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LAST UPDATED: February 1st, 2021
ProPay provides payment solutions for all different types of groups, businesses, and people. They are owned by Total System Services and headquartered in Lehi, Utah. The ProPay Jak is a mobile credit card reader that functions just like other readers that have the ability to hook up to a smart phone to accept credit card payments.  

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The Good

  • Secure
  • No monthly fees
The ProPay JAK mobile card reader is a secure reader that will not spin around in the audio jack of your phone. This reduces the risk of damaging your phone. The reader also has a bi-direction read head which makes reads more dependable. Credit card information is encrypted immediately when it is swiped through the reader. Overall, the design of the reader makes processing card payments safe and reliable. The reader is not free but ProPay insists that the security features of JAK make the cost of the reader worth it. There are no monthly fees for JAK but there is an annual fee. The annual fee seems intimidating but there have not been any complaints about a cancelation fee so customers should have a good amount of freedom. Other companies try to hide how their fees change depending on the type of transaction and the card being used but ProPay makes their rates visible.

The Bad

  • Data breach
In 2008 some ProPay customers were victims of a data breach. ProPlay claims that the breech was not the result of anything they did. Common complaints about ProPay are about how they hold funds or cancel accounts without warning but when you understand that they experienced a data breech it is easier to understand why ProPay would not hesitate to shut someone down who is a potential risk. This irritates innocent customers who are very vocal in their complaints online but overall ProPay does a great job of keeping their customers happy.

The Bottom Line

ProPay is an easy to use alternative for small businesses who a simple price scheme but would also like to avoid traditional merchant accounts. The company has been around for a while and has not received too many complaints. Those grades do not happen by mistake. ProPay is a merchant account provider that makes sure their customers have quality resources to grow their business.
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DeNaze Wharton Shelby, MI

I have used Propay for about a year. The card reader is very easy to use. The account statement is easy to read and the experience I have had with customer service was super nice. There are enough challenges in this world so the fewer the better when using such an important product. I really have appreciated Propay's ease of use and customer service. I made a mistake and sent an email to ask for an explanation (of which I was at fault in fact!). I received a reply quickly and they addressed my concern right away. What I liked the best was the email addressed me like a person and sounded like it was written by a person!! That is huge in this day of scripted emails and companies absolving themselves from any wrongdoing. I would recommend Propay if you want to deal with an old-fashioned type of company that actually employes people!

5 years ago

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Karli American Fork, UT

ProPay is not a very user friendly app or site and I generally haven’t had a good experience with it. Most times I couldn’t get the card reader to connect and I even have had the app double charge me several times.

1 year ago

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Zane Crockett La Grange, TX

No chip reader. Period. Chip cards wont take thru the Jak swipe plug in. Had to key in all transactions at vending show.

5 years ago