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Delta Auto Protect offers their customers extended service plans to help pay for expensive car repairs. The company includes roadside assistance with all of its plans and has a comprehensive list of systems which are covered. There are many exclusions as well, so buyers should be fully aware of the exclusions before purchasing a plan.

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The Good

  • Basic features of service plan
  • Other features

Basic Features of Service Plan

Delta Auto Protect offers customer three plans, Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Diamond Premier. These plans vary in the different features that they offer as well as the pricing for each plan. The plans are cumulative, with higher-tiered plans adding additional coverage to the lower-tiered plans. Rather than being separated as are new car warranties into Basic (e.g. bumper-to-bumper), Corrosion, and Powertrain Warranties, Delta Auto Protect is an extended service plan and not a warranty and covers different parts of the vehicle’s systems.

All plans include coverage of the engine, drive axle, transmission, cooling, brake, AWD, and electrical systems. Diamond Plus Plans add coverage of 4×4 systems and steering. The Diamond Premier Plan includes ABS brakes, seals and gaskets, air conditioning, GPS navigation, and suspension systems. Diamond Premier Plans also cover “Hi-Tech,” but there is no expounding information about this coverage.

Other Features

All plans include roadside assistance with towing, car rental, flat tire assistance, and emergency fuel, etc. Car rentals are only available in the event of a breakdown and towing is to the nearest ASE certified repair shop. Towing and rental car coverage are limited to one tow/rental car per repair as well as once per seven day period for the same cause.

The Bad

  • Cost of service plan
  • Basic service plan length
  • Time in business
  • What customers are saying

Cost of Service Plan

Delta Auto Protect does not disclose their pricing for their extended service plans. These are priced based on several factors, including the vehicle’s mileage, make/model, and geographic location of the vehicle. The plans are also priced with higher-tiered plans such as the Diamond Plus and Diamond Premier Plans being priced more expensively than the baseline Diamond Plan.

Basic Service Plan Length

Delta Auto Protect does not disclose the length of its extended service contracts online.

Corrosion Coverage with Service Plan

Delta Auto Protect does not offer corrosion coverage with any of its service plans.

Time in Business

Delta Auto Protect was founded in 2013. As such, compared to many of its competitors, the company is not as experienced. In an article recently published on its site titled, “Don’t Worry About a Delta Auto Protect Scam,” the company accused its competitors of “Black Hat” SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and flooding the market with false and negative reviews about the company. Conversely, there are many positive reviews on reputable sites which are strikingly similar in their text, timeframe and the names of customers or representatives, leaving some question as to whether the company is attempting to offset these reviews with a plethora of positive reviews using the same method which it has accused others of using. While not definitive, it is certainly suspicious.

What Customers Are Saying

There are many reports from customers who state that their claims were not paid or that the process to get claims paid was extensive and troublesome. This may be in part to the number of requirements that the company publishes for the service plan to be honored and maintained. In effect, if customers do not follow each of the requirements that the company has set forth, they may have unknowingly voided their service plan, even though they continue to pay for it. For example, to maintain coverage, customers must perform all recommended maintenance and keep all records for their vehicle. A thrown-away receipt for an oil change can result in a costly repair which should be covered under the service plan, but will not be because the customer cannot show proof that they have maintained their car properly. For more information about what Delta Auto Protect requires for maintaining coverage, recommends thoroughly examining Delta Auto Protect’s Sample Contract.

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The Bottom Line

Delta Auto Protect does not offer traditional warranties, but rather extended service plans to help cover the cost of expensive repairs. The company has gained significant market share in the few years of its operation. The absence of sample pricing is not unusual in the industry, but with the company sharing a sample contract, which is unusual, one would expect more transparency on pricing information.

There are significant circumstances which may void the service plan, so anyone purchasing a plan should be thoroughly aware of their personal responsibilities, particularly to maintenance and record keeping. Delta Auto Protect might be a good option for those who regularly maintain their vehicles, keep immaculate records, and want coverage against unexpected repairs. If prospective customers are not able or willing to do these things, they should avoid the company, as they would find that they had purchased something which was not going to provide the coverage that they expected when they experience car trouble.

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  1. User Score


    December 9th, 2016

    2 months and have not received payment for an authorized repair

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  2. User Score


    November 8th, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

    Outstanding customer service, repairs always with new parts.

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  3. User Score


    September 9th, 2016 Oklahoma City, OK

    Domonic W. Oklahoma City
    I purchased a warranty though Delta Auto Protect and was a little skeptical because the price was so much cheaper than their competitors by almost 50%. That along with all there positive reviews.. So I got cold feet and ask for a refund… They simply ask why and gave me my money back within 48hrs..

    Read More

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  4. User Score


    January 31st, 2016 Orlando, FL

    I’m very happy with the services. I had 2 claims with Delta Auto and basically saved myself a boat load of money 🙂

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  5. User Score


    October 3rd, 2015 Brooklyn, NY

    I recently filed my first claim. The delta auto protect staff is very knowledgable in the automotive field and a pleasure to work with. I’m very satisfied with their services and would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

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