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LAST UPDATED: August 12th, 2021

ASE Auto Protect offers highly rated vehicle protection plans. The company has more than a decade of experience in the industry and offers three plans with varying levels of coverage. Customers can choose a plan that offers the coverage they need without overspending on coverage they don’t want.

The company is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


The Good

  • Tiered Plans with Robust Coverage
  • Plan Perks
  • Customer Service Availability
  • Mechanic Choice

Tiered Plans with Robust Coverage 

The company’s website states that protection plans “pay for parts, labor, and roadside assistance for any covered repair.”

ASE Auto Protect has three tiers of protection plans: Blue Shield, Blue Shield PLUS, and Total Blue Shield. 

Blue Shield provides coverage for the following basic components:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Cooling and electrical systems
  • Drive axle 
  • Water pump
  • 4x4/AWD

Blue Shield Plus includes everything in the Blue Shield plan, as well as covering two additional components:

  • Steering system
  • Transfer case

And the Total Blue Shield plan offers the company’s most comprehensive coverage, providing protection for everything included in the lower tier plans while adding the following:

  • Brake system (ABS)
  • Air conditioning
  • Suspension
  • High tech electrical components
  • GPS navigation system
  • Fuel system 
  • Seals/gaskets
  • Turbo/supercharger

 ASE Auto Protect demonstrates its commitment to customers by offering levels of protection that can address a wide range of customers’ needs at varying price points. 

Call a customer service representative for a free consultation. The company can create a customized coverage plan that will meet your unique needs. 

Plan Perks

The company’s plans offer 24/7 roadside assistance and free courtesy towing. Customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have access to immediate help if the need arises. While many auto insurance companies offer roadside/towing services, it is often an “add-on” fee.

ASE Auto Protect will also allow you to transfer your plan to a new vehicle or even a new owner. Customers don’t need to feel hesitant about purchasing coverage and then being stuck in a tough situation if their circumstances change. 

Customer Service Availability

Customers can contact the company via email or a toll-free phone number 24/7 for a free quote or for answers to any other questions about vehicle protection plans. Customers can also order vehicle parts directly from the company’s website. 

Mechanic Choice

ASE Auto Protect allows customers to choose any ASE-certified mechanic or dealer, as opposed to having a narrow list of mechanics to choose from. This means customers can bring the vehicle to their preferred mechanic, which is especially beneficial for those who have an existing relationship with someone they trust. 


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Reviews Available

Limited Customer Reviews Available

ASE Auto Protect has received very limited customer reviews, and we are unable to identify trends or highlight positive customer experiences with the company. Today’s customers often rely on social proof from customer reviews to choose who they want to do business with. 

The company’s website does highlight one customer’s positive review. However, featuring additional customer feedback could be an opportunity for the company to attract even more customers to its products.


The Bottom Line

ASE Auto Protect meets many industry benchmarks, including perks, plan options, and great customer service. One of the company’s best features is offering customers the choice of mechanic, something that is unique in the car warranty industry.

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