The ROAMpay mobile credit card reader is distributed by Flagship Merchant Services. Pricing for Flagship is not as straightforward as other services. Their rates are set depending on how big your business is which is good if you are a bigger business and you want Flagship to be competitive with their rates but it can be kind of a hassle if you are a smaller business and you just want the credit card processing service you choose to provide a simple straightforward rate.


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The Good

  • Services
  • Setup

Businesses who use the ROAMpay mobile credit card reader are usually not working with Flagship Merchant Services just for the reader. With so many different companies out there that provide mobile credit card readers that are similar to ROAMpay it does not make sense to work with Flagship just for the reader. Flagship provides other great services in addition to helping you process credit card transactions on the go. They specialize in credit card processing in general and mobile credit card processing is a part of their services but it is not everything they provide. Businesses that work with Flagship get more than a reader that attaches to their mobile device.

The ROAMpay reader has everything you would expect from a mobile credit card reader. It is easy to set up and compatible with most mobile devices. The device is PCI compliant and has all the other additional features that make mobile business easier such as calculating tax, prompting a tip, and processing refunds.

The Bad

  • Rates and fees

If you are a smaller business and just want a simple monthly rate or swipe rate ROAMpay may be a hassle. Their rates are competitive but there are PCI compliance fees and monthly minimums that you should be aware of. This should not be a problem if you carefully do your research and choose a plan that is best for your business. Most complaints about Flagship come from customers who feel like they were blindsided by fees. This problem does not occur with other companies that are consistent with advertising a certain fee.

The Bottom Line

Our biggest concern would be how their pricing varies. They are not up front with their pricing like other mobile credit card reader companies.

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