Square is located in San Francisco, California. The simple design of their reader and app have made them a popular company. They have used their popularity to help in the fight against aids. 97.25% of the $10 donation amount that is used to buy a SQUA(RED) Reader goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS


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The Good

  • Simple
  • Limited fees
  • Customer support

Simplicity would be the one word to describe what is best about Square. The simplicity of Square would start with the actual reader. The reader is literally a tiny square that connects to the audio jack of your smartphone. Some enjoy the convenience of using the tiny reader but others complain that the reader swivels too much when accepting payments.

The simplicity of square extends beyond the design of their reader to their fees. There are no monthly or startup fees. Square users only have to worry about swipe fees and swipe fees are a standard fee for most mobile reader companies.

Square has a lot of different customer support options (phone, e-mail, twitter, youtube videos, and online center) and their security complies with industry standards. They are committed to protecting your information and the information of your customers. On the Square website customers can give feedback and input about problems they think they’ve discovered.

The Bad

  • Phone support

Square’s phone support is fairly new and is still sub par. Before Square had their own phone support they resolved problems through e-mail and social media which was frustrating for people unfamiliar with using those support channels. Now Square has their own phone support but there have been a lot of complaints about how long it takes to get a response from Square.

The Bottom Line

The simple design of Square and straightforward fees make it a popular product. However, their lack of a great customer support make them a product that would work best for people who don’t accept a high volume of credit card payments.

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    May 10th, 2017

    All of my stress related to Work has been directly related to Square. My account has been deactivated for over 90 days now. They have also been holding over $3k for the same 90 days. Although to some this may seem like a small amount but for a small business owner this is a great deal. Or should I say for me as a business owner this is a great deal. I have started several businesses at a young age and I finally get to a place to start a business that I love and my dream is being ruined. I don’t understand how a company can continue to send the same “canned emails”. We cannot reverse our decision on closing your account. I don’t want you to reverse your decision I want you to release my funds that you are now deciding to hold for an additional 60 days. Not to mention you send me this notice the day the funds were to be released. I can’t call anyone on your team. No one on your team has reached out to me. Maybe I’ll get a response via social media. I doubt it since I have yet to receive a response for my cries for help of twitter.

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