PayAnywhere is powered by the merchant service provider North American Bancard. When independent mobile credit card processing services like Square came onto the scene merchant services had to develop their own mobile credit card processing solution. PayAnywhere in the years that it has been in existence has established itself as a recognizable name in the mobile credit card processing industry.


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The Good

  • Customer service
  • Swipe fee

Something in common among merchant services who developed their own mobile credit card reader that sets them apart from independent mobile credit card processing companies is the established customer service. PayAnywhere has a variety of support options including over the phone, e-mail, and chat. This established customer service will allow PayAnywhere to constantly innovate and take steps refine their product so that a large number of customers are pleased with it.

The swipe fee PayAnywhere charges is the same for all major cards and the PayAnywhere reader can handles tax and tips. The actual reader seems to have to same boxy design as Square but it has the ability to flex and fit your case or phone. This feature prevents any damage being done to the phone by spinning and any problems with having to swipe a card more than once.

The Bad

  • Experience

PayAnywhere has not been around as long as other mobile credit card readers so they are still working out a few kinks in order to compete with the main players in the industry. However, the main complaints they have received are common complaints that most merchant services receive and that is not giving warning when putting a hold on an account or withholding large payments. Anyone who runs a business that accepts credit card payments needs to be prepared for potential chargebacks and the low tolerance merchant services have for chargebacks.

The Bottom Line

New mobile credit card readers that enter the market struggle to set themselves apart from the competition by offering their customers extra features. The PayAnywhere app helps users keep track of the transactions they process and provides PayAnywhere users with helpful analytics. PayAnywhere also take customer support seriously by offering 24/7 support.

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