaining all the records we need and making it easy for our customers to purchase our products. It was an easy system to learn and they are constantly improving on it.

1 year ago

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Mason Allen Provo, UT

Square has a such a good mobile credit card reader. There have been a handful of times where the reader glitches but usually it takes a small reset and then works again. Also very stylish.

8 months ago


Review Source

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Michael Taylor Long Beach, MS

Easy to use, ok equipment price, and decent rates. We use the system for a small concession stand. The software is easy to use and we receive quick emails the next day with our deposit totals.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Jolene Pleasant Grove, UT

Square makes it easy to make credit card purchases at different locations. I am glad that I can use my credit card. Vendors can use square and I can make my purchases.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Melissa Giddings Logan, UT

This was a lifesaver when I had a garage sale. I was able to make more money and sales havin this option.

11 months ago


Review Source

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Dre35 West Valley City, UT

We love using square, especially with apple pay. Love the device, and rates for vendors are decent!

1 year ago

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