Chase Mobile Checkout accepts all major credit cards on the go. There is no requirement to sign a major contract and Chase customers can have their account set up in a couple hours for free. If you are not a Chase customer it can take up to two days to set up a Mobile Checkout account.


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The Good

  • Customer service
  • Security

Chase Mobile Checkout is a mobile credit card processing system that is offered by Chase Paymentech. Since Chase Paymentech is a full-service financial institution you can count on an already established customer service infrastructure. Help is available 24/7 over the phone or through e-mail. The Chase Paymentech website also has a bunch of how-to videos, a FAQ page, and user guides.

Chase Paymentech makes sure that their security meets all the PCI standards and they have a team of security advisors that are ready to help their customers. They make all the standards they adhere to available to see on their webpage so customers know what kind of security they are getting.

The Bad

  • Focused on businesses

With a company as big as Chase you need to careful before starting to do business. Other credit card readers are geared to appealing to everyone. They make startup easy so that you can start accepting credit card payments right away. Chase Mobile Checkout is more geared towards already established small businesses who want greater security and quality service. There isn’t anything tricky about the fees they charge. Their website is very transparent so if you’re careful there won’t be an “gotcha” moments. Just be sure to read the fine print carefully before jumping onboard with Chase Mobile Checkout.

The Bottom Line

The Chase Mobile Checkout is a good fit for already established small businesses who anticipate accepting a lot of credit card payments each month. The monthly fees would make this reader not the best one to use if you do not accept credit card payments as frequently.

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