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vRide is a ridesharing platform that offers you an economical way to work. This company has been serving commuters for over 30 years saving people money each year. They are about service” and “value”. This is a company that gives you an out of having to drive a single occupant driver to and from work.They are driven by a philosophy of environmental responsibility and corporate decency which permeates all of their actions. 

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The Good

  • Rides for large groups
  • Options
  • Savings

The vRide platform offers a unique service to their customer-base. Commuting in a vRide van includes customized options with professional drivers that ensure the maintenance of the vehicles. The vRide service specializes in coordinating ride logistics for large groups/companies. Their online tools allows users to search for rides heading where a rider needs to go that matches their schedule.

Users can request and join more than one van. With the custom tools available through vRide, customers can message van pool members and find the right ride for their specific situation. The vRide platform offers several different options when looking for a better way to get to work. The options are:

  • Vanpool: commute with groups of more than 5 people who travel more than 15 miles each way. vRide helps with the creation of the group and also provides a custom built van.
  • Carpool: commute with a group with less than 7 people. vRide's ridematching application can help you create your carpool or find one.
  • Park and Ride: this an option for those that live a ways from a location. You can meet up with those in your pool at a convenient location and take just one car to your destination.

On average, an individual that uses vRide relatively frequently will save upwards of $1,800 each year. This cuts down on transportation costs and decreases carbon footprints one ride at a time. There are also tools in place to ensure that riders are aware of when a van is leaving and there are emergency ride home service options for when there is a disruption in a schedule.

The Bad

  • Availability
  • Website

The vRide platform does also have a number of drawbacks. For starters, it is not available everywhere. If you live outside the service area, vRide is simply not an option. There is also no guarantee that a van will head to the location a rider needs to get to. Additionally, there are only three car options available to vRide customers. These options include:

  • 15 Passenger Vans
  • 10 Passenger Vans
  • 7 Passenger Vans

vRide's website is incredibly difficult to discover information. They have an option to watch a safety video, but it actually does not exist. They also have a tab for FAQs, but the site reports that you cannot access it. FAQs on websites are extremely helpful in trying to figure out the ins and outs of a business. There is just not much information provided before you must enter into the long application process or attempt to create a pool, and by then you are already involved with the company.

The Bottom Line

Ride sharing does help you free up some time by allowing you to complete some tasks while being driven to work. vRide can help you reduce the cost of your business transportation. With people driving together there are less cars on the road which means fewer accidents. Their website is hard to maneuver and it is difficult to find information about the company. They are rated highly and are accredited so maybe it is worth trying. Those that use vRide can expect the following from their platform:

  1. Different types of carpool to join
  2. Interactive online tool to easily find rides
  3. Save money on transportation
  4. Limited service area
  5. Rides can fill up fast

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Robert Carlin

November 24th, 2016

Submitted a refund request over a month in advance, after repeated status request received this "I am processing credit card refunds today. As I stated in our prior conversation, vacation/leave of absence reimbursement request processing time frame is 45 to 60 days. The reimbursements aren't reimbursed to the customer till they have gone on vacation. Thank you,Selenna" Billing takes your money for startup and payments immediately, but can't , i mean won't, take time to take care of customers, at least not without attitude.