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One more group competing for a piece of the mobile payment pie was created when Intuit combined QuickBooks Point of Sale with GoPayment. By merging these two products Intuit had the benefit of an already existing customer base. The success of the merger will depend on whether Intuit customers are comfortable using GoPayment and if new customers choose GoPayment instead of another mobile credit card reader.

The Good

  • Tools
  • Limited fees

The strategy for Intuit is the same as other companies in the mobile payment business. They want to give customers enough tools and resources so that they stay with them and don't leave for another competitor. All payments processed with GoPayment are synced with QuickBooks which makes managing a business easier. There are also a couple customization options that are available such as personalizing receipts so that your business logo is added onto it.

With GoPayment there are no set up fees, no commitment fees, and no termination fees. There are two plans to choose from with GoPayment. If you do not have a high volume of credit card transactions each month GoPay has a pay-as-you-go plan which does not have a monthly fee but has a higher swipe fee. On the other hand if you do have a high volume of credit card transactions each month GoPayment has a monthly plan where you are charged $19.95 each month but there is a lower swipe fee.

The Bad

  • Funds put on hold
  • Swipe rates

Like most merchant services there have been complaints about funds that are put on hold. Intuit does a good job of responding to these complaints though and if customers read the fine print before using GoPayment there shouldn't be any problems. Inuit is very upfront with the fees they will charge.

Something else GoPayment customers should be aware of is how the swipe rate GoPayment offers only applies to qualified cards. Visa and MasterCard are qualified cards. Other cards that are unqualified result in GoPayments adding more money to the swipe fee. This can be confusing and frustrating but if you read the fine print and aware of what GoPayments fees are like there should not be any problem.

The Bottom Line

GoPayment offers competitive swipe fees for businesses that do a large volume of credit card transactions and their reader is compatible with more phones than other readers. They are also customer service oriented with lots of support options so you don't feel like you're in the dark. Help is always easy to find.

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