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    What Is a Car Factory Warranty?
    A factory warranty is coverage offered by the original manufacturer for a specified period of time or until a certain mileage threshold is reached. Through a factory warranty, the manufacturer agrees to pay for certain repai...
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    What Is a VIN Number?
    Guest Post by Mike Jones Every person has a unique fingerprint that can give insight into their name and date of birth, as well as their medical, employment and criminal history. There’s a story to be told behind every...
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    What Voids a Car Warranty?
    Protection means protection no matter what, right? Wrong. When purchasing an extended car warranty, you must be aware of the caveats of your coverage. Certain factors can lead to your extended car warranty being voided. Alth...
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    Is My Car Still Under Warranty?
    Are you looking into buying a used car and want to know its warranty status? Are you wondering if your current car still has an active vehicle warranty? Are you trying to guide a family member or friend through the car-buying...
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    4 Extended Vehicle Warranty Myths
    Guest Post by Mike Jones Whether you’re buying a new car or purchasing a used vehicle that’s almost as good as new, you can’t help but worry about what repairs your vehicle may face down the road. Like death...
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    How Off-Roading and Modifications Impact Your Car Warranty
    Whether driving through muddy streams, hilly sand dunes, or dusty red rocks, off-roading enthusiasts agree that there’s nothing wrong with getting a little — or a lot — dirty.However, the thrill of the ride ...
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