Shopify does more than just provide merchants with mobile credit card readers. They are a full blown eCommerce company based in Canada that empowers all their customers to grow their business. In less than 10 years Shopify has gone from just 5 employees to over 500 employees who are all dedicated to helping others build their online business.


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The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Customer service

Shopify started out as an online selling platform. They are fairly new to the mobile credit card reader world but their experience in eCommerce has helped them design a simple and easy to use product that will help boost business. There are a variety of plans offered by Shopify which makes it easier for you to find an acceptable price for the size of the business you want to operate.

Customer service for Shopify is 24/7. They understand the needs of their customers because their products were initially created to help themselves. Shopify started out as an online store to sell snowboards and as they expanded they made their eCommerce platform available to other people. This is why their mobile credit card reader is more geared towards retail businesses who want to coordinate what they sell in person and on their website.

The Bad

  • Designed for retail

The Shopify mobile credit card reader was designed for retail so it would not work well for other kinds of services such as a restaurant. Hopefully in the future they can modify their product so that a broader group of people feel comfortable using it but right now shopify would work best for small to medium sized businesses.

The Bottom Line

Just a few years ago Shopify was a small company up in Canada but they have grown into a recognizable name in the eCommerce industry. They will continue to grow and they have proven over and over again that their services are trustworthy and reliable.

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