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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Flint Mobile is an innovative mobile payment processing company headquartered in Redwood City, California. Flint is changing the way mobile payments are made and processed. They do not require a card reader in order to accept payments. The Flint app uses camera scan technology, which means all you have to do is scan your customer's card with your phone's camera. No manual keying is necessary; however, you can type in card numbers if you need to, but it will cost you a bit more in transaction fees. This is revolutionary and is likely to replace card readers and dongles forever, once the convenience of this technology catches on. There are other payment processing providers who offer this type of camera scan technology; however, none of them have rates as competitive as Flint. Especially if you process a lot of debit card transactions, as the rate for scanning debit cards is much lower than it is for scanning credit cards. And you won't have to carry and maintain yet another piece of equipment that has to be stored while not in use. Flint's service is simple. And we mean simple! There are only two rates, which are 1.95% for debit cards and 2.95% for credit cards, for both scanned or keyed in transactions. The transaction fees are automatically deducted from your deposits before they are transferred, so what you see in your bank account is entirely yours to keep. There are no monthly fees, no non-qualified fees, no monthly minimums, no early termination fees, no card readers to buy and no merchant account is needed. And they won't charge you if you become inactive.

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The Good

  • Reliable
  • Setup
  • Invoice management
  • Easy to use
  • Receiving payments
The Flint app seems to be extremely reliable and fast and there aren't any reported problems with it that we could find.  You can easily accept payments on the spot, without having to haul around any additional hardware. With Flint, you can be setup and ready to accept payments within minutes - literally.  All you have to do is sign up and go.  You will be able to customize your brand by creating customized receipts, invoices, and other business pieces by including your logo, website and other pertinent business details. You will be able to send and manage your invoices for free via your phone or computer.  The Flint system will also enable you to invoice your customers, then allow them to pay online yet simplifying the process even further.  Additionally, Flint will also send out reminders to all of your past due accounts.  For you, this means less time pushing paperwork and more time selling.  This will help you generate more revenue as your time is now being spent on income generating tasks versus doing paperwork, which is a non-income generating task and not all that much fun. Using Flint just seems to make everything easier.  It's like having a virtual assistant at your fingertips.  When selling online, all you have to do is enter basic item information and Flint will generate a "Buy Now" link for you.  You can use this on your website, in social media campaigns or emails.  And tracking your online activity is a breeze.  You will have a 360-degree view of your payments, invoices and online orders from your desktop or Flint's mobile app. Flint makes it easy to get paid.  You just enter your bank account details, including your routing and account numbers and hit save.  You're done!  Now you can begin taking customer payments.  Then flint is able to deposit your customer's credit card payments into your bank account within 1-2 business days.  They do have some max per transaction limits, though, which they will provide you in their welcome email.  However, if you are willing to give them more detailed information about your business and agree to a soft-credit check, they will increase your limits, which is well worth the effort and something you should seriously consider if you want to gain access to your money more quickly.

The Bad

  • Funds withholding
  • No EMV chip transactions
Most of the complaints we found were due to funds withholding, which is extremely common in the payment processing industry.  Funds withholding occurs when the payment processing company feels there might be fraudulent transactions occurring.  You should never split up transactions to avoid hitting your transaction limits.  If a payment processing company sees multiple large transactions all on the same day and all on the same card, they will flag your account and you could end up with your account frozen or even terminated.  This isn't something specific to Flint, all payment processors do this.  But in our opinion, Flint handled all of the complaints professionally and appropriately, which is what counts in the overall scheme of things. Flint doesn't offer EMV chip card transactions, but they don't have to as all their transactions are processed as card, not present payments, due to using the camera technology versus a swipe transaction.  However, you will be collecting a signature, billing zip code and the CVV code; therefore, the transactions are extremely secure.  The new EMV chip card regulations only apply to card present transactions, so the way Flint processes their transactions will probably make them exempt in the long run, but that remains to be seen.

The Bottom Line

We love Flint as a whole.  The technology they use to process their cards, their simple business model and pricing, not to mention the fact that there are no fees whatsoever and you don't have to purchase, lease or deal with additional equipment of any kind makes them a five star company in our book. Flint has a very good reputation on the public internet forums.  Additionally, we couldn't find anything bad about any facet of their company, aside from the few funds withholding complaints that were more than likely caused by something the merchant did or didn't do. Therefore, we highly recommend Flint as a mobile payment processor for any business on the go.  And since there's no contract and there are no fees, you don't even have to be extra cautious.  Just sign up and you're in business.  It doesn't get much easier than that!
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[email protected] Tucson, AZ

It worked pretty well until mid January 2016 when something went wrong and it just stopped taking payments. Sent an email cause you can't call anymore and got a canned response that they were updating the app and I couldn't run new transactions but could look up old ones. The client had to leave and bring back cash. This has been going on for weeks. The entire point of a card reader is to help my business, not make it harder to make money.

5 years ago

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Sylvia Mount Pleasant, SC

It was great until yesterday. There was some kind of transmission glitch and it took 15 minutes to finally get a transaction to process. That may not have been their fault; the real problem arrived when the card was denied and I was instructed to contact customer service. Customer service is ONLY available by email, call back (first available was 2 days out) and live chat (have you ever tried to have a live chat by iPhone?) Customer ended up leaving without paying. That's a problem. I am willing to pay more for phone customer service.

5 years ago