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    Four Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Vehicle
    For most drivers, snow in the weather forecast conjures a sense of dread. Roads grow slippery and snow piles turn even the quietest neighborhood streets into bumpy terrains. Many people would rather stay indoors than venture...
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    15 Experts Share Their Top Safe Winter Driving Tips
    Stay safe this winter It’s about that time of year again when white stuff starts falling from the sky. It’s beautiful, it’s cold, and it means that your morning commute to work is going to be a little bit tr...
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    8 Car Adventures You Might Not Want to Have
    Whether you’ve had car problems on a road trip or in-town, these stories are relatable. If you’ve had the good fortune to never have encountered a car problem, you can still learn from the misfortunes of others. ...
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    5 Problems with High-Mileage Cars
    Guest Post by Mike Jones Are you in the market for a new car? With low prices and no shortage of certified dealerships, there are plenty of reasons to consider turning a used car into your new car. However, when you start do...
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    What Makes a Good Driving School?
    Guest Post by Azhar Mirza It is no longer enough that teenagers take driving lessons from their parents. Nowadays, teens who intend to legally drive are required to enroll in a driving school and take formal driver education ...
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    How to Avoid Car Repair Scams
    Guest Post by Mike Jones Taking your car to a repair shop can be a nerve-wracking and costly experience if you don’t know how to find an honest and reliable mechanic. There are plenty of amazing mechanics out there, bu...
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    Expert Tips for Summer Road Trips
    The last shreds of winter have faded. Spring is here. Summer is just around the corner. For many, summer means hitting the road for a break and vacation time.Road trips can be both adventurous and exhausting. To ensure the s...
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    Driving for New Parents: An Infant Car Seat Safety Checklist
    Guest Post by Scott DistasioYoung parents, especially those with their first child, have so many problem areas when it comes to taking care of newborns. Among the most significant challenges is choosing the right car seat for...
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    Common Types of Vehicle Damage and How to Avoid It
    Guest Post by Richard Reina  Many of us rely on our cars to get around every day, and whether it’s a quick trip to run errands or multi-day road trip during summer vacation, driving takes a toll on our vehicles. Ex...
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    How to Maintain Your Tires
    Guest Post by Nicholas Smith Car tires are regularly overlooked by car owners, simply because as they start to break down, they typically don’t make any noises.Why is it important to care well for your car’s tires...

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