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BluePay is a merchant solutions company that offers mobile credit card readers, POS systems, apps and a variety of additional products. The company is based in Naperville, Illinois. BluePay clients, at the time this review was written, include Maui Jim, Atlas Van Lines, R.R. Donnelley and many more. It has been featured in Inc. Magazine as one of its 500 fastest-growing companies. 

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The Good

  • Accounting software
  • Customer service
  • Security
  • Solutions

Like some of its competitors, BluePay can integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks and Dynamics GP. That streamlines things a little bit and is quite desirable to most clients.

Since BluePay's competitors have started following a high standard of service, it decided to offer 24/7 customer service and the results have been positive. The company is easy to reach, even if you're not a subscriber. There is a live chat button on the website and the phone number is prominently published there as well. This isn't a business you have to reach by email. Most BluePay customers are very satisfied with the customer service and with the company's products and services. Another advantage is that all customer service reps are in-house, which tends to ensure that they are knowledgeable and have close relationships with others that may be able to help you solve your issues. There's a knowledge base on the website, too, but for puzzling problems it's much easier to just call or chat.

Its security features also contribute to its safety, in terms of security. BluePay can provide security standards in compliance PCI DSS. It also proudly includes point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization along with its solutions.

BluePay is a solutions company first and foremost. That is, BluePay does more than just accept payments from individuals than credit cards. It can work with you to help you easily accepts transactions involving lots of input. Examples include foreign trade transactions and large ticket transactions. The company will help you integrate your particular solution into your business, helping you make a choice based on the type of business you are. lists 12 "merchant types," which are B2B, e-commerce websites, banks, credit unions, restaurants, non-profits, retail stores, gas stations, churches, small businesses, Canadian merchants and hotel and motels. There are solutions that are pre-arranged for each of these merchant types and all of them can be customized. The company proudly advertises its ability to help you integrate the solutions and meet your needs. For example, for non-profits and churches, there is a recurring donation feature. For restaurants, you can synchronize your transactions with software like Aldelo, Aloha, Squirel, POS Value Exchange or Micros.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Fees
  • Account suspension

It seems the company prefers keeping its rates hidden from the public. Not even service representatives or salespeople will share the rates. They say it depends on the type of business you own. However, we know that the minimum is  25¢ + 1.69% and the maximum is probably 25¢ +3.69%. The maximum is probably never charged for swiped transactions, as the highest rates are usually for those that are keyed. The fees are about on par with the industry, but highly priced products may cost you a little bit more than the average. There's an additional $99 tacked on every year for PCI compliance, which is obviously unwanted. It's up to you to decide if it's unreasonable or not.

There's an early-termination fee of $295, with a term of 3 years. That's not unheard of but competitors, like MagicPay, don't charge for breaking the contract.  Competitors also may not charge PCI-compliance fees or transaction volume limits as BluePay does. With BluePay, the volume minimum is not measured by amount transacted, but by amount of fees paid. The limit varies by customer based on their business type.

Many plaintiffs are dissatisfied with a fee or fees being charged. There is often a misunderstanding or ignorance involved. There are some complaints about account suspension, as well. It's important for customers to read all small print involved in the subscription process, because this particular company charges a lot of fees and has some policies that could potentially interrupt your service if you fail to comply with them.

The Bottom Line

BluePay is a legitimate solutions company that works with clients to make sure their needs are served and their problems are attended to. There are a number of solution "templates" for different kinds of businesses and there are lots of software integrations available. The level of service and expertise seems better than some competitors. So, BluePay is a good choice for companies that have specific needs that aren't like those of a typical small retail businesses. Governmental organizations and non-profits may find that BluePay serves their needs well.

On the other hand, BluePay isn't as transparent as some of its competitors. You can't even find a rate schedule on the website and sale representatives don't want to say much more than "it varies based upon your business type." That can be a little bit frustrating. Fortunately, that's only an inconvenience while you're shopping for the right company. After you've made a decision, made some sales, and checked your bottom line, it's not longer such a problem. There have been issues with small-print policies causing unexpected fees and even account suspension, but they are not overly common. Just be careful and read the small print. Ask questions, as well.

BluePay's customer service is comparable to its competitors, if not better. It's very easy to contact the company. They're not one of the businesses that tries to hide its phone number. This is helpful to everyone, but especially to the previously mentioned organizations requiring complex solutions. This is a great choice for such businesses, but it could also be great for a sole proprietor with basic needs.


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Frank Fornaris
December 1st, 2017 Downers Grove, IL DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

BluePay provides everything we want and need from our credit card processor. Their competitive pricing, easy-to-use and secure online portal, and exceptional customer service allows us to focus on growing our business rather than the day-to-day administration. I definitely recommend working with BluePay.